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  1. It's more fun than grinding science... Sending stuff to places you've been before anyway but limited by parts just to unlock them again? Or setting up bases and refueling there to be able to launch rockets again from a whole new launch site, giving you a whole new experience? Well for me anyway the later is the clear winner there.
  2. Not sure how good they are, but they're certainly a fun new toy to play around with. First time I tryed them I used a Probe, orange tank, cubic octagonal struts, air intakes and 8 Rapiers, all in 1 stage, and I ended up in a orbit between Duna and Dres... Then again you could do that before with intake spam. They are pretty cool to use on small and simply built SSTOs though.
  3. Well I'm quite glad that it was night during my first test launch in 0.22. The new lighting at KSC looks amazing: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=186489583
  4. I feel they take way too long though. I'm pretty sure it's just an artifact of the time where there was no parking brake and it never got changed. I don't see any benefit or logic behind it now.
  5. 1) Capsule into orbit and back again 2) Landing on Mun 3) Flying planes around Kerbin 4) Rover to Mun 5) Spaceplane to Laythe 6) Rover to Duna + small probe detached to go to Ike 7) Lander on Minmus 8) Satellite probes around Kerbin and it's moons 9) Satellite probes to Eeloo and Eve 10) Lander on Vall and Dres
  6. Ok, you really shouldn't turn off your firewall unless your router works as one for you. Just set the exception for and forward the ports Hamachi uses.
  7. I know you said those with ribbonless signatures, but my ego can't help it either. I guess most things seam obvious in it. The Vall Lander will return, I just want to wait for a launch window instead of time warping all the way. Havn't gotten much done at Eve. I just lobbed a leftover Duna probe stage at it because it had a bunch of fuel left.
  8. I have done that before but I didn't want to post the same thing that I posted in the screenshot thread. Just a few minutes ago though I landed another aircraft on Laythe, giving my Laythe outpost personell a way home in the future. It does have a lot more fuel than it really needs, it made it to Kerbin Orbit with 1200m/s ÃŽâ€V spare, but I just wanted to see how building a space plane around 1 orange tank goes, and I kinda liked the simple yet cool look of it. Here it is leaving Kerbin orbit, docked to the IPDS2, and my Vall Lander + it's spare fuel tank. Oh and yes it was quite fun docking this thing, squeezing in the plane between 4 orange fuel tanks with about half a meter on each side.
  9. Very interesting. I knew this game had issues with floating point precision errors but not to what extend and how many of them you fixed and how. Cool to get to understand some of the inner workings of this game. I see how having it's own engine would be useful, but yeah I'd imagine that would have taken an unimaginable long time, especially seeing how the dev team started small. Anyway I love the game the way it is, it's a lot of fun, and has a way of making me feel smart or dumb when something goes right or wrong more than any other game ever. Maybe some day we'll get KSP 2 64-bit with multiplayer.
  10. I usually launch a bunch of missions into orbit, then timewarp forwards looking for which phase angles look about right, then play with the maneuver nodes to see how close I am to being able to do a Hohmann transfer. I try not to imagine how bored my Kerbals in orbit must be.
  11. That would be Jool, mostly for how useful it is. Aerobraking at Jool gives you so many places to go to. It's also quite pretty to look at during the night on Laythe.
  12. And I thought I'm a structual panel addict. These are awesome, very nice job.
  13. The recently arrived Utility Truck reverses in to dock with the mobile Laythe Outpost To then head towards the flatter first Laythe Landing site. Just slightly more than a kilometre away from their target they discover something curious (shiny). They believe it may be a minor part that has broken off the spaceplane during the last visit. However as Danster Kerman approaches the shiny object, it disappears. Slightly confused they drive on only to notice the object starting to glow again as they depart. Danster approaches it again making sure he wasn't just casting a shadow on a broken off mirror. But the glow stops again, and he can't find anything on the ground. He wonders if he may have found a glowly lifeform, hiding in the ground of Laythe! (No seriously has anyone found something like that on Laythe before? It looks like a lensflare right on the ground. No it's not debris. And no it's not the sun or another planet shining through the ground, since it sits right on the ground when I rotate my camera around it. But if I walk up to it, it just disappears. Could just be a lighting glitch, or a clever way of using the behaviour of lensflares to make an easter egg. Space fire flies! Laythe even looks like the planet in Stargate Universe that had space fireflies on it... I know there is white spots in the distance on the ground of Laythe everywhere, but those are just the far pixelated versions of the ground scatter rocks as far as I could tell. Maybe a few of them are this instead. Maybe it's not an intentinal easter egg, but finding something unexpected is always fun, even if you need a bit of an imagination. )
  14. I don't think it's reversed. I'm pretty sure Bill is the stupid one, Bob is the cowardly but smart one. It says the same on their background story on the wiki. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Crew
  15. First and currently only visted moon in the Jool system is Laythe. I wanted to give space planes a go outside of Kerbin and it seams like the perfect place. I did go to Laythe twice, but not sure what is up next. Perhaps I can set up a few satellites around the other moons.
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