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  1. Awesome stuff, thank you for updating this. This mod, along with Rasterpropmonitor, really make IVA flight doable. It's at the top of my mod list.
  2. Download page at github link above only lists source code files. edit: btw, thanks for taking the time to update this for all of us.
  3. Kudo's for all your work maintaining all these abandoned mods. They are all gems and deserve it, and the game is better for it. Thumbs up!
  4. After reading the "real chutes" thread, it appears stupid_chris is moving on to other things, and wont be putting as much time into this game anymore. I really hope this mod will be updated by someone. It's a fantastic little mod that is very useful and deserves the love.
  5. So what file do we download at github? There's no main download on that page, just a list of links. I have a download limit so I cant afford to download the wrong files or stuff I don't need. ps: thanks for the update, this mod makes KSP look amazing.
  6. Nice looking parts, added to my gamedata folder. I came here looking for an MK3 docking port piece that telescopes out the top, behind the capsule. Similar to the mk2 version. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Mk2_Clamp-O-Tron And I see one has been requested already, and is planned. I look forward to it. Thanks for the contribution!
  7. I thought of something in the RCS department that could be useful to some. (me hehe) Xenon fueled micro RCS jets. There was another mod that had a set of them, but its long dead and disappeared with spaceport. For small xenon powered probes, this is something that's long been needed. Adding a set of those would be great. If its not too late.
  8. Names, hmm, here goes. •High-efficiency Ion Marathon •Bi-Modal Resistojet Thrustomax •Bi-Modal Arcjet Stratomax •Micro LFO engine Gnat •0.625m aerospike Mike •LV-Nc Reactomax •Micro Monopropellant engine x2 Oxomax-# •0.625m Monopropellant engine x2 Oxomax-# •1.25m Monopropellant engine Oxomax-# It wont hurt my feelings if you don't use any of them lol PS: Awesome mod, cant wait for the update. Thanks. The RCS nozzles already in this, have covered all my needs for some time. I use nearly every part in this mod at some point, for something.
  9. I hope this mod will get an update soon. The RCS nozzles are invaluable, and this is one of the few mods that add any unique types. The game really needs more rcs options, like some for the 45degree configuration.
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