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  1. Thanks for the very quick response! The Kopernicus news sounds phantastic, that would be my preferred solution Seems to be time to start over and prepare the next installment, now i have to look if testflight is up to snuff for 1.8.x, wrote about 15 engine configs for my 1.7.3 install ;)... Thanks again for the continuing support of KSP, even when sometimes it has to be difficult to stay motivated!
  2. Seems to be a great mod! Is there any chance for a backport to 1.7.3? I have been preparing a modset for my upcoming playthrough for the last 2 weeks and need to stick to 1.7.3 because I can´t stand the stocksize Kerbol system anymore, so I need Kopernicus and Rescale which both are only availible for 1.7.3. A backport would be great indeed greetings Laminator p.s.: no matter what, thanks for your great commitment and contributions to ksp modding!
  3. Can not confirm this message. For me it does not work as intended. FPS-counter is in top LEFT corner and not movable. Editing the position-values in settings file has no effect. Counter counts - but not where it should do it. Testet in modded 1.5.1 and CLEAN 1.5.1, both with DLC installed, same result. Btw, it works marvellous in my 1.4.5 install. regards, Lami edit: link to log: link to Screenshot:
  4. Had the same issue (with 1.3.1 & dev-branch RSS etc.). In my case it was resolved as i reverted back to scatterer 0.0320b. Maybe give it a try, I hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for the great work! Are the Remote Tech antenna nominal ranges scaled up as well by the Rescale Factor? Sorry, could not find the answer in this thread nor the Sigma Dimensions thread, but thats a rather critical question for successful mission planning;) EDIT: I did a quick test today, it seems Remote Tech Antenna ranges do NOT get scaled up according to the rescale factor. I had to edit the rescale factor in the Remote Tech config file to get a workable solution.
  6. Ubuntu 17.04/MATE on i5 4670@4.2GHz, 24GB, GTX-1060/6G Switched last week from Win 7/64 to Linux, so had not much time for gaming, but first tests with mods seem very promising. Wanted to get rid of M$ as all the professional Software I use (Blender, Krita, Substance Painter etc) are available as Linux versions.
  7. Fantastic Mod! Fiddling around with HSS x4 atm, it´s absolutely great. It gives some of the epicness that RSS gives without the need for alternative part configs etc. No more tiny silly single stage launchers to get a payload into orbit, finally :)! Many thanks to the author for this great piece of entertainment and challenge!
  8. Just discovered this marvellous mod yesterday and played around with it since then. It´s absolutely spot on. Soo much fun with that few parts is absolutely epic! That said, I don´t get it why people have trouble with the parachutes. The small one (Nosecone) is ok for 2 experiments and control/energy on the mounting girder. Touchdown velocity is 7.1 m/s, so most of the time at maximum the control box exploded, experiments (as stated above mounted above control/energy) stayed ok. Btw, I deploy the chute near peak altitude for lower atmosphere rockets (approx 20-22k alt), maybe that helps to give the payload time to stabilize on the chute... Thx alot for this exceptional mod RoverDude!
  9. Just tested it on Win32-version/openGL. Seems to have a problems when MechJeb build338 is installed. No trajectory plotting at all like above mac screenshot. Without MJ works very well on my full FAR-install (40+ mods installed). Testet on clean install with only Trajectories & MJ. Excellent mod, a much needed addition for aerobraking and good landing predictions. THX for this great work! edit: Tested with new MJ version This combination seems to work fine!
  10. Same here. RealChute is a Core Mod in all my installations. Really sad how this situation got out of hand...
  11. I really hope we´ll see an update for this excellent tool pretty soon Thanks for developing & sharing it!
  12. A quick update about my testing: PF does not work, but good old KW Fairings work with this fix. At least in my full blown install (~60 mods installed)
  13. Thanks whaaw! You are absolutely right! I was not aware that an old method was in the game still. So anything looking nice and dandy again
  14. Well, after some more testing it seems that there could be a problem with it. On a simple craft (1man pod, decoupler, fueltank, engine) everything works perfectly. But when I try to launch Kerbal X(Stock) (one of the default vehicles in sandbox mode) the radial decouplers don´t work. Even activating them with rightclick menu does not work. Clean install, only MM2.2 & decoupler fix v2, win64 edit: as much as I appreciate 64bit version finally beeing here, it seems to have opened a new can of worms;). Kind of a pandoras box...