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  1. They will not land between the towers but outside and then moved there by the crane. Part of the plan to catch SH with the grind finds probably. But they will need way more infrastructure as in more platforms. Something like this: Launch, landing, fuel storage, LOX production, hangars and cargo integration, crew quarters just to name some of the facilities, think an hangar ship able to launch high rise buildings.
  2. I say the technology has to bee uncommon or new for some seeing it as magic. Current day excample: how can 5G cause an virus infection, only way to explain this is that you have no clue that an radio transmitter do. On the other hand gunpowder was probably seen as magic by most for quite some time until it became common. People did still not know how chemistry worked so in practice it was alchemy. http://freefall.purrsia.com/ff300/fv00255.gif http://freefall.purrsia.com/ff300/fv00255.htm
  3. Yes, but you are still limited to how long you want to burn And it give you an intercept, you can always add another node afterward to get there faster but remember you have to spend time stopping to.
  4. Agree he is an showman and he know its important to get people exited. However have fun getting fiber on an remote farm in the first world. Now you have planes, ships and cars. or nor in the first world. and not in an town. Agree in performance reduction with reuse, however its throwing away hardware is expensive. Only other use is drop tanks and they are only dropped in war and are magnitudes less expensive than rocket stages. Yes disposable is common but it has environmental problems and its used on stuff who is stamped or cast. Not complex stuff like cars or planes, again war is
  5. No, the end of the observable universe is there galaxies moves at light speed because the expansion of the universe. The CMB is the leftover heat of the big bang and is pretty uniformly distributed.
  6. You are correct I looked it up 5.56x45 tapers 0.6 mm, this is an 6.6% tapper. https://military.wikia.org/wiki/5.56×45mm_NATO, the AK-47 ammo might be more tapered.
  7. The grind fins are pretty expensive, legs also cost some, however just a fraction of that an full stage and with reuse they can be used multiple times, even reused if stage is scraped or disposed. Also I implied the cost of recovery and republish 2 times is cost less than an disposable first stage, the launch itself all the testing they do anyway and the second stage adds to the cost.
  8. Good point however all rifle rounds I have seen are straight walled up to the point they tapper in for the bullet. Now the curved magazine will extend less downwards who is important as you often lie down shooting. Think this is the reason, its also the reason many WW2 machine pistols has the magazine sideways and some machine guns had an top mounted magazine. Drum magazines tend to be unreliable in the field because more friction in them
  9. Think we can say that the margin is not so low they need 10 launches to get profit from reuse. I say that they might get that at the first reuse. An launch has lots of other costs in addition to the rocket, you also need to have an new second stage . However reuse save you the cost of the first stage, you have to subtract the cost of recovery and the extra maintenance and testing an used stage need. Later will go down with experience. Now the main problem with reuse is the development cost of it. Here spacex was very lucky with their falcon 9 who they could modify to be reused as eng
  10. Yes, now this is quite possible to do, underground test of nuclear weapons worked like this but they was hundreds of meter underground. They left an cavity. I guess lots of the vaporized rock got pushed into cracks in the surrounding rock kind of like fracking on steroid. So you could technical do it, you might need an steel sphere 50 meter in diameter however and don't think that will contain an megaton blast. Yes it will vaporise a lot of the material near the bomb and you will get an idiotic high pressure. Now for more crazy stuff to do with nukes, think orion pulse nuclear but
  11. With mechjeb you can use porkshops and get burns with very high velocities, your dV is limited in how long you bother to burn here. Used it with orion pulse nuclear and 20-50 km/s burns with few problems.
  12. Finally got an kraken drive to work, at 9 g its a bit overpowered 8*8 small docking ports on two trust plates. Found that the main problem was drag, because all the docking ports, terminal velocity is just 65 m/s who created all sort of issues inside the atmosphere.
  13. Very good looking probe And you can aerobrake into orbit but I prefer to use a bit of dV to get into an highly elliptical orbit where you can lower Ap with multiple aerobrake burn until you get into low orbit followed by landing. Using an larger heatshield helps even an inflatable one
  14. Reminds me of my university. They had an stack of buildings next to each others so they closed all of it off with glass. Because its Norway and not the natural habitat of humans it was fully enclosed an heated as you would do with an mars colony. Outside during winter will kill you anyway but slower than on Mars
  15. Lava is both solid and liquid yes but at this temperatures more materials will also melt You have produces like butter and some metals who will melt and freeze in everyday temperatures as in -30 to +50 C, none who is common in nature. But the special thing about water is that ice floats. Googled this and found that heavy water ice sink in heavy water, guess water with one hydrogen and one deuterium atoms floats else it would be easy to separate them and this might even happen naturally in very calm water like an iced over pond. Is it other materials who float in their own liquid?
  16. I know they have flooded magazines on warships because of fire and believe people has drowned because of this. But an magazine fire is kind of an extreme example. Now I assume the an base would be multiple modules connected with corridors fire would not get trough that without blowing it unless build badly, now smoke would get trough if open.
  17. Sorry fire there is very bad and more lethal than in Antarctica as you can not go outside easy. YNM sums it up nicely. However fire will not spread easy as it goes out then it burn a hole in an module so you don't need to separate things much.
  18. Lots of solid thing floats for some time, its how you get sand from Sahara ending up in the alps and volcanic clouds after all. I guess the air has to be well colder than the freezing temperature. Snow making machines don't work at -1 centigrade but prefer cold dry air. As you say it need to form crystals then condensing. Only water do this on earth, however I can imagine you might get co2 snow on Mars or at least could if the atmosphere was thicker.
  19. This, now fire is less of an problem on Mars and you want more interconnect as you don't want to done an space suit to go to the next building, however the landing pad will be far away and you will had earth walls between. My guess is that they land far away and you have some huge truck move starship to its launch pad where it can be fueled. Yes we will get an mars base like above, not an city as it makes no sense. I say an city in earth orbit make lots more sense as it has so many more uses. All from building and servicing orbital infrastructure, an manufacturing hub and an tourist
  20. Tomatoes and lectures are invasive species and the ones who would be most popular to grow in an greenhouse as they work best fresh, they would also have some problem surviving in the wild Yes you will get bacteria in the soil who might cause problems. Noe would bother with potatoes as they store well and flying them in is way cheaper. Now sledge dogs is banned for an very good reason, at some point some idiot would bring an breading pair who ran away, they could probably survive the winter breed and eat well on the penguin colonies. Only way to wipe them out would be with an militar
  21. Legs are slower, uses more power and is much less reliable than legs and even tracks. Benefit is that they handle rough terrain better. Robots are also not very agile negating lots of the benefits with legs, an cat has no problem with stairs but try to make an robot even with legs who handle something almost as tall as it.
  22. Now that is an benefit of landing on Mars or other hostiles beaches
  23. Final countdown was the last song played at clubs or the last before bar closed back then I was an student. So its kind of sad song
  24. Yes I messed up a bit and then the question was, how much aerobraking could you get. Impossible without KAS as I had to modify the craft to keep ship stable at +8 g drag but they was designed for 4g. Now with KAS you could move stuff around and reduce the drag in an simulation, then the kerbals had to repeat it at the craft.
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