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  1. Camera system for Mariner 4

    From the images on the Wikipedia page it looks like different images were taken with different filters and where they overlap they can be combined to create some colour.
  2. RCS Build Aid Continued

    Thanks for picking up yet another essential mod. This was a request I put in a while ago for the original version, but after m4v had stopped actively developing. Would it be possible to add a total buoyancy figure and a center of buoyancy indicator to RCS build aid? I would like to build submarines but making something that sinks and maintains a stable attitude under water is tough without more information.
  3. I was about to write out a full explanation, but then I remembered that my very first post on this site was a thread explaining how to calculate interplanetary delta-v. I probably shouldn't have picked Moho for my example though as its' inclination and eccentricity mean that it is quite a bit more expensive than this naive method predicts. It works well for everywhere else though.
  4. Beginner stacking target

    Only a pretty basic tripod I'm afraid
  5. For the first time in years in somewhere with clear dark skies, my DSLR, and not on a rocking boat. I would like to play with stacking. I have a 10.5 lens, a 70 and a 105 and I'm in France What do you think I should try photographing?
  6. Ahh the hosting has been threatening to go away for a while and I haven't yet got the replacement to work yet, and if course this happens on the day I leave for a holiday. I have a backup of the database and docuwiki will return shortly after I get home in a week. Sorry everyone
  7. Everyday Space Drives

    Out at GEO the earths shadow only subtends an angle of 16.8 degrees. by splitting your burn either side of the darkness you can get pretty close. Of course from out there you aren't getting the hohmann effect but a high enough ISP could make up for that. I recon you will need more than for a direct transfer from low orbit, the ejection burn is 1500 less from geo but you need 2500 to circularise at GEO. Also when you are capturing at a superior planet for a prograde orbit you are going to be capturing on the sunny side. At the ap of your transfer you are going slower than your target so falling into it's SOI from in front so the prograde orbit is going to have it's pe a little after the noon-point on the planet. I don't know about the performance of solar thermal propulsion but Dawn ,that had to do slow spirals, had about 80 micro-gs of acceleration. If MatterBeam is looking at milligs that is a pretty significant difference.
  8. version on github should fix that
  9. I haven't tested it recently, but it certainly used to work. I'll give it a try myself.
  10. Impact is updated to support internationalization. the only language available right now is English but if anyone provides translations I will include them in future releases. It also includes code that should fix an error message from the start up logs and a situation in which subsequent smaller impacts could overwrite previous ones.
  11. Addon Localization Home

    Impact is now ready for Localization I will accept any language but I'm mostly after the 3 standard non-english ones The English version of the localization is here It's 92 lines long
  12. It was announced by Squad a few months ago but doesn't yet have a release date. As far as I can tell it allows a creator to set up a scenario and missions for the player.
  13. Other than setting mod lists this does sound like what I think the making history expansion is all about.
  14. That isn't even remotely n-body physics which this thread is about.