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  1. Thanks Jandor for posting these scripts. They are very useful for getting me started. I look forward to possible seeing more code snippets. I'd also be interested in any links toy useful resources you've found. So far I've found: Reusable Launch System Scripts Reddit Universal Script Orbital Mechanics Related: Orbital Mechanics Basics
  2. The problem is not with the reuseable system. It works perfectly. It's with problems such as modules attached to kas winches disappearing. Crash to desktop on removing kas connection ports. And most importantly FAR aerodynamics breaking I.e. It stops calculating to forces on the aircraft making it completely unflyable - it just spins out of control.... If after fighting through KAS bugs (I've kind of worked out exactly what to do to avoid some of the crashes.) I the. Am faced with an aircraft that can no longer fly. So I have to respawn the aircraft with payload attached exactly as I'd done it with KAS everything is fine. But it just seems like a futile waste of effort bring and aircraft back, refuel, load cargo, recover aircraft with cargo, make new one in SPH fly mission, repeat. I've flown 4 modules up now and every time I've had to recover the aircraft and make it again due the FAR bug, and usually I've had to load the cargo twice due to crash to desktop during the loading the cargo.... If it went for all the bugs I'd have finished by now. I'm pleased with my reusable system, but disappointed it's not really reusable due to game bugs :-( I'm going to finish building the station but don't really feel it will qualify as an entry due to the above. Edit: in summary avoid using KAS FAR combination whilst doing this challenge.
  3. I have stopped my attempt at this challenge - theres just so many bugs. Things attached to KAS winches disappear, random oscillations on the KAS payload and FAR suddenly stops calculating the forces on the aircraft.
  4. I've Started this challenge using my B9-FAR VTOL SSTO the "Firefly" Here is a screen shot of the Firefly with the crew transfer shuttle (if its allowed) the "Morgan", Several trucks loaded with the station module payloads to be taken into orbit, the crane and the fuel truck. Imgur Album of the filght After docking the next payload into the Firefly the game crashed whilst removing the KAS attachment points (I think it was because i grabbed one whilst also having a cable attached to the kerbal. After reloading the game I was presented with this: Payload gone along with the mission impossible kerbal Oh well, I'll refuel the craft and respawn the payload tomorrow Great challenge by the way - something I've not done before in KSP. Though this isnt going to be a high scoring one - im going for the elusive style points for a VTOL SSTO and ISS inspired station instead :-)
  5. I use unity… once I've finished this project I'll be using Unreal, its down to games engine quality and licensing terms/price - unreal wins on both. I hope they migrate KSP into Unreal, though maybe thats an idea for KSP2.
  6. Thanks for the link. That was a really interesting read. I'm going to go back to my Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy designs and check the masses and mass ratios against those in that thread. I wonder how these rockets stack up against those figures. And the Raptor engine, I did look into that for some reason the significance of it did click with me until just now.. On the Falcon X and above I'm going to change out the space shuttle engines for a Methane engine. I'm also going yo need to work on the textures... Get them to look like real spaceX rockets Ooo and resize a sort out the stats for cbbp dragon capsule. So much to do - still not done anything other than launch rockets in RSS. @Woopert: It looks awesome especially the Orion Capsule setup in the last screenshot.
  7. 5000tn...... I'm stunned! Anyway, Here are my SpaceX Launchers I've made The Falcon 9 is matches the real thing almost exactly The Falcon Heavy matches what were told it will be - falcon 9 center with to cross-feeding falcon 9 first stages. However, I can only get about 35tn into orbit, a far cry from the 53tn SpaceX has announced The Falcon X and X Heavy use Saturn V F1 Engines as that is the closet engine available that matches the expected Merlin 2 Engine Specs and the space shuttle engine in space of the the Merlin 2 vacum - both put a slightly higher payload into orbit than expected - 40tn (38tn) and 134tn (125tn) respectively The Falcon XX uses the same engines as the Flacon X and delivers a slightly large payload compared to the expected amount 150tn (140tn) Craft Files Note has some re-sized KW Fairing cfgs for 6m expanded fairing and 10m fairing
  8. First 1000tn to Orbit proof of concept launcher! More details, refinements and cosmetics to follow later White Bit on top is 1001tn Payload with the 4m Mk1-2 Command Pod at the very tip. Orange Tank Radius 15m - 17 Space Shuttle Engines White Tank Radius 35m - 9 Saturn V engine Clusters
  9. Some real nice launchers here. After hearing the rumors of a 1000tn to orbit rocket. I've been having a go myself this evening. I think I've finally worked out how to do it - Very large radius tanks. So far I have a 500tn to orbit launcher, if instead of only having a huge bottom stage I have a second stage of similar radius I think I can get 1000tn up easily. But just why??
  10. Yep, you guessed it, just having fun. No need worry I've finished with making VTOLs for now
  11. FAR doesn't really increase the load on your machine. It tends to be part mods that I've found cause issues. It does make designing stable aircraft a lot more difficult though (until you get the nack of it) As for fairness my be have separate scores for FAR and Stock Aero. I personally just like seeing other peoples approaches to challenges.
  12. Simply put I achieved the Harrier Distinction at about 30km by switching to rockets (jet power runs out for me at about 1700m/s) and burning just as if I was doing an insertion to obit burn. However, I control the AoA of the aircraft to ensure the apoapsis (or however you spell it) stays below 40km. It is pretty trivial if you can get your aircraft into orbit - All my SSTO's finish there burns well below 40km, so really its just a question of keeping your nosedown whilst burning. I'll post the craft file if you'd like to give it a go. Remember I'm using FAR...
  13. Doh! I'll have to check these can do that. Reading fail....
  14. After many, many iterations! I present V-STS-C-Firefly (VTOL Space Transport System - Cargo). It is a confirmed Pogo stick winner capable of achieving all the tasks with only minor modification. The main one being swapping out Jet VTOL engines for Rocket VTOL engines for the MLRV award and an addition of an internal tank for the Moller Distinction. Drop tanks seen in some of the following pictures are there to balance out the internal payloads.