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  1. This website has a bunch of equations you are going to need
  2. The KSP API Wiki is back! With huge thanks o @micha for providing hosting. The new URL is
  3. What are the kerbal XP values for visiting all the planets and Moons? It looks like it might be derived from some of the science values but I haven't quite worked out how.
  4. In case anyone has a similar experience and finds this in the future, At the bottom of the career log it says that Local Kerman died. As this was blatantly untrue, I can see him walking and everything, I simply deleted those lines and reloaded and hey presto he regained his experience.
  5. No where in particular, but the impression I have got is that the DLC is all about creating scenarios and quests.
  6. From what I've understood from the dev updates this does sound like something that the making history DLC will make a lot easier.
  7. [1.3] KerbalStats v3.0.2

    Thank you for spotting that. She definitely didn't die, and was able to do an EVA at eve immediately afterwards without having to re spawn and travel to eve again. I don't have re-spawning on anyway so I have no idea of why it would record that. I guess it could be KSPI-E that does regularly tell me on load that a ship has exploded due to an antimatter containment issue, only for the ship to be loaded safe and sound anyway. I have no problem with editing the save file to remove the spurious deaths.
  8. [1.3] KerbalStats v3.0.2

    Hi, I'm having a kerbal experience problem, I'm not at all sure what is causing it but this might be one possibility. Many of my kerbals don't have the right number of stars. For example Valentina is showing up in the astronaut complex as 1 star. on mouse over her log reads "fly by the sun + orbit kerbin". However I know she has done much more, and in the persistence file I can see many more acheivements listed Do you have any idea what is going on?
  9. The hosting it was running on was discontinued and replaced by the vendor with a new hosting solution, which just doesn't work, with no log files and no way to debug it. They have some ongoing isuues that might explain it but they have been open for a month and a half. Anyone know of anywhere I can host a java application and mongo database? That won't go away in a year.
  10. I'm in the VAB trying to build a ship using the plasma beam antimatter reactor, the charged particle electricity converter, and a magnetic nozzle. When thrusting at full power I expect that the reactor has a maximum output of 500GW, of which 95% is charged particles leaving 25GW of heat to be radiated. However in the VAB in helper window suggests that I am producing 1000GW of heat, over twice the max power of the reactor and in orbit, powering the nozzle the reactor does shut down due to overheating almost immediately. Am I misunderstanding something? EDIT: Ok, so my reactor is upgraded to 1000Gw total power so at least the total heat isn't greater than the reactor power. However I still don't understand why most of that power isn't in the form of charged particles being fired out the nozzle.
  11. You would probably be better of using module manager to create a copy of the BDArmoury dome that has the antenna module on it and has the radar module removed.
  12. Have you ever managed to do any Station Science experiment? The usual procedure would be to click on the experiment and choose start, then right click both the regular and zoology labs and click start research. Then when the experiment is completed click finalize results on the experiment before returning the experiment pod to Kerbin. Is this from a different mod? I don't recognise the name.
  13. I think the idea is that when it is empty it would be so light that it would have a pretty easy re-entry, bot needing any of the heat resistant tiles that made the shuttle so difficult to refurbish.
  14. The shockwave compression is going to pretty extreme, I would expect a significant amount of fusion to be taking place in the compression zone. Does anyone have an idea of how much energy that would release relative to the kinetic energy of the impact?
  15. I'm having a problem with my kerbals' experience. This is Local This (spoiler) is his flight log from my persistence file By my calculations he should be a 4 star scientist. When he started his current journey he was displayed as at least 3 stars. For some reason the game has decided that he now has 0 experience as a scientist. Crucially he cant reset experiments. I have "kerbals level up immediately" selected in the options and I also have a pretty long list of mods installed. Local isn't alone in not having the experience stars that I expect, most of my kerbals are different from what I would expect. Possible suspects include Kerbal Stats - It does something to do with kerbals stas but I'm not ure what, it is a dependency of something else? Kopernicus /OPM - does OPM change the XP multipliers associated with the existing planets? All of my kerbals XP seem a little off. USI/MKS - does some experience related things I'm looking to find out what is causing it and how to fix it. I would also be interested in any cheat type way of giving Local the experience he needs to reset experiments and complete his mission.