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  1. I'll fly out to the area again now, this is the mission: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/30723057325971189/3BA6ED1DB20EF97D46F251883C326BFF2D9301FA/ Edit: ROFL well it just goes to show that the universe has a warped sense of humor. Lo and behold I saw nothing on my way out but circled back over a mountain and it picked something up 20km away. I can only surmise that I was too far above what I needed to be looking for and somehow missed it on at least 3 separate occasions lol.
  2. Just grabbed my first anomalous reading mission and can't seem to find any anomaly anywhere near the suggested coordinates. It says anything between 0-10 south and 140-150 west, i've flown over the area at least a dozen times at varying altitudes but there simply doesn't appear to be an anomaly to find. There are no spikes in the magnetom readout and the scanner picks up nothing within its radius. I've zig-zagged across the square, flown the perimeter, spiralled in and even driven across the surface. I ran strips from 10 north to 20 south between 130-160 west and I simply cannot find anything. Anyone else experienced this, or have any idea what I can do to complete the job? It wants me to anomaly scan in the air and magnetometer scan on the ground.
  3. Haemogoblin

    [0.23] Beastly Science - Scoop-O-Matic and more! (JAN0214)

    Alternative download link: http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/5469951/file.html
  4. Seems like everyone has misunderstood you lol. If you save your heavy lifter you can load it on its own and then build your payload on top of it, no problem at all
  5. Haemogoblin

    How to Make a Perfect Space Plane

    I like rules of thumb like these All the info you need without getting bogged down with specifics
  6. Haemogoblin

    Grumpy old kerbals!

    Slightly related, I've started using "Kiss my Kerbals" as a generic retort. On topic, I hear Cosby Kerman talking about the rattle tatting with the whizzpop flangey whatsum a lot. I think he might be losing his replacement marbles.
  7. Haemogoblin

    Other people's ships?

    Thought i'd come back after a few more tries, I can almost get my old design plane into orbit again. It's as if the weights have increased, i'm a sliver of fuel away from getting back into an 80km orbit whereas before the patch I could get to 150 every time
  8. Haemogoblin

    Other people's ships?

    You're not alone, I've tried a bunch of my old designs and had zero success since the latest update. Planes are no exception either, from ssto no ssno.
  9. I've just run into this, used to be able to get into orbit with a bit of fuel for a dock/mun landing. Now I struggle to reach orbital velocity and have yet to put a plane into a successful orbit. Thought it must have been just me
  10. Haemogoblin

    How long does it take to load your game?

    About 30 seconds with 4-5 big mods/part packs which I really should take off since I only ever seem to use remotetech for satellite dishes lol
  11. So I finally get a full orange tank to orbit, a satellite should be easy now... right? In other news, attempts to put a second spaceplane into orbit have been met with spinning out of control on ascent, despite the exact same craft having already survived escape.... Cursed I tell ye
  12. Since I bought the game I simply cannot make rockets. I've managed to build and successfully orbit a spaceplane but I can't even get a satellite in orbit with a rocket lol. I'm beginning to think I'm cursed
  13. Haemogoblin

    [1.0.x] KSP Keyboard Map v2.5 - Old School Gaming (Aug 5)

    Handy Thanks for taking the time to do this
  14. Haemogoblin

    Finally! Secrets of SSTO spaceplanes, unlocked!

    Many thanks Comrade I've not braved spaceplanes yet but I've a feeling that info you just gave will be invaluable
  15. Howdy again folks Finally bit the bullet and got me some kerbal loving. Glad to see the boards back up, here's hoping it lives at least twice as long this time. Incidentally that's also my kerbal design philosophy! For Science!