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  1. Any popular mods are allowed for the modded leaderboard. I see 10505 points from fuel remaining in the pictures posted
  2. Just revised the challenge! Lets see your cargo SSTO's abilities
  3. Attention all pilots! The KSC is looking for up and coming pilots who can get the most space going value out of Cargo SSTOs... The main focus will be on efficient passenger transfers and large cargo deliveries of about 36 tons. Your mission is to send an SSTO spaceplane to approximately 100kmx100km Orbit (AP must be at or above 100km, PE within 5km of AP) around Kerbin in the most fuel efficient way you can muster. Rules: You must get at least 2880 liquid fuel and 3520 Units of oxidizer into orbit in a deliverable container - one orange tank worth. Spaceplane should be below 400 parts Space plane should not lose any parts along the way except for delivering payload (in accordance to the scoring below) Do not use cheat like items like hacking gravity, inf fuel, hacking parts... etc Scoring: 1. One point will be awarded for every usable unit of liquid fuel in 100kmx100km orbit; above the required fuel (2880 units) to be countable as points, the liquid fuel must be accompanied by oxidizer of proper ratio. 2. You can be awarded bonus points if you demonstrate a decent use for the remaining fuel: 50 points for delivering full fuel tanks to orbital station (detachable fuel tanks of at least the required fuel, ie orange tank, etc) 75 points, each, for orbiting any other celestial body (must be fully captured in orbit around claimed body) 100 points for safe return of each Kerbal to Kerbin's surface - you may launch with an empty cockpit and pick up a passenger along the way if you desire (no spamming seats for extra bonuses) 100 points for 100% safe landing on Kerbin - no lost parts 100 points for versatility of your craft - what else can it haul - can be proved over a number of missions 250 points for reaching SOI of a planet other than Kerbin 300 points for full orbit capture around a planet other than Kerbin up to 500 points for entertaining 'shenanigans' along the way - to be determined by my grading of your entertainment factor. Show enough screenshots to backup your claims My entry: Is the 'Space Pterodactyl' Download the craft file here. 381 parts delivered to 100kmx97km with Oxidizer= 4556 Liquid Fuel = 3741 Oxidizer x .82(rounded) = 3735 - lesser of this number or liquid fuel will be your points minus the required 2880 so that makes it 855 Points: 1205 855 fuel points 50 station fuel delivery 100 versatility 200 for 2 kerbals return to Kerbin I wont be super strict, so have fun Stock Leader Board: Tobmaster - 1205 Modded Leader Board:
  4. Create a craft to push him back home. If you are slow on the contact, nothing will blow up too hard.
  5. Its actually surprisingly fun launching off hills on the moon with the LRV... I still think it would be fun if they would open up the moon so we can bring a Tesla out for some shenanigans.
  6. Windows 98 era: Straight from 1999 with a 266 Mhz Compaq and a voodoo2 Black Magic card!! and as someone said already Super vintage: Asteroids good stuff
  7. I'm 31 and do two completely unrelated things in KSP - make plausible spaceplanes and orbital monstrosities. Usual Design process for monstrosities Create something neat and fun to go to space Strap on fuel tanks and engines/boosters to get it to orbit Fail to get to orbit ADD MORE BOOSTERS Repeat steps 3 & 4 when fps turns into a slide show, divide payload and dock to single piece in orbit
  8. Banned for making this thread pop up yet again
  9. I like the idea... Would make KSP usable on a good tablet... just wish I had a tablet that could run KSP
  10. This type of optimization will probably happen at the end of the beta cycle after all the desired content is added and has been hashed out in other threads as well.
  11. Hmmm, with chute spamming and a mainsail, you can get this very low... Duration is low as well. Am I missing something important?
  12. Fun Challenge, thanks for posting. Made MK3 of my grappler rover to increase climbing efficiency - 6:37 on the clock. Celebrated the good speed with a Kerbal bungee jump off the VAB - added screenshots to my previous submission's gallery Just a tad up the page
  13. Only if it works on the grass... So no, it wont
  14. This was a complete pain! I spent too many hours to make a KAS only manned rover scale the VAB since I decided using robotics would be too easy. So I eventually made it... only took 13 minutes and 11 seconds... Spent countless attempts with MK1 and decided to revise the design in MK 2 just to fight the lip of the VAB. Fun Challenge, thanks for posting.
  15. Alright, now that we got the challenge a bit more manageable... Here is as close as I could get: 1064 Parts with SSTO's Can Hold (some are in the SSTO's) 21120 Liquid Fuel 25080 Oxidizer 20720 Electric 4700 Mono-propellant 14 Kerbals are on board, including the SSTO Pilots. The nose section of the carrier craft is two detachable multipurpose orbital crafts which could be used as an orbital transport (6 passengers), escape pod, station tug, etc. No missiles are on board since I can't handle the lag of a 1000+ ship right now, but there are docking ports on the side meant to house them (or I could have modified the front spikes into missiles) - or if we could build 2000+ part ships, two carriers could dock side by side... anyways, it was definitely a challenge to get it all set up and it won't win any beauty pageants..
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