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  1. Its an very high probability ISS will be deorbited within 5-10 years who will kill it with fire NASA want to lease space on an commercial space station there the operators do hotel and maintenance services. They expect the replacement station to host other companies and probably tourists. Now its an possibility that IIS get preserved to make it an museum at an later time, this require starship or similar lift it up to an high storage orbit after its has been mothballed. This likely put it and the microbes into the Van Allen belts who increase the mutation rate of microbes a lot
  2. Think it's because the tiles are less reflective than the steel so the tiles become black before the steel as it curves away from us around the nose. And it weirded me out a bit first to, but done some rendering and know effects like this.
  3. Its pretty sure that interstellar distances will be 1/10 of real life. The dev has talked about month long burns. I have an filling distances will be 1/100 of real world. so closes star will be 500 the distance to Jool. And we will not do 1g burns to turnover, not with the starship we saw is its a bit realistic, it also had centrifuges <rant> In my view accelerating until turnover only make sense with something like an solar sail, it does not if you use reaction mass. The problem is that the last part of your acceleration only has very little impact on your travel time as its used for an short time before you start braking. It better to use an heavier and more powerful engine and say accelerate for 1/8 to 1/4 of of the distance traveled and do an equal braking burn on the end, now you braking burn will have higher acceleration as you has less reaction mass. I'm pretty sure use the last 5% of reaction mass in an burn to turnover actually slow you down as you are heavier and accelerate slower before you finally use it and get a bit higher velocity for 5% of the trip </rant>
  4. Now that looks a lot like many lightweight bucket seat KSP landers or upper stage on Eve rockets.
  5. Now that sounds like bad planning. Yes large repairs like collision damage can take time to fix and might be delayed over fast jobs if they are overbooked. Not part swaps, now if its an special part, especially from an old it can be delivery time but this was an planned repair so they should have the part then you delivered your car.
  6. This is reuse of capsule not heat shield. Now could the PICA-X heat shield be used on starship if it is so good? Is it heavier or is it other issues seeing they had tile problems. Or would the get the same problem with starship as it will flex a to much compared to the capsules so you need tiles anyway?
  7. Twitter has an bad reputation because all the crazy people there, but they tend to focus on pop culture stuff like movies or games, probably also sport. Now spaceX start to become pop culture. And I expect Twitter to hate bate people into treads because it give more clicks. Facebook has done this a lot.
  8. Nozzles is part of it but the real important part is that an rocket or spaceplane has two conflicting requirements, Its need to carry lots of fuel and engines to get to orbital velocity, less fuel but wings and different engine types for the plane. It then need to be able to handle reentry and land. It makes much more sense to have two stages for this. and the first stage don't get hot and the upper stage is small and light. Now if your ISP on your engine is much higher than chemical rockets the two stage benefit don't go away unless you say have an engine who is heavy but can give you high ISP and trust. You could easy have an setting with something like Skylon SSTO is used for passengers and light cargo or launches while having something like an scaled up SS /SH for the bulk cargo. Still an orbital shuttle is not an good craft for using in space as it need to carry heat shields and landing systems. As you will dock in LEO after say 6 hours its sett up like an aircraft but with vacuum toilets. You then transfer to you interplanetary spaceship with cabins and variable spin gravity. And yes spaceX starship challenges this by brute force, probably work for Mars, not for the belt or outward.
  9. Now this was an pretty genial idea. Make it the first version, interior designed for zero-g. Use the planned nose docking port and an side one as shown in the interior blueprints of manned starship. Already thought about using an second moonship as an lunar gateway space station. This could be used an an fuel depot and potential as an rescue ship if the one landed is not able to reach orbit again but has an working life support.
  10. Yes, I don't think magnets will work well for the international docking adapter. For one it take up space inside the pressurized area once its redraw and hard dock and you handle +5 ton tons spaceships. I see it as might be relevant for smaller unmanned stuff where an soft docking system will be much heavier than magnets.
  11. As I understand no KH-11 war ever recovered? Should be plausible except that you land it sideways, but the shuttle was an gentle landing craft. Now Hubble is modified with lots of extra cameras and stuff who might get damages.
  12. My first thought but you see the monitor has an stand and rest on the table. My first two pc's was flat cases And it would work a bit better if it was an flat case who disappeared with the monitor but its just an very old silly meme joke anyway
  13. Agree, sounds much more like test of thinner hulls, This might has the impact that they has to use internal stiffing to keep SS structural sound then not pressurized. The usual with pressure and cryo testing. Now the weird one was lots of suborbital flights, probably to land SS accurate enough to get caught by the arms. Only 5 orbital flight a year however sounds very low with their construction tempo.
  14. Second tower is backup in case other get hit by an first stage or other throttles like issues with the catch mechanism or other sub systems. That backup is needed for stuff like moonship who require filling up tankers in orbit.
  15. Add luck and probably an bit smartness, Like R7 who become the legendary Soyuz was probably sold in as an heavy ICBM with an secondary function of deploying satellites. That rocket has loads of obsolete features like using an separate gas generator to run the turbo pump who was copied from the V2 missile. Benefit is that the turpo pump is now an steam turbine rater than an gas turbine burning LOX who does not really work well unless you go fuel or oxidizer rich or full flow. In short it might not be an bad solution after all for a very long time. Luck also plays in later on SpaceX going for 9 engines on falcon 9 made them manage to land had they developed an twice as strong engine and used four
  16. Yes, first you soft dock with the extended ring this is then pulled inn and you get hard dock who is air thigh and more secure. Magnets will not help here, now on small satellites magnetism might help in docking, as seen in the video it does not need to be slamming together like in KSP.
  17. Not tried it but that sounds totally useless to me, I uses alarm clock to keep tag on perhaps 20 missions at once in my typical career plays. This includes not only active missions but also bases on various bodies and todo stuff like got the Duna science explorer back to Ike orbit but want to land it next to the base in daylight so I just put on an alarm on it and do something else. If you only have one mission you don't need it at all.
  18. I say it depend a lot of the technology you are using. Lots of fusion designs will not work at all in the atmosphere or they would create lots of radioactivity. You also has other demands for an SSTO like the ability to reenter and land safely While on an long distance spaceships you might want an living area who works both under trust and spin and you want to be far away from the engine.
  19. 4 This is not an reality TV show==2. or they might be space sick. Now one fun pranks to throw and new astronauts is if you could have your ship suddenly change axle of rotation like above. You will obviously have lots of bells and red light and all has to stay in their closed space suit as puking in one prevent cleaning up the rest of the ship while puking inside an spacesuit is not fun.
  20. Grand tours is simply an show of how Kerbal you are anyway. I did an grand tour without refueling back then it was no reentry heating. Now an grand tour like Jool 5 makes sense. Main issue here is definition of current tech. As I see it Starship is current tech, Orion pulse nuclear is not, but nerva is probably current tech. Note you could probably make an orion pulse nuclear engine where the charges was completely dumb. you spin them up and hit it directional antennas with enough energy to set off the device two detonators. Its still an low technological readiness level.
  21. It's not other around you anyway and the metal who is if moving way faster than bullets and very little is affected by magnets. See this as more useful for small probes like Mars sample return or perhaps refueling satellites or grabbing them for reuse or disposable in ways the video above shows.
  22. Its lots of stuff, you can be an eva specialist who make you an obvious astronaut even if you can not manually dock the ship you arrived in. In fact none on the ship can but it can be be remote controlled. Now all who work on an oil platform in Norway has to do training in evacuation from the platform and escape an splashed down helicopter and probably basic damage control and survival. This is an expensive course so even an cleaning job pays very well. Guess the same will be true in space even then you have space stations with hundreds of people living on them the environment is still much more hostile and the transport cost is way higher even with stuff like starship. Now we will get an distention between tourist and astronaut the same way an tourist and an bartender on an cruise ship is different. Now I assume the bartender is part of crew and is trained in safety protocols. An entertainer who is onboard for one night is not. You will probably get the same in space there an scientist or engineer sent up for say an week to do a task get the tourist course while people staying regular needs the full package.
  23. My point is that you know the amount of fuel the engines has, now if you use cross feed the boosters will run out first. At least mechjeb is able to calculate dV for boosters with cross feed so that is the easy part. The hard part as I see it is to calculate the trajectory close to orbital bodies under trust, KSP 1 assume all maneuverer node burns are done in an instance but if you have low trust and do an long burn from LEO you can get significant errors. It might only be possible to leave an ship under trust in solar orbit or interstellar space as the gravity gradient is pretty low in solar orbit. Now I assume you can find your position with an set of equations, know you can with fixed acceleration but not sure with increasing acceleration and probably not with variable gravity who impact your orbital velocity. KSP 1 is pretty smart in that it handles SOI changes and collisions with plants and moons even then not under control. I assume it set do sample along the trajectory some time forward in time and put down internal break points on SOI changes and remove objects who impacts, you can get asteroids temporary captured by the Mun as an example and the Mun also kickes stuff getting into its SOI out into solar orbit. And assumes KSP 2 does something similar but with much more complex formulas. Warp under trust of an craft you control is simpler, here you simply calculate change in position, it might be separate warp limits for under trust to. Now showing trajectories for an burn under trust node will be very hard for all the reasons you describe above so I don't really expect the nodes to change their behavior.
  24. I say it depend a lot on how well KSP 2 predict trajectories for long low twr burns. This is not much of an problem for interstellar flight as your end velocity is so much higher than orbital one but say trying to get into Moho orbit might be messy. Here you probably need to start to match velocity outside Moho SOI then do tons of burns at Pe to circulate.
  25. You get another ecosystem above the forests who is steppe, they probably handle forests unless its get to dense with large trees and you don't want them into the logging zones as trees are money makers and way better carbon sinks than mammoths. You yes you will need 50+ clones not just a few. And no wolfs are more like hyenas, who are not the apex predators in Africa, lions are and they do not hit elephants outside lost babies.
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