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  1. Kinda off topic (I think?), But Binary is pretty cool/interesting. Base two number system. Almost like a completely different language that you can make numbers or words out of!
  2. Yeah, I've seen those. I'm looking for a big runway landed on the VAB
  3. An extremely large number, Magnitudes of times more than a large number. That's how much energy it receives if it is in fact a Dyson Ring/Sphere.
  4. Make a VTOL landing area, Or better/harder yet, A runway to land full-sized planes!
  5. I'm thinking about getting a Oculus Rift in a few years after I get a new PC. Any of you guys used it? How is it?
  6. I take words and parts of words relating to the mission goal and combine them Example: Mun mission (Luneve], Duna Mission (Orange Horizon] I'm considering making a dedicated naming system for the future though when I get organized.
  7. I'm trying to relearn how to play this Game. Da(mn? Can I say that here?)rn physics flipping my Rockets...
  8. I haven't played in a while and feel like I forgot everything. It feels like it's harder to launch probes than manned missions. My launchers keep on flipping.....
  9. Land on the moon with no retro-thrust? More of a challenge than anything
  10. 80% finished, Most of the game is done but lots of room for polish and improvement. Would like to see more time put into Career mode and some more parts.
  11. I've seen a few. I live in a somewhat rural area with a AFB a few hours away. Also a large forest behind my house. low pop area. Perfect testing area I've seen a few lights dancing around in somewhat impossible maneuvers. And some spooky stuff happens in my forest.
  12. I will never let the communists take my freedom measurement.
  13. I pretend to be better than I am at KSP...
  14. I'm currently getting onto Tier 4. Only got one tier four though, A P51. Anyone up to play? Add me at "Fujikinz" I'd be willing to play lower tiers with someone! This is a great WW2-Early cold war Plane and Tank game. Really would recommend it.
  15. Set them all as low as you can. AA? 0. VSYNC? Off. These are all fancier things. VSYNC helps prevent screen tearing at the cost of computer resources and AA is for smoother edges.
  16. Mission failure. All 10 minutes of effort failed. Will continue tomorrow.
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