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  1. Hi all, here is the new Version Changelog: - Fix for broken Curse, CurseForge, SpaceDock and GitHub site parsing. - Fix for broken ActionKey handling. - ActionKey added. Control + A on Mod-Tab now opens AddMod dialog. The problem with the auto updater might be fixed. Let me know :). Don't touch the sun!
  2. Sry, i published a wrong config file. To fix my failure you can do one of the following: - Just tick the "check for upddates on startup" checkbox on the Options/Update Tab and restart KMA² - Use the "Check for update" button on the Options-Tab. (even if you get an error (in most cases not=) the extra options for site parsing will be updated. Check your C:\ProgramData\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin_aOS.cfg file for changes and compare it with the part below (if you want ;)) and restart KMA² - you can change your C:\ProgramData\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin_aOS.cfg file manually. Add or Replace the following node (within the "General" node): <OtherAppOptions> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathCurseForgeUrl" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/aside/div[2]/div[3]/p/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathCurseUrl" Value="//*[@class='view-on-curse']/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModName" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/header/div[2]/h2" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModCreateDate" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/section[1]/div/p[2]/span/abbr" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModUpdateDate" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/header/div[2]/p/span[1]/abbr" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModDownloadCount" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/section[1]/div/p[1]/span" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModAuthor" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/section[1]/div/p[3]/span[2]/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathGameVersion" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/header/div[2]/p/span[2]" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModId" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/aside/div[2]/div[2]/a[3]" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTimeLine" Value="//*[@id='js-repo-pjax-container']/div[2]/div[1]/div[2]" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubLabel" Value="//*[@class='release clearfix label-latest']" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTags" Value="//*[@class='releases-tag-list']" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTags2" Value="//*[@class='release-timeline-tags list-style-none']" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubLabelVersion" Value="//*[@class='release label-latest']/div/ul/li/a/span" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubLabelDate" Value="//*[@class='release label-latest']/div[2]/div/p/relative-time" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTagsVersion" Value="//*/tr[2]/td[2]/div/h3/a/span" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTagsDate" Value="//*/tr[2]/td[1]/a/relative-time" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTags2Version" Value="//*/li[1]/div/div/h3/a/span" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTags2Date" Value="//*/li/span/relative-time" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGithubLabelReleasesLatest" Value="//*[@class='release clearfix label-latest']/div[2]/div[2]/ul/li[1]/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGithubLabelReleases" Value="//*[@class='release clearfix label-']/div[2]/div[2]/ul/li[1]/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGithubTagsReleases" Value="//*/tr/td[2]/div/ul/li[2]/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGithubTags2Releases" Value="//*[@class='d-block clearfix']/div/div/ul/li[2]/a" /> </OtherAppOptions> Pls, let me know if there are any other issues.
  3. Hi all, here is the new Version Changelog: - Fix for broken Curse, CurseForge and GitHub site parsing. - Fix for broken craft name parsing. - Fix for crashes related to ModTreeView icon. TODO: - I have recognized that the auto updater is broken for some reason. I'll look into it when there is time again ;) Have fun ...
  4. Hi @Omar X most likely you refering to this issue #157. This problem should be fixed with Version If you are using this Version please send me your log file and the KSPMA config file (C:\ProgramData\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin_aOS.cfg).
  5. Ups , i'll look into it after work. EDIT: Sry, i havn't found a solution.yet. And honestly if the weather stays as it is i won't be able to do much Pls, be patient ...
  6. Hi all, here is the new Version Changelog: - Fix for issue with saving KMA² cfg file. - Fix for issue with saving KSP settings file. EDIT: My appologies to the 3 people that dowloaded the last update, befor i noticed that i have uploaded the wrong KMA² archive. The correct archive is now available!
  7. Virustotal says it's OK https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/159706221b43b3ac4f2c4b96afe9f6f2fd7aeb5b67808940635e66d3a01a05a5/analysis/
  8. Hi, if anyone is interested i have pushed a new updated code base of the MosueController to GitHub. https://github.com/MacTee/KSP-Mouse-Interface A new release (v0.4.0) will follow soon (hopefully ;).
  9. New KSP MA aOS version available ... What's new: Small fixes for GitHub and Curse SiteHandler. Fix for 64bit exe detection. Leave me your feedback @All: I'am sorry for my whining! I had a tough time and I shouldn't write posts when I'm in such a state. My special appologies to @Dux Aquila for my finger pointing! As a small reparation here a new offical version with some small fixes. Thanks to all who wrote to me!
  10. Hi folks, a new life sign of me with bad new. First of all a big thanks to timmer_UK and 4o66 for holding the torch! I have the "problem" that i have to earn money to feed and to provide a home for my family. That means that i have to fly every week to my job and i'm only home during the weekend. During the week, work is almost eating me up, so no time for extra codeing and the weekend is reserved for my family. I try to squeze in a few hours here and there but this isn't enough to get things done for KSP MA. I WAS working on CKAN support for KSP MA but during my last evaluation of some VS Plugins i have distroyed the current implementation of it . Because of my stupidity i haven't done any checkins of any changes i made so far and now its beyond the point of repair. Well its not as bad as it sounds cause i have a checkin of some of the code but its way older than i was hoping for... I have to reimplement a thousend things to get it work again but honestly i'm not in the mood to spend time for this project for near future. To complain a little bit. I have the feeling that almost noone is honoring or is aware of the time i have spent and took from my family to run this project. All i get is very little respone. A "great work" here and there but most of the time i get mails like "This doesn't work get a fixed ... quick! I want to manage my trillion mods (some times with a pls)" and the quality of most of the bug reports is ... well ... . I was astonished when i got my first donation of 25 bucks a few month ago (my guess is that this was a mistake but anyway Thanks again! =)). You want to know what i bought from it. Presents for my wife and kids. When i redeem my CurseForge reward I'll get another 50$ for Steam, which means that i got a total of about 75$ and a few "Thank yous" for about 3 years of support ... I haven't played KSP since about 0.23 (well its not entierly true i have played the 1.0 for a few hours). That doesn't mean i don't like the game .. NO .. i love it and i have searched for such a game since i have played "Apollo 18 - Mission to the moon" on my C64. I just don't have the time to play games anymore, unless it's with my kids. So as mentioned above i'm not in the mood to do anything on this project for now. Not even if i get more response or money or anything its mostly a matter of time. You have the code on Github. Just learn how to code and fix the problems on your own. If anyone has questions about some implementation details i would be happy to help. See you in space ... MacTee PS: @Dux Aquila: As far is i have read from your posts you have one problem with KSP MA. And after you haven't got a fix for your problem you jell out that there are to many bugs in this App? Great job ...
  11. i think you talk about the right click context menu, right? Open Folder will only be available if the folder is installed.
  12. Hi there =) Big THANKS to 4o66 for the ongoing support!! I hope the curse/curseforge fixes are working. I have change the handling of the xpaths to locate the needed mod infos on the website. A change of curse's website won't need a KMA update anymore (hopefully=). KMA will update the xpatht information during the updatecheck if nessessary. Bad news =/ I'm sitll not able to push out a new release please try the preview version of 4o66 here. Other topics: - No Version from Curse/CurseForge: Unfortunatly Curse don't support a version number for the mods. There was a parsing of the version from the filename in older versions of KMA but it was to unrelaiable so i removed it during the 1.x to 2.0 update. - Wrong version with mods and AVC version file: This is a know issue. The probem here is that the mod has more than one AVC version file in its archive (or another mod within the archvie has one). i haven't found a relaiable way to ditermin the right file yet... - CKAN and KMA: Yes there is a fixed version of the last code base, that implements reading and listing the ckan archived mods with all versions, depandencies, install instructions and more. But there is still a lot of work to do to integrate a download and version management. I'll try to push it on a new GitHub branch as soon as possible.
  13. Hi all, we have a new version of KSP MA aOS v2.3.0.4. What's new: Fixes for the UpdateMod Process No longer conflicts after a faild update. KSP MA will add the new mod and the user can handle the manual update (in most cases just few clicks with the conflict solver). Fixes for GitHub support (thanks to timmers_uk!). SpaceDock.info support added (thanks to 4o66!). Fixes for CurseForge support. KerbalStuff support removed. Linux: Fixes for steam path detection. Download links are in my signiture or on the first page.
  14. Thanks for the fix and the new spacedock.info sitehandler! They are merged to the dev branch. A new release is almost ready ...
  15. @Probus, sry for my late replay. The feature you suggested is already implemented. Just go to the Crafts tab and click the refresh button. KSP MA aOS will scann all your parts and craft files. Change to the Parts tab and every used part will have a small plus sign. Click on it and you get a list of the crafts that are using it.
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