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  1. Right now I'm below 4 cents per hour and the rate is still dropping. The DLC has to be pretty expensive to push KSP from the "Cheapest Hobby Ever (apart from free stuff)" throne.
  2. I always think of them as professional rivals. You don't become a kerbonaut, if you aren't ambitious. But you don't become a kerbonaut, if your are too ambitious either, because at some point people have to consider your behaviour if they put you into a tiny can for weeks with a few other kerbonauts. Not helpful if you are an obnoxious jerk. Therefore they are both my premier pilots, one gets the first suborbital (Val), the other the first orbit (Jeb), first Mun flyby (Jeb), first Minmus landing (Val) etc.
  3. Minmus. A day without a visit to Minmus is a lost day.
  4. My whole kerbonaut team took a daytrip to a solar orbit, a Minmus landing and a Munar orbit. Now I have four ★★★ pilots. Yay for professional space exploration. I have yet to find another engineer among those stranded kerbonauts. Yet, a capable engineer wouldn't be stranded in the first place... Another thing: I remember how tough my first rendezvous and docking manoeuvre was. It took a few hours to get everything right. I save a kerbonaut in a few minutes now. Docking? RCS is only needed, when there are large stations and really big ships involved. Otherwise? Not. A single
  5. I still cannot avoid to occasionally run in circles flailing with my arms in pure joy of 1.0.2. Ok, more reasonable answer: 1.0.2 is fine. There are a few things to improve like better heat, when I drop my capsules with insane speeds and unreasonable angles into an atrmosphere. And maybe the SSTO people have some nasty troubles. But I always preferred rockets, so it's an improvement for my play style. 1.0 was just ridiculous with it's low drag.
  6. Thanks for the answer. Duh... clicked there. Missed it. I'll just try to blame the one beer that I had yesterday (which was even nonalcoholic...)
  7. I love this mod. I had MechJeb still installed in 1.0.X for the node editor only. Now I got your mod. Byebye MechJeb. Just one question: there are no buttons for node snap in my editor window, like they are in your example. What do I have to do to get those? I can easily set the node as close as possible with the node editor manually, yet those node snaps would be some nice bonus comfort.
  8. I cannot help but think of this release as Rosetta / Philae, where lots of people have lots of fun. The mission was a great success. All those stuff that Rosetta did on the way to 67P, a freaking rendezvous with a comet, a lander on a comet, even most experiments on the comet were successful. But a few claim everything was a disaster because there was some trouble with the lander that was a really small part of the whole mission... more of a bonus. Same here. Lots of systems added. Lots of stuff done right. Personally, I haven't been troubled by any bugs yet, but that might have to do that I c
  9. I'm wasting my hard-earned money from satellite contracts to chase that nasty demon out there at Mach 1. Maybe I should earn a few more science points to get rid of those wheels... Besides, I tried it with a RT-10, too. Plane flies, doesn't flip, doesn't desintegrate when the booster is started, doesn't get over 330m/s... Maybe I should really invest more science into more aerodynamic parts. Or more boosters. I like to fool around with planes with 1.0.2 now. So much more fun than in 0.90.
  10. I love it. I swapped to MechJeb launches in career mode as soon as possible, when I played 0.90, because launching was incredibly boring. Now ascend profiles of rockets change with their aerodynamics and TWR. If you have a tried and tested system, you can still improve in the launch instead of "go to 10k, 45 degree till apo is right, coast, circularize". A trained chimp would be bored. Now i try to get rockets with bloated fairings but without wings into orbit. And I can do it. MechJeb cannot. Take this, stupid computer brain, bwahaha... And the rockets look really sleek. Not the broad things
  11. I like career mode. It puts constraints on my play, so I have to leave my comfort zone now and then to try something else. And I even like it in the latter stages, when you have everything researched and have lots of money, because even then I try to be careful and efficient in my designs.
  12. If I have to choose between flawed rockets and flawed planes in my space program, I'll pick flawed planes... you could basically put a rocket in 45km orbit and keep it there with only a little boost here and there. [EDIT] I admit that they could turn up the heat a bit. Still too few explosions on my rockets.
  13. Point at the other ship and accelerate. That's at least what NASA did with Gemini IV. Then strange stuff happened. Then probably someone remembered that guy named Kepler. And to add something useful: You can see your relative speed to the target, if you click the speed display above the artifical horizon. Prograde and retrograde markers as well as the speed are now shown in relation to the target instead of orbit.
  14. Explosions and laughter. That's KSP for me.
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