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  1. I did a clean uninstall and reinstall of all mods dependent on CTB and Toolbar controller and the issue seems to have disappeared. I suspect it might have been something leftover from StageRecovery, as it turns out - I did not install it via CKAN at the time of report and whatever was leftover probably caused the issue. Regarding TACLS - I doubt it was involved, as without CTB it did work fine. Thank you for your time, I think it was all solved!
  2. Hello @linuxgurugamer! Happy to see you are such a good "parent" to so many wonderful mods from years past that older players like me miss and like to use! Recently returned to KSP and installed a few mods. I did use CTB back in 1.10, I believe and remember I never encountered any issues. On 1.11.1 though, CTB causes some of the buttons to become non-responsive - in VAB, in the SPH, etc. Cannot click Launch and Save, Load a vessel works only sometimes after angry clicking. The Parts, Action groups, Inventory, Crew buttons work though. The issue seems to "spread" from the SPH and VAB
  3. Same issue as at @Cheesecake Returned from an extended break, clean install of KSP, added some mods manually - Scatterer had no oceans. Disabling oceans from the in-game config and restarting the game "returns" the water. Full clean game reinstall, mods via CKAN this time - same issue and same way to resolve it - just disable the oceans from the in-game config. Perhaps it is a mod incompatibility? Here's some logs: player.log Mods installed in current install: AntennaSleep (AntennaSleep 1.1) BetterBurnTime (BetterBurnTime 1.10) BetterCrewAssignment (BetterCrew
  4. Now if only @linuxgurugamer was feeling like adopting this one too
  5. [1.1.1] Kerbal Engineer Redux (2016-04-29) This is the thread's title. How do you think? This is just an advice - read the thread first. Then, if no answers are given, ask. There is a dev version which works for 1.2. Find it some posts back.
  6. I am wondering - both RealPlume and SmokeScreen are included in the install and required for RPS to work. Okay. But when I open the SmokeScreen settings, no matter to what value I set the Maximum particles - it shows "active particles" 0, even though I check it in the middle of an engine firing. The smoketrails for all of my engines past 100 m/s seem to go to those annoying spaced out smoke puffs. I remember, almost ages ago HotRockets looked like that by default, but when I switched to RPS, I was astonished by the density and quality of the smoke effect. Now, it seems like I have re
  7. I know that usually with the way KSP works, when a mod offers the option of "replace stock button in applauncher", it should be seen as an experimental feature. Nevertheless I decided to try it out in the latest version of CW....aaaand it's gone. Scene changes seem to revert the button to the stock Contract app and my CW mod button is gone from the app launcher (which in itself was the desired result). I will reinstall, but...can something be done about that or it is better for me to just stick with the CW app button, without overwriting?
  8. First docking took me about 19 mins(have it on clip in Youtube). Now I find no difficulty at all with docking, in any shape or form. I'd say 2/10. It's all muscle memory for the RCS controls, gentle touches, knowing the limits of the craft you are using (you can't propel a 10 ton craft towards a docking port at 15 m/s, 300 m away and expect to be able to stop in time with 0.01 TWR). Actually I struggle to wrap around my mind around what I found so hard about docking the first time.
  9. It seems just the new implementation of the Alert function does this. xScience used to support DMagic experiments. No idea what happened, but would be nice if we get back the click functionality for them.
  10. Yes, Davon and Routine mission manager's real successor(or competition). The most useful thing to have if you are a long-term player is bringing things into at least LKO automatically. Do you support mission time? As in - Will the vessel only be spawned in orbit when the recorded mission elapsed TTO expires or is it instant?
  11. I think after this post you can skip the . in any sentence you write from now until eternity.
  12. Toadicus, your mod was the first time I felt inspired to do something even remotely modding-like. I think the best you can do is redo the stock system. I don't know if this will be done via a cfg or a dll implementation, but there are some quality of life options some of us would like to keep using from AntennaRange. I have not downloaded the pre-release 1.2 version, but this is what I would like to see in 1.2: 1. No "fuzzy-ness". Below the horizon means below the horizon. 2. Limit probe control of any kind without connection to the KSC. 3. More antennas. I still want my +O
  13. I came here to confirm that the problem seems to be exactly DRE. I am providing 2 output logs - one without it and other one with it. Without DRE With DRE
  14. I noticed that too, but didn't attribute it to the Revamp. Is it the reason?
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