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  1. This is one I'd also love to see discussed! If it's been in development as long as I suspect it has, though, I doubt it - ECS only came out less than a year ago. That said, as long as they're not needing to be concerned with backwards compatibility, it might not be too big a job to change parts of it (e.g. all the ship parts) to use ECS and take advantage of that performance bump. That would be exciting!
  2. No, they're making a clean break. If they supported backwards compatibility they wouldn't be able to do half the new stuff they're planning.
  3. The announcement post mentions a pair of binary planets, so there's SOME level of upgrades from the current system. I'd be surprised if it was true N-body, but I'm not gonna rule out being surprised.
  4. I have a feature to add to this: Undo. If you have dragged it too far in one direction, or dragged it until you realized it was the wrong direction to drag it, you can undo.
  5. I disagree. If this function is available on every part, it doesn't even need a "label and button" like standard actions - it could be just a tiny button with a little eyeball icon in the corner of the context menu. (Since it's a non-destructive action it doesn't need to be labeled - it's safe for users to discover it by trial and error) In fact, I would say that limiting it to certain parts would dramatically reduce clarity, in addition to utility. The probe cores and cockpits already have a lot of options, and another "text and button" option would simply get lost in the list.
  6. The problem is that forces can still translate and feed-back through the docking ports, and that's what prevent them from being on different cores. For example, imagine you have a big space station, and a tiny capsule, connected to the station by a docking port. Now, take another ship, and ram the tiny capsule. The physics engine must not only calculate how hard the capsule pushes back against your ramming ship, it has to calculate how hard the entire station pushes back. The mass of the station, not to mention how it's configured, all factor into the "pushing back" factor - if said docki
  7. Maybe you get upgrades to the Tracking Station not by just spending money on them, but by getting X number of GPS satellites in orbit?
  8. I'd like to see the bug report on that one. Expected behavior: house remains intact. Observed behavior: house is on fire. Priority: Medium
  9. Well, it would be if you could see the number without having to keep your mouse over the thing. (This seems to be one of the interface quirks that's getting retooled for 1.1, FWIW) MAYBE if you have an extremely high-ranked Pilot (like 4-5 stars), AND have docked before a certain number of times. But having an auto-docker that newbies can use instead of learning how to dock would remove one of the most satisfying challenges from the game. (Go check out the KSP subreddit sometime, and see how many of the posts are "This isn't much, but I just docked two things and I'm SO PROUD". A widel
  10. I would probably put up BitTorrent links.
  11. Rockets? I got nothing. But KSP is far more than just rockets: Solar panels. The foil on the LEM. The skin of the Command Module, as posted earlier in the thread. Spacesuit helmets. Windows on every module and capsule.
  12. Right now, KSP is still using the older shaders/materials, and probably will for a while. Unity 5 introduces new Physically Based Rendering materials, which have "shininess" builtin - you could literally write a slider to make a part more matte-finished and less shiny, and vice versa. With reflection probes*, these would properly reflect the world around them, at least in terms of planets and the cosmos. (self-reflection is still a pipe dream for realtime graphics) Even better, even matte-finish parts would benefit - they would reflect Jool's green or Duna's red without the need for a PlanetSh
  13. #3 and #4: Wheels have been overhauled for the upcoming 1.1 - wait for that, then revisit. That said, jwbrase is correct, and "broken wheel" can cause some serious trouble if it happens while moving. There's a reason that IRL autonomous rovers on other worlds max out at around 0.1 mph. Exploration in KSP is largely about the challenge of getting there and back, and aside from the little ones, every planet is wildly different on that front.
  14. I am assuming most of the people in this thread have never seen the Delta IV Heavy.
  15. I think a visual marker in the main camera view makes a lot more sense than anything you could possibly put on the navball.
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