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  1. I say yes but it had to be designed for thins. I guess you could set power to low and close the chamber and then run it gas cooled. So you run gas trough it but you then run it trough an turbine and cooler for reuse. It would be lighter than an separate reactor for power.
  2. As I understand SpaceX uses the non spherical proberties of earth for inclination changes on their starlink satellites.
  3. Yes saw an youtube about this, hovercraft also has limits in heavy sea, larger ones is less limited but a bit stupid if your escort cant follow you.
  4. Only room for 3 planes making it very marginal. 1500 ton would also make it much smaller than an 1960 destroyer, make it 15000 ton and we are talking. It would still be an light carrier but an very capable one. Because the larger size it could handle much rougher seas. But with an reactor it would be expensive and planes are still much faster than it and nuclear powered supercarriers are fast.
  5. This, most online game guilds uses it for chat, its also pretty easy to invite new people but I would made it much more intuitive to join. For games the security concern is low and you can easy add more information like guild events and have an text chat for an guild. Now we gotten some people trying to infiltrate discord to spy on us in PvP in Elder Scroll Online so if an new member you have to be in the run to join discord voice.
  6. More correct they planned an get rich fast scheme, the knew a tooth could be be converted to an dollar. They found a lots of teeth and thought they could convert its to lots of money for an kid. Yes they stole them from the school or other place but it was an dusty box in an pretty public place.
  7. Depend, if you say tooth faeries always replace an tooth in a glass of water with an coin its easy to disprove. If it can its harder to disprove. Now this reminds me of an kids show I once watched. One of the kids lost a milk tooth, put it in a glass of water and got an dollar. Couple of days later they found an box of hundreds of animal teeth in the basement of the school or somewhere, the obvious idea for them would be to put them in an bucket of water and get hundreds of dollar. Did not see or remember the ending, probably their parent asking there they got all the teeth from
  8. Skeptical, as stated in the article the problem with an reaction-less engine is that it can easy be turned into an perpetual mobile, add one on each end of an long rotating bar in vacuum. Acceleration and power use will be constant while the energy stored will increase exponential, at some point you can link this up to an generator at the axle and draw out power while powering the engines. This does not require an mega structure, as I understood for the EM-drive, its not something who would be very hard to build but you wanted something like the largest vacuum chambers. And I don't believe in perpetual mobiles. Now if its something who limit it, things looks a bit better. Everything from cars to bullets to particles in particle accelerators get harder and harder to accelerate as they go faster as energy is M*V^2. Take an electrical car, ignore air resistance and assume engine and drive train is perfect and it has 300 hp, at the start it would accelerate hard, but this will slow down as going from 50 to 100 km/h takes 3 times the energy than getting to 50 km/s, getting from 100 to 150 km/h take more energy than getting to 100. Rockets escapes this because they uses reaction mass, downside is that they are insanely less efficient than an car.
  9. I has an "shuttle" a lot like the Ares rocket in KSP1. A MK 1-3 cockpit with docking port in front, 2,5 m equipment bay, 2.5 to MK3 fuel tank, the 16 man aircraft passenger module, a short MK3 tank, engines, heat shield and landing legs, then a decopler and a fairing going down a bit on the SRB for aerodynamic. Used the largest or second largest SRB as first stage and the shuttle as second.
  10. You could simply has suspension who fold in like the rover wheels from making history. They was also nice for avoiding jump after time warp. Yes I obvious want robotic parts anyway.
  11. More of an rant but why are divide by zero that much of an bug in computers. for 8086 cpu's its even an dedicated interrupt. while in 99% of cases there you get x/0 its because its no data getting an average of none attempts and here 0 is a good answer. Yes its nice to capture this but still.
  12. That was weird, most people in Norway don't have middle names. However back in the 19'th century lots of people did not have surnames. If you owned an farm or was of an wealthy family you did but most laborers did not. Then you had to have surname by law, most used their fathers name or the place they lived who had some comical effects like more than one guy using an railway line as surname as he worked on building it. 100 years later all had surnames except the royal family, this created problems then the king should fly, they use Rex as surname then required by systems.
  13. I was wondering about the loot here, it was not an field battle, or rater it was one followed by an siege and the city surrendered and this was the loot. I assume the leaders and the livestock.
  14. I don't think the edge is the SOI, I think its interstellar distances 20/300.000 * 55.000=3.66 light years finding the fraction of light speed you travel. Multiply with years traveled and you get distance in LY. Well 3.6 LY is almost at Alpha Centauri who would have its own SOI. I guess we get an pretty arbitrary SOI of stars, SOI ends at an gravity level so the SOI will not overlap while also large enough to enable binary stars like Alpha Centauri. I guess .5-1 LY. Alpha Centauri B would have an much smaller SOI as its limited by A's gravity not the weak cutout point.
  15. More likely they are nervous about an early fail as in an RUD 500 meter up who would wipe out the launch complex and high chase for damaging the construction site. First superheavy will do an soft landing on water and SS will reenter over water. We will then get some disposable SS. The propellant transfer test and a starlink 2 launch, 4th launch might be another reentry test and I assume they started catching first stages at this time. Don't think NASA has an problem with blowing up lots of stuff as testing, yes NASA know will not get away with it as politicians will complain. But who cares that an contractor does if paid an fixed price and deliver. And obvious if spaceX was risk adverse they would start landing first stage on landing legs, they might drop them later then landings get routine. SS landing get more problematic as it has to overfly land, and unless you launch very southward you will overfly Mexico then landing. You could land on some US bases in the Pacific. This require landing legs and recovery would be hard at many of them but you could inspect it and recover stuff.
  16. That the Drake equation is =>1 is pretty obvious. You also has an ion probe with an kick stage. It has 4 who looks like the magnetometer from late KSP 1. as payload, I was a bit confused as it look a lot like an box
  17. Agree, now most research its easier. NASA states it want to rent in on an commercial space station, they pay for hotel services and to dock multiple labs to the station. That is the obvious money tourists is an bonus, and the long term crew would enjoy spending dinners with very rich space geeks.
  18. I could see some natural gas having an inorganic origin, some natural gas deposits also has high helium levels and the helium is come from deeper down. Helium has an easier time diffusing trough rock than methane and gas tend to come together with oil, even if known as a gas field you has some oil but it might be hard to get that oil out and much more skeptical this being non biological. Know it has been some searches assuming non biological origin but don't think it has been much success. Coal is simpler, as in back during the carboniferous period who was hot and had 8 time current co2 level, oxygen level was also higher. We got wood for the first time but no efficient way of breaking wood down so it piled up and got buried, this turned int coal. It was the plastic of that age, yes some was broken down but not logs. Yes you get coal deposits later even today, mostly from bogs. But not sure how much coal that is compared to the carboniferous one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carboniferous
  19. Kerbals could never dive in KSP 1, but with KIS and later the default inventory system you could load up kerbals so heavy they would sink, you would have to drop the item to get up again.
  20. Agree, the problem is the production chains who can get very long even for simple products as its cheaper. And that is the problem for making humans an multi planet or more realistic spaced based species. Yes you make fuels, metal and plastic parts in space also stuff like solar panels, but not space suits as they has lots of parts
  21. Most at least European crossbows had an metal bow, you also want some mechanism to draw the heavy bow, this is more metal if done well. Also crossbows was most useful in sieges, they are easy to use and you can keep ready to fire at targets of opportunity. Firing from an running horse is hard, if you learn that you probably also train to use an bow. Also it was pretty common with mounted infantry. They was not cavalry but infantry with horses for increased mobility, they don't fought on horseback but dismounted to fire. It also let you use standard riding horses not the expensive cavalry horses. Last for hunting you don't need an heavy draw weight bow, the +150 kg draw weight bows was anti armor weapons.
  22. Thank you for the reference, now LeroyJenkins probably expected to fail. Or he stupidly expected the waiting raid group to be instantly ready once he ran in. This is an problem in groups especially raid groups, one need 3 minutes and others do stuff. Also tank is the one who should go first in. Now the video is an recreation of the initial wipe. Ran into an similar experience in an dungeon in Elder scroll online. This was an easy dungeons as all 3 of us could solo and we was helping an friend getting an weapon. He ran in pulling lots of adds expecting me to help him and also heal him, but I was in stealth gear for stealing and could not swap while group was in combat. So I waited and he tried to run up but dying and all the mobs killed me, I saw the 4th an random from dungeon finder who was low level gotten killed then mobs ran back, then tank ported in and was very unimpressed.
  23. As I understand water physic is not working correctly. Probably come close to reentry heating.
  24. This, now it has been suborbital space plane concepts using an rocket engine going from mach 2-3 up to 6-8 then you deploy upper stage in space and you don't need fairings. This is very similar an real rocket engine would have better ISP but if you just need say 100 m/s to raise AP you could probably heat up lox and inject oxygen into the scram jet. If you want to make an SSTO, stop it Make second stage reusable instead. Well if you have high TWR fusion reactors you can but it changes everything. Or you can build some support mega structure who only makes sense if you launch thousands of ton of payloads daily.
  25. That is weird, drag should be much lower if you fly higher and intake air should also be no problem as long as you don't go to high but 10-15 km should work fine.
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