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  1. Kerthane at least was an resource you could run out of back then I used it before we got in game resoures, now it would be hard to run out of Kerthane on say the Mun but you would need an movable miner as the fields would run dry like oil fields. But Kerthane used an different system and the in stock resources will not run out Who makes some sense then you consider the scales, even if you build huge fleets in KSP its still small scale compared to the oil in oilfields as an example.
  2. Where did you get these models as in who mod?
  3. Interesting point who I have not noticed. Now realistically not only the radiation shielding but anything metal will block radio waves so to communicate back to base you would need to get around all the metal. So the KSP standard of slapping on an antenna at an protected spot is not realistic but you don't need high bandwidth most of the time.
  4. This is relevant as the mission control kerbals will still be around after hundreds of years. I guess KSP 2 kerbals will not die of old age, this will have you inspect the age on crews for long missions like interstellar ones to avoid them dying before reaching the target, it adds annoying game play elements . If they want some way to kill of colonists for some reason use stupidity, no drinking monopropleant does not let you skip using space suits on eva.
  5. Googled beryllium and it looks like an good material light, thermal stable and stiff. Its common for fast moving optics like seekers. Now it has an 4-3-3 on the fire safety diamond giving it an impressive 10 who is one less than Hydrazine
  6. Totally agree, keep it simple, an park who fits well with green houses, education and training level up kids faster, then entertainment and shopping so an mall module this will however take kerbals to run so don't want it before you have an decent sized colony. Next perhaps an academy to train colonist into becoming astronauts faster or increase productivity. Here we have two effects education produce better kerbals and better living standard like good cabins for all, parks and entertainment increase happiness and productivity. Various facilities need kerbals to work with advanced or upgraded being more efficient but more expensive / harder to build.
  7. No, in real world you can get far over 100 g with solid fuel. This is in missiles, +10 g with liquid is not an issue either. Purpose of touch drives is to have high trust over hours not seconds. Its no real reason to go above 1 g here outside of warships and some edge cases like Pulse nuclear Orion also want high g burns as higher burst nukes are more effective for their weight or high g suicide burn landing on high g airless planets.
  8. Pull over no it will try to run away. Its an rumor that Tesla uses an heavy modded GTA 5 as part of their AI training and we know some stuff carry over. The PIT would be extremely effective on old real wheel driven cars before traction control, more so it the target was flooring it who is likely in an car chase. Old rear wheel drive cars tended to flip around a lot then you get ice on the road, ran into it a lot but once on an straight road driving at 80 km/h. But the Tesla would be an hard car to do this on, its heavy and is very smart. I assume the traction control would brake rear wheels if this happens to increase drag on the real wheels, increase power to the front wheels would help, not something an standard traction control would o as it could get you into more problems but could easy see an Tesla AI doing that.
  9. That is an excellent point. The habitat population expands but you have some time adding living space for the new kerbal colonists. Now this imply some happiness metric as in you want cabins for everyone but you can sleep in an corridor or hot bunk in an pinch but this will reduce productivity. Who brings up the city builder meta there an larger and more advanced population want more features who is pretty realistic but is more organic in real life but an space colony is an company town.
  10. Danny2462 would be the perfect beta tester for KSP 2. He has an special skill in finding bugs or at least exploiting them. He also put out funny videos like doors and playing fall guys in KSP. Now much of the stuff he do has little impact on gameplay and you can easy cheat in KSP anyway and it does not matter as its an single player game, even multiplayer in KSP will be coop, not that players will not fight each others. Stuff like docking port reaction less drives are something you has to go out and exploit and can be used as an alternative universe where reactionless drives worked or 10 days to Eve. Not that you can not do that in stock game either with an LV-N asparagus throwing an probe.
  11. One tricks is to bring an ladder segment you place, hang onto and then construct, take it with you then done. Now as the build in construction has longer reach than KIS construction they are still an useful tool.
  12. Has they used reactors on manned crafts? Most hard sci-fi ships and real concept art using nuclear tend to have the reactor or nuclear engines on an long boom with crew compartment in the front.
  13. Agree, if ulrawide could be used both as 3 screens for productivity and plenty of gaming. but then changed to an wide monitor for more serious use it would be awesome. Also relevant for laptops then you plug in the second screen or an dock with an serious card connected to that screen. Added bonuses its easier to place or wall mount than 2-3 monitors. And unlike TV who is supposed to be viewable from an range of angles from an distance monitors are for close up and single use so curved displays makes sense. Not sure if this has improved or not and not spending $2K to check it out.
  14. Probably now add an servo motor to it, might even have an gear box for more accuracy but making it even slower. Part of the reason why its slow is because its purpose is to bend the glass an fraction of an wavelength and you do not want this to break the mirror if one of them stops for an reason.
  15. there is something wrong with our bloody ships today. Well Minmus express who run the LKO-Mun-Minmus-out of kerbin SOI- LKO run lost half her drag plate / landing structure in orbit around the Mun, ship has done more than 5 of these trips before making this very weird. Had it broke during an landing it would not surprised me but during zero-g and warp? Has to use an enginer to jurry rig the landing platform for Minmus landing, will then need to replace the ship.
  16. The N1 used 4 locomotives http://www.starbase1.co.uk/vlcsnap7835325b.jpg it looks like they moved the locomotives to the rear before raising it http://www.starbase1.co.uk/pages/n1-launch-site.html now I believed the falcon 9 ejector/ launcher was internally powered probably by an cable as it just has to travel couple of hundred meters.
  17. No you do not, have an small rocket or space plane with an engineer, have an disposable strut like an long H beam you carry into orbit and then attach to the nose or tail, you must attach this to an docking port or decopler. As other say have an ladder for the engineer. Intercept all the junk and attach it it to the H beam. Do an deorbit burn and decouple the beam then land. Now as you has an space station, you could make an RCS tug. 1.25 m mono prop tank. an 1.25 m storage container. two puff engines on this, an tail with .625 m probe, reaction wheel and battery, probably an .65 monoprop tank for length. small docking port, an medium docking port in front. 4 small rcs in front and end of tail. 1-2 rover seats on the tail, add an ladder for eva work, small solar panels and put down 2-4 Cubic Octagonal Strut to easy mount stuff onto the craft. Very useful for stuff like adding new modules to the station, rescuing kerbals in lko and repair or salvage missions. Lots of the stuff on your list is useful, if junk just drop Pe to 30 km, drop stuff and circulate Keybind turning on and off the puff engines and the rcs so they don't fire moving the station. In deep space its no junk only resources, this get exponential true who farther you get from Kerbin.
  18. A bit related the initial breakthrough starshot mission planned to bounche the laser between the probe and the base station increasing the efficiency many times. looks like they has dropped this, however I imagine this would be much better used on an larger probe with an much larger mirror with probe level acceleration say 3% of an g for an cube sat payload rather than 50.000 g for an wafer.
  19. Yes, planes is an good point, people had started to understand how to fly an plane it just lacked an engine but had it not been for the glide flight pioneers it would taken longer. And its obviously exceptions to the rule. A lot of is how an new invention requires another technology to exist for it to be practical.
  20. Harder to see the ulage on the falcon 9, probably as they uses cold gas while Saturn 5 used SRB You see the thrusters on first stage for rotate to burn back but on second stage it mixes with the second stage startup. who also went before firing. They obviously do, during the spachdown the will get more data on how the stage behave while coming to an stop. We know they use simulations to train Tesla autopilot including scenarios who will end in a crash. We do not know it this simulation is based on an modded GTA5 until an Tesla autopilot will try to run from the police
  21. Steam engine time that is from discworld is it not? And yes to steam engines the problem was precision and metallurgy. Its not random chance that guns kept getting better at the same time. For other technology marked is often the limiting factor. TV is an niche marked, yes its useful for guiding missiles and you can use it to watch stuff from far away so it can be used for surveillance at dangerous places like prisons. And yes lots of infrastructure heavy projects has the same issues.
  22. Lasers don' brrr Assume they are the next big thing for air combat. First two uses is probably return of the defensive armament on large planes, who can take an multiple ton system, down the line know the F-35 has an upgrade path replacing the gun with an laser. On the other hand you can make machine cannon shells smart
  23. This looks like an primitive mechanical over pressure suit or an full body corset including lacing. It should work but your mobility is in an full body corset so is the time to getting it on and off. Inflated suits is more practical. Now mechanical over pressure makes lots of sense for gloves who is the main issue with eva.
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