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  1. Hi, I have been planing on updating RSR for months now, but I'm so very busy so i guess it's not gonna happen. There fore I'm letting linuxgurugamer adopt all my mods. I'm changing licenses to which ever lets him modify and redistribute them. I hope one day I'll have time do some more KSP modding. Until then: Happy Launchings!
  2. So,let me explain: got a new job few months ago, often working overtime, so much less time for KSP and RSR. Still, I managed to do some work on this mod and this is the product: The Pride of Kerbin. I decided that the textures are too similar and repetitive, so i painted a lot of parts. And i don't mean just retextured them, but painted them in different colors! Of course the paint is worn and scratched. I was dissatisfied with wings, so i remodeled and retextured most of them, they are much RSRier now, i think. Probably added a few new parts, can't remember. That's it for now, as always screens and feedback are much appreciated! P.S. my new job is in the factory, it is physically demanding, but i have access to a lot of heavy machinery, so it is a great inspiration for RSR. Let me tell you, the textures on those things are awesome
  3. Specially liked the footage of 2nd stage separation and 1st stage flipping back!
  4. Thanks, got it now, and it is fixed. If you don't want to wait for the update, you can fix it yourself: open .cfg file of the problematic part ( e.g. GameData ->RustyStarRockets ->Command ->RSR_SubCP), find ModuleScienceContainer, and change line storageRange = 1.3 to storageRange = 3
  5. I hope it's nothing serious, mate. Anyway, I'll upload it when i'm done with few other things, so you'll have to put up with those nasty effects for few more days. I'm thinking about remaking all wings actually, was never satisfied with them. Of course, i'll make sure that it doesn't break existing vessels, they will be almost the same, just better
  6. Thanks for feedback and bug reports. About "Take Data" problem, not sure I understand what is going on, I'll try to reproduce it and see what is the problem. Lights are fixed, They were not too bright, I just had to set them in Unity to ignore scaled scenery. They work fine now. Flaring effects... they were caused by winglets, have no idea why. Looked into unity setup and cfg. files, everything seemed fine. I was even thinking of calling it a feature, not a bug, e.g. rust flakes falling off. Anyway, I built all winglets from scratch, now they work fine. In the process i made one new type of winglet.
  7. I did retexture the claw, didn't I? As for procedural parts, all i made is texture pack, so if Procedural parts mod is working, my textures should work too. I do not use that mod so I really don't know.
  8. Upload just finished, you can download it now.
  9. Well, it's not completely finished yet, ladders refuse to work for some reason, but i'll upload it now, just for you Also no custom interior, using interior of one of my pods for now. There is a little surprise in the landing section too I had fun making this building, so i'll probably make couple more, one for Duna, and one for Jool system. Also, I changed Mk2 command pod model a bit, so you may have to adjust your sharks.
  10. I don't know of any way to do that... BUT! I made this little thing, it's a command pod part, you can select it in VAB and even attach other things to it and than place it anywhere with Hyperedit mod.
  11. Yeah, I never understood why they decided that little green man on the planet far far away must make rocket parts that look like NASA rockets...
  12. LOL, those sharks are crazy. Fortunately I have Shark Eliminator : Btw, watched your stream, most of the parts you used are the ones i did least work on, eg. mk2 parts and spherical tanks. I am working on them now, will upload 1.7.1 in couple of days.
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