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  1. Is anyone going to the open day at ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk? I'm going and I read in the devnotes that Kasper will be there too. Might be nice to meet some fellow KSP-ers. Unfortunately, the tickets are all sold out. Of course I should have asked this a bit earlier..
  2. Ah yes, interesting, I see the Contract Configurator mod has a Contract Pack: Mission Based R&D config file that does make the techtree unlock based on missions in stead of science points. I'll give it a try! Though the way I described it, you wouldn't even need to finish missions to unlock the tech-tree. I would prefer the tech-tree to unfold automatically, depending on what rockets/planes/rovers you launch, what parts you use and what you do with them. Though I guess you could get specific missions to test new parts or do specific things with existing parts. Like testing what the maximum impact velocity is for a part to survive...
  3. Yes exactly, I would like something more than just changing the progression. In the current system, after getting more science points, you can choose what new parts you would like to unlock. This gives a nice incentive to discover new bodies, but it is not logical. I would like an inverse approach. I want the unlocking of new parts to be based on my current use of the parts and the problems I run into with the current parts. This is how actual engineering is done in real life - you hit a problem, so you engineer a solution. This would also make the whole tech-tree super-logical and intuitive - what you use is what you get. Using many planes gives you better plane parts, using many Kerbals gives you bigger capsules, making high delta-V rockets gives you more efficient engines, etc. Also I think the tech tree should have a branch for every individual part in the game. Also, Are there mods that have like a real proper story-mode perhaps? Would be awesome to play as Jebediah getting himself in al kinds of trouble! He/you would start as a simple technician, buildling simple rockets, flying them, getting problems, getting better, becoming the head of the Space Program, going to new frontiers and finally discovering the purpace of the solar system...
  4. Are there alternative mods that change the career mode? So other than "Better Than Starting Manned"? I have an idea of how I would like it to work, but I don't think it exists (yet). I would like a mod that distinguishes between "science" and "engineering". So science would be about discovering the solar system and engineering would be about developing new parts. The engineering part would require you to experiment with certain parts. By using a certain part in new situations, you unlock the next part and go up in the tech tree. The tech tree would consist of all the different parts and all the steps would have a few goals specific to that part. So for instance to unlock the FL-T800 fuel tank, you must have made a rocket with at least 2 FL-T400 tanks and you must have flown those higher than 30km. Another example could be that to unlock lander legs, you must have destroyed a rocket when trying to land. The science part could be the story of you discovering all the bodies and their properties. This story might even have an ending, when you have done all the science and know everything about the solar system. There could be some interaction with the engineering part, for instance that you have to discover fuel on other bodies to unlock the drill etc.
  5. Does it exist already? I found the Graphotron 2000 Mod, but it seems to be able to plot against time only. I would like to see a graph with Altitude on the y-axis and horizontal distance on the x-axis. Like in the video of the Sentinel-2A launch (at 18:20). Would be nice if it also showed the times at which stage separation occured, something like this:
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    Snow flake? Carbon atom? Tie/bow tie? Flower? Human body? Watch?
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    A ship/ferry at sea? A snowy mountain peek?
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    Damn, yes I was also thinking about a blackboard, but ruled it out. ...Or what about a person's first white hair (the rest is still black), being cut off?
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    Okay then Starwhip, my guess would be... a comet? Ninja'd! Okay, then ice cream spilled on my black shirt?
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    Hi, I'm new in this thread, can I still propose an answer to the very first riddle? (yes, I found the "real" answer on page 5, I just think my answer could be equally valid) I think it should be the circular pieces of paper that are cut out by a hole punch like they use in offices.
  11. Well as long as the comet doesn't become active and starts expelling gas, I guess Philae isn't going anywhere..
  12. In the live stream at 3:37:20, the guy says the harpoons did not fire.
  13. Yes but later another man said that they didn't fire and they were thinking about trying to fire them again...
  14. Very excited!! I like to believe the harpoons are firing right about now.. and that they work!
  15. I was also watching, and now I come here to celebrate! \o/