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  1. There won't be a new version becouse of: 1. Problems I could not fix (edge smoothing for example) 2. not enough interested users Maybe I will make a new one in the future! It would be very nice, if someone could post the canges required in the cfg files fo get the parts running in newer versions, to help other users. SORRY
  2. Yes, I have seen this... It will be very cool when it's finished.
  3. It does work, but there is no balancing or special design for it. You can add an engine module (see first post for how to add modules) same for SRBs
  4. Well, for most of the parts I use V = h* pi * r² * k for cones and adapters V = 1/3 * h* pi * r² * k Edit: k is a factor to get the same Volume as stock tanks
  5. Well, that's what I said... And I am pretty sure about this
  6. Well, getting the position of the Planets or know that they exist does not require a lot. So it would be unrealistic not having this info at the begining. But since Kerbals are not humans you could add better observatory variants to the tech tree. In addition to a better range an advanced observatory shuld also show info like phase angle, gravity and atmosphere. So if the range of your observatory is to low, you won't see all planets on the map view. But you could discover them by just flying by and seeing them, but this would be unlikely. It would be cool if you could actualy get visuals of
  7. Am I the only one who didn't get this is about the movie "Gravity" when reading the title? .... and the spoiler warning never mind
  8. Thank you every one! hmm. an IVA with this map on a screen or as a stickynote can be made, but adding them to all existing IVAs would be a lot of work. But that would be realy cool!
  9. oh, ok... Well I will continue to add usefull infos to my guide, havent seen this one jet :-(
  10. I was talking about Real cars, not ingame. I think any car with Ion engines would have a TWR to low to drive on normal streets
  11. In you want to use Ion Engines you need electricity. If you have electricity it is Way more efficient to power an electro motor. So unles you are in space you will not use ionengines. You Need them in Space, becourse the only Way to move there is throwing something in the other direction (fuel, ions, tools, books...) so that makes Ion Engines in Cars unplausible and unefficient.
  12. cool a starwas deathstar screen! So in the game the center would be the sun, the red dot kerbin and the blue your target? Or what did you think? PS: are you from Chicago Land :-) ?
  13. I know about the Interactive guide, but as KroShan said, I hate to switch to my webbrowser to look these things up. I made this for my personal use in firstplace and i pinned a printout next to my screen. Also I want to add more infos other than dv and angle, basicly everything that seams usefull to me 100% true. This is one reason why I didn't just put an exact number like "12.34°" on there. This way it is easy to compare to the screen. You won't get the exact angle in game anyway.
  14. Ok, Just added a Return to Kerbin map to the PDF. If you are missing something else or want to add something, just post it here!
  15. Hi everyone, I am glad you find this usefull! I am courently working on one! You have to adjust the transfer path, but this is easy. I calculated the phase angles and the delta v values, but you wont make a perfect burn, so an exact delta v value won't help you much. And in stock you can't see your delta V values, so I just made this to visulise the energetic distence between the planets. So a Dres Rocket will likely make it to Jool, since this does not require a lot more delta v and you can aerobreak at jool.
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