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  1. is it possibile to select wich engine the mod should use? I am not sure if this coud solve this problem. I have a craft balanced witch jet engine ( twr = 1 ) that are set to independent throttle , I change their throttle with I and K ( to account for mass fuel reduction and keeping twr = 1 ) Then I have two small rocket engine and these one I want them to be used by the mod , but if I set it to zero the mod apply too much throttle to the rocket engine ( the jet engine set to indepement throttle are not touched by the mod ) somehow the mod add the thrust of jet engine to the equation even if they are set to indepenedt throttle. Maybe the mod could exclude from its calculation engine set to independent throttle
  2. When you right click the part there is no option to pick up or disable part like normal deployed science part do
  3. The game believe the part is deployed but it is not, so I edited the save changing the type from "DeployedScienceController" to "DroppedPart" , after that my engineer could take it back in inventory for my scientist to deploy Hope this help someone , definetley a bug, but right now I am too tired to bother and reproduce the steps VESSEL { pid = 7a27b6293b664bec90de4652cb36407e persistentId = 3322568235 name = PD-3 Weather Analyzer type = DeployedScienceController / type = DroppedPart sit = LANDED landed = True skipGroundPositioning = False skipGroundPositioningForDroppedPart = False
  4. Hi I have used my engineer in build mode to drop on the surface some science parts ( control station, solar power and weather station ) , now I can not pick up them in the kerbal invetory to deploy them, they are stuck on the surface Even if I get very close the "pick up" option do not show up and this is exptected since that is for deployed parts and these are not, even in the building/cargo mode I can not put them back, no problem for ie personal parachute I can drop it to surface and pick it up at will. Bug?
  5. My workaround is to enable stock craft , I hate the cluttering so I always disable that, renabling it in my current save fixed the issue for all my craft
  6. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/25666 Hope for a fix soon
  7. @linuxgurugamer can I disable CTB? I can not control the ship while the mouse is over the window to adjust descent speed ( +1 / -1 )
  8. Always look forward....I would drop support for 1.3.x
  9. @Angel-125 The gui is still broken, the snack processor process at 21600.00 Snacks/day on load, you have to go in the broken gui ( snack settings, processor section ) wich say 100%, touch it and it revert to 1% then the Snackprocessor works correctly: Snacks 1.9.0 KSP x64 1.4.1 Fresh new sandbox game, vessel is made of Capsule > MPL > Ore tank logs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fQRAvKdFt3Z6RRwkbp4s_Y1G6l5VLS6Y savegame: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DFRIdn-naRvDjcVVawZzmBIHTUz1UN46 I hope it is enough context, you if you need a video on the whole issue I am happy to make it
  10. Dumb question...retrograde and progrande descent profile, refer to the navball markers in orbit or surface mode?
  11. Now that you say that, I remember long time ago some dev saying that under a specific altitude things are not accurate, ie if you point your nose at a specific direction after some orbits the vessel accumulate drifting here: and here:
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