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  1. Kinda off topic (I think?), But Binary is pretty cool/interesting. Base two number system. Almost like a completely different language that you can make numbers or words out of!
  2. Yeah, I've seen those. I'm looking for a big runway landed on the VAB
  3. An extremely large number, Magnitudes of times more than a large number. That's how much energy it receives if it is in fact a Dyson Ring/Sphere.
  4. Make a VTOL landing area, Or better/harder yet, A runway to land full-sized planes!
  5. I'm thinking about getting a Oculus Rift in a few years after I get a new PC. Any of you guys used it? How is it?
  6. I take words and parts of words relating to the mission goal and combine them Example: Mun mission (Luneve], Duna Mission (Orange Horizon] I'm considering making a dedicated naming system for the future though when I get organized.
  7. I'm trying to relearn how to play this Game. Da(mn? Can I say that here?)rn physics flipping my Rockets...
  8. I haven't played in a while and feel like I forgot everything. It feels like it's harder to launch probes than manned missions. My launchers keep on flipping.....
  9. Land on the moon with no retro-thrust? More of a challenge than anything
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