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  1. Thank you, sir. Took a new build ship to do the trick but I have now almost moved the darn big rock into minmus orbit. I'm steering well clear of "capture class E rock" missions from now.
  2. Accepted a contract to capture "a new Class E asteroid" into Kerbin orbit. Accepted a contract to put a class E asteroid into minmus orbit (more money for the same old rock, right? RIGHT?). I did not know that class E asteroids can mass over 3100 tons. My capture vehicle had over 10k deltaV until it grabbed the rock, then it had 16. Back to the drawing board.
  3. MissingFieldException: Field '.TemperatureGagueSystem.showGagues' not found. seems to be caused by KerbalKatz's disable tempgagues mod. took me a while to find it when the clue was right there in the name.
  4. MissingFieldException: Field '.TemperatureGagueSystem.showGagues' not found. seems to be caused by kerbokatz's DisableTempGagues small utiities.
  5. starting tech is indeed called "start" OK in my version , i changed all the TechRequired to flightcontrol , same for unlockTech If you want the AR202 available from the start find all entryCost and set them to 0. all Techrequired and unlockTech to start. Should work.
  6. mechjeb2\parts\\MechJeb2_AR202\part.cfg Locate and replace unlockTechs = SOMETHING with unlockTechs = flightcontrol, as below. Go to end of the cfg file, Find TechRequired = replace the required tech with flightcontrol This should give you full functioning mechjeb ar202 part when you have researched flight control tech.
  7. Backup everything before carrying out a process on it (like adding music or resampling) Proper planning prevents painful poor performance. Or something.
  8. There are several treaties prohibiting the dumping of nuclear waste at sea which would eliminate the geological subduction plan as well as the deep ocean dump. Same applies to firing the stuff into space. Due to the statistically insignificant threat of terrorists hijacking a shipment of the stuff and more significant threat of a traffic accident, transportation is a problem so why not bury it next to the reactor. What could possibly go wrong? Aside from some sort of china syndrome thingy?
  9. The trouble with omnipotent entities is that they can make whatever they want happen. Including a universe in which an apparently self aware / sentient entity requests proof of their existence. There is nothing a "god" could do that would promote faith in me. If an all powerful entity craves validation, it can go proselytize some ants or something. If you can explain to me why a god would want my belief that would be nice. There's actually nothing that the god could do or say which would convince me it had created the universe, even if it allowed me to witness the entirety of the universe from creation to whenever it could still be a demon playing with my brain in a jar.
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeno%27s_paradoxes#Achilles_and_the_tortoise
  11. See soylent green Other than their potential use as weapons, not sure why not. Perhaps not through law, persuasion and a mandatory temporary birth control implant though...
  12. Make sure it doesn't hit the homeworld? Put it in orbit and send Jeb up to take a sample and make asteroid sand castles?
  13. 6 minutes 40 seconds in. http://www.ted.com/talks/edith_widder_how_we_found_the_giant_squid
  14. A long time ago, in a seat a short distance away I read about proposals for a hockey puck sized probe to fly to alpha-centauri. The proposed shield for its interstellar journey was a globe of charged plasma held in place with a magnetic field. Not sure the plasma would be dense enough for really high energy impacts but the plan was to get this thing up to 10% c. It was all very hand wavey. Some sort of multilayer laminate of paraffin and lead would probably catch most of the high energy stuff, fronted by an impactor catching wipple shield made of titanium or Kevlar to deal with any pesky micrometeors would provide a solid state solution without any need for energy input. Bearing in mind that real hard data on the interstellar medium is kinda sparse there is no way to know how much shielding you would need, so best load up for the worst possible case.
  15. Try zooming out your view in the tracking station to about three or four times the orbital radius of Minmus and some should show up.