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  1. Yes as Pe is negative, now if you ram something into the moon at an flat highland at an shallow angle some parts might enter en very low Pe orbit. I once crashed an stack of rovers in KSP into the Mun as landing stage was faulty, deorbit at an Mun sea, some parts ended up on the other side of the Mun, but I did not plan for an touch and go impact. Could be an fun KSP challenge, yes solution is to have an long ship and have lower part impact.
  2. That is for wood sleepers who was replaced couple of decades ago here in Norway, sold to public and usually ending up as retaining walls and similar in gardens.
  3. Cool, could it be dissembled more than remove 3rd stage? The boosters are extra long as they do cross feed to first stage. They do this having 3 tanks in each of the side boosters, top is fuel or oxidiser who top up the core until tanks is empty. That thing is so kerbal. Not entire sure how 3rd stage works here, I assume it would burn and jettison the 3 boosters on it first then use core of 3rd stage.
  4. Google gave this an plasma lens for an petawatt laser. https://physics.aps.org/articles/v15/s16 Downside is that the lens will not last long who is don't matter for fusion but probably not optimal for weapons, the fusion laser does not have that much energy since the pulse is very short. One fun thing with lasers is that for an powerful one you will combine multiple laser generators. For an ship this give the option to either combine all lasers for an main gun or multiple secondary guns.
  5. An railway question an line I use has been down for 3 weeks, doing work on it, they replaced the rails but they also replaced the sleepers and the ballast gravel, at least on the two stations I seen. looks like they might reused gravel other places as its darker. The station I used was rebuild 20 years ago. Are the sleepers and gravel consumables? Yes I get that you want to re-set the line especially at stations as trains are stopping and starting all the time and to get dirt out of ballast but replacing the concrete sleepers and the gravel, its don't sounds like consumables for me?
  6. Fun one but false outside of boosters being limited by rail, first Romans never used var chariots but they was used for racing, and probably for fast transport if you did not want to ride. Wagons came in various sized but I guess it was some standardization because of ruts. first mine cars however was narrow gauge as they was pulled by people or horses. It was also many standards for railroad gauges in UK before it got standardized. Width and height of trains is also not strictly related to gauge. US trains run on diesel and can be higher than European ones so they can double stack containers.
  7. Well you also add shock absorption and its 25% wider, you probably could not extend them straight down as the engine bells are there but rather higher up where its more room. SpaceX plan to catch SS with the arms. Not sure if any plans to add legs first? Could see them trying to land some other places before starbase as this require overflying US or Mexico. Yes I also reacted on the top door, this is pretty common on planes but they land slower and hatches tend to present an edge to air stream, planes also tend to fly multiple times a day so you want an solid system for this. Once was on a plane who had to turn around and land as nose wheel would not retract, it did extend again. As I understand its much easier to extend
  8. This, an very interesting example is from thalidomide victims (Remember YouTube documentary from some years ago so might not be true) Issue was cases of thalidomide victims falling in love and creating families, they shared fates after all. Their kids had an increase chance of limb deformities. Why its an drug no longer used (for this) Turned out lots of of the thalidomide victims had an higher chance to limb deformities in the first place and thalidomide pushed them over the threshold often after low usage. Well you now have two parents with this issue and kids might inherit it. Did not, mother used lots of thalidomide and you had no bad genes or your rolled an 2 not 1 gene mixing. (does not matter if correct) it sounds plausible on why environmental effects are inherited. Animals getting scared of loud noises will do better after firearms is used for hunting, this was 200 years ago for common use. Add that mammals are smart. Pretty sure deer know they are not hunted in suburbs for good reasons, but they are getting annoying.
  9. Melting down aluminum for reuse is very common and don't take much energy compared to steel because low smelting point. Now making aluminium is not something you can't cycle on / off easy, same with most other melting processes you want to be huge and have an constant capacity. You don't aluminum oxide or iron to turn solid in the furnace, so if power you has to handle it, dumping is an option.
  10. See some dangers with this, upside garbage recycling works great and makes an profit. On the other hand its run by an mafia. By the griping hand they are so cute you let it pass. Also probably not that hard probably not so hard to uplift, better hands and smarter, the problem with designing raccoon proof bins is that its an overlap between stupidest human and smartest raccoon. (granted if many don't see the solution in 5 seconds they just put trash by can while an raccoon can easy spend an hour trying to open it)
  11. If they have internal space I don't see issues with it, 6 outer engines and 6 legs between them. now the aerodynamic cover for the pads I would probably redesign a bit, you are coming in fast and having the doors half open like that will not be practical. Have some sort of padding fin who also latch then fully open, simpler, lighter and much more damage resistant. Might simply have the legs push them open? Now Starship especially first stage looks very rough aerodynamically. You don't see this stuff on planes. Buts its an disposable prototype so it don't matter. Also drag is not an huge issue for huge rockets because the square cube law.
  12. It still to get into moon orbit, dock and return after second docking with lander after spending over an week in moon orbit so I think you need hypergolic. I would start thinking about lengthening second stage at this point rather than having an short stage 3 as an stage 2 copy. Lengthening second stage would be part of crew rating FH as the only reason to do this is the moon if NASA pays for it. The goal would be to get 2 stage to do the moon injection burn like done on Apollo.
  13. To me this lock like they have removed the heat shield and mated the capsule to the double length trunk who now is full of fuel tanks and has lots of extra drako engines. I assume they done this not only to save weight but also to have one common fuel system. Docking this will require more fuel than an normal dragon as its much heavier. Using this to the moon. Use crew version, so two fuel systems, trunk and capsule. For abort, perhaps has the trunk split halfway up. lower part holds the fuel tanks with tanks expand up into upper part who holds radiators and solar cells making the lower trunk an extra stage.
  14. So not at equator, Then I try an plane change 2/3 -3/4 the distance to Mun, You can add an circulation node inside Mun SOI, Apollo also used patched conic for planning so KSP physic
  15. Did you launch from KSC or some higher attitude ones? For KSC I would wait until inside Mun SOI as its couple of degree. You use mechjeb so assume KSP 1 and you can preview burn costs inside other SOI. For larger changes the mid course correction is probably cheaper if you don't want to wait with an high Ap after particular circulation, you can also do plane change inside Mun SOI coming in. It all depend on cost and your budget.
  16. Its sounds way way gold plated. For Jupiter it makes sense. For the the moon, fire for effect. Its 3 days away and who care is you loose most. Munition not artifacts.
  17. Already an thing, CIWS and other close in weapon systems works automatic. Auto targeting was an thing with torpedoes at end of WW 2. Now for the close in weapon systems it don't looks like you can add much rules of engagements, as in target these missiles coming in from the coast but not our helicopter circling above the ship. Issue for AI on drones is probably more of an cost thing, as you need the AI on the drone in places like Ukraine or its just an helper for the human operator anyway and its already lots of self aiming missiles, they does not differentiate between tanks. Now for water use from data centers, why build them in deserts? You want an ocean or decent river to dump the heat into, now if an cold place you can use the heat for heating houses, or preheating water who you make steam of for power. Yes its tax initiatives and perhaps cheap energy, but data centers don't bring much jobs.
  18. Agree but power it both good to have and an good metric. Yes population growth is getting negative. So uplift rabbits, they are cute and don't see anything who can go wrong. Cats and dogs worked pretty well after all.
  19. Multiple Dyson Spheres makes it an 2.0-2.1 the way we is 0.6 something. An clusters of Dyson Spheres would stand out but I assume you want to expand long before filing ones, its don't cost mush power.
  20. I guess they triple checked the hold down clamps and hard points on ship to ensure no unplanned flights. Did they not add extra hold down wires to the top on earlier tests? And obviously an kill trust if any of the clamps got issues. Thought earlier about what would happen if one of the clamps did not release, I say either the clamp or the hardpoint on ship would give very fast.
  21. Now one option is to use an analogue neural network. It uses an faction of the energy and is much faster but has less reliable output and probably less flexible, the tuning would probably still be digital but the network is analogue, probably not something you want to use for self driving cars but to generate images for fun and other non critical stuff its much cheaper. Does neural networks allow easy debugging? I thought that was pretty hard for the huge one. Yes you can tweak parameters and try again. AI can also have hidden bugs because training. We seen this on self driving cars might ignore something who makes no sense for it as an container in the road, not in base so ignore. Currently I see the main danger of AI is then you use it to run infrastructure and it ignore the container in the road and react very stupid to an weird event. Yes you could let it micro manage say the electrical grids but it would have both computer and human supervision. Who works until some idiot find out he can save 5% letting it do all the work
  22. Well an Kardashev type 3 civilization would be very visible in the first place. I also say an galaxy spawning civilization would need faster than light at least communication to stay an civilization if not imagine the drift by many thousands of year communication lag. We see the opposite on earth as communication become better and faster.
  23. Looks like you are correct, many hydrolox rockets don't use common bulkheads. Still think an common bulkhead with isolation would be lighter.
  24. It would work like capacitors more than batteries buts another type of storage. Also if you have high electrical capacity superconductors this is an bomb with the power of the charge if you break it, like if are in an accident. So fun with self driving cars with these as power source. Its the curse of any high power storage who don't need air to work and can release lots of energy fast == bomb. Now its an tricks to make an very strong magnetic field, shoot a lot of plasma trough an coil, now even if you could protect the coil from plasma think gun barrel the magnet coil is now an fragmentation grenade.
  25. Wait no common bulkhead on none of the stages? Thought any modern rockets had common bulkhead and only old designs used separated ones. Without it you need an interstage between them and an extra bulkhead. Yes you can use this space for stuff but you also has the interstage and engine bay.
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