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  1. They're working on manned scenarios now, there are survival aspects and I don't honestly know how fleshed out it is beacuse it's pretty janky (daily dev build). Looks to be fun though.
  2. Persistent or not, I'd be all for this kind of exploration in KSP - right now you have to play Take on Mars to do it And I'm not sure but I think ToM might be doing it procedurally too, if there are rocks, you can probably do something with them, lots of stuff to do (even if it does get boring after a while).
  3. I did a simple test, I'm not much of a pilot but but this was simple enough to do. Basic rocket, first stage 2x FL-T800 on an LV-T30, second one FL-T800 also on an LV-T30. Mk1 pod and some canards and away we go! (Slowly though, TWR at takeoff is 1.27) First launch: straight up to 10km, turn to 45° and reach an apo of 80km. The whole turning at 10km happened, but sloooowly, the craft did NOT want to turn. Final result, 3684dv spent getting to 80x80km orbit. Second launch: Go at full throttle, at 100m/s begin gravity turn. Went uneventfully to 80km apo and circularized. Used up 3439dV. Final
  4. There's a few prerequisites - the lab has to be crewed by two kerbals (preferably scientists to boost the science output, the higher level the better) and apparently a manned pod/probe core on the same craft. Next, you need data in the form of science experiments, if you run an experiment you should see another icon that tells you how much data it'll add to the lab, lab can hold a max of 500. After that, you just start research, it'll eat up electricity and slowly give you science. I think that's more or less it.
  5. Yup, plan is to make containers for TAC LS resources, some others too probably, radially attachable to a 8-way node for mixing it up.
  6. So by slapping a bunch of these on a central hub: Wedge with rails by ledenko on Sketchfab one could make a neat resupply ship
  7. Well, I decided I need a set of particular parts (containers) and since I couldn't find something that fits my ideas, I set out to make my own. After hours of whacking my head on the keyboard, I came up with.... A warped box! Wedge by ledenko on Sketchfab And since I either whacked a bit too much or too little, I messed up the WIP textures too! There will be lots more head whacking so things will change and improve (probably(possibly(hopefully))).
  8. Well, I launched a ship with the drive, saw I will not make circularization, so I activated the warp drive. Something scary happened in the blink of an eye and now I'm on a Kerbin escape trajectory. The problem is I can't activate the drive any more. The warp bubble effect will sometimes appear for what seems like one frame, but nothing happens. It's fully loaded with exotic matter, there's electricity and I've no idea what's going on Edit: never mind!
  9. "Uses exotic matter generated slowly via an on-board reactor."
  10. KW has been one of those staple mods for me, so thank you Kyle and Winston for creating this awesome collection of parts Completely/mostly off topic though, in the presentation video during the launch of Saturn-like, there's a shockwave effect going off, is that a stock effect? FAR? never mind, as winston said on youtube: "just something I painted in photoshop and slapped over the footage in premiere with a few movement, scale, rotation and opacity keyframes"
  11. You're more than welcome to edit the part to suit your needs, in fact, I encourage it! Feel free to share it with others as well, I'm hardly working on this, most I can promise is I can update first post with new parts/configs with full credit.
  12. Nope! If I do anything it's gonna be stuff made for fun when I have time, I'm so not gonna go at another module with an IVA, it's a pain the rear. Besides, ALCOR pod is awesome and I think FASA has an equally awesome LEM module.
  13. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27552313/LES2.ZIP Here's the LES with the bottom skirt corrected and a sideways thruster added. I was toying around with adding 8 RCS controlled thrusters (Orion LES style) but it seems there's a limit to how many RCS exhausts can be on a single part, so that idea went away. I also tried to give the side thruster a separate motor so it wouldn't be as powerful as the main thrusters, but that gave me a VAB icon bug, where the LES zoomed out of existance. It worked, but it seemed just a tad too buggy I don't know how to remove the staging icon though, so...
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