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  1. Nyan Cat in the loading screen? Am i tripping?

    Dude you took the words out of my mouth. Did a virus check and then remembered, its April 1st dumbass. Did stress me out for about 30 seconds.
  2. [1.2.2] Docking camera (KURS) (18.may.17)

    After reading the 9 pages of this thread(always interesting, don't know why people complain about the small time it takes)if I were Denny, I wouldn't come back and fix a thing. Bunches of pushy ungrateful Entitlement going on here. Thanks Denny, in case you do drift back in for a look. I complained a bit back in Roms thread begging for him to update his stuff. Docking port camera was on the top, with the arm and then the incredible lazor system. Seriously though, thanks for kicking this out, still enjoying my realistic docking cameras.
  3. [1.3] REKT Escape Pod Mod - v0.4.5.1 (more fixes)

    Thx bud, this will help make the Emergency situ a lot more fun now. Priciate it
  4. [1.3] REKT Escape Pod Mod - v0.4.5.1 (more fixes)

    @steedcrugeon was just checking in to see if you were still looking to include a Deep Space version of a capsule with CryoFreeze implementation. Sure hope this is still on your wish list. I tried to just copy over the Modules into the CFG's for one of the pods, but couldn't get it to function, no Joy for me. Not good enough at this stuff yet. BTW, nice work pushing out updates and keeping it current. Hope you will continue to lean towards TAC as it is a great stand alone and I just like it. Thx for your work and Time bud, really enjoying the RPG playthrough I have been doing with your Escape pods. Just couldn't do it with out them. But needing a Cryo version for a mission I want to run.
  5. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    Going to post this in the newly started thread and here as well. If this Mod has been taken up by the Bluedog guys, then that's great. But please do not follow up on your statement, " I'd be lying if I didn't want to see BDB replace FASA in some way". As much as I understand your desire, it wouldn't be appreciated by myself. I know my opinion is like the rest, and really only valuable to me but I love Frizzank and Denny's models, a shout to Nathen for picking it up. I think Raider had his hand in it, but don't exactly recall. Trying to replace it is not maintaining it. Now I think you were just dropping in your opinion, but if not, please reconsider parting this one out, only to sell off to the highest bidder, its a classic and should remain so. Like Minepagan said, they are both of the same origin, but completely different in what they offer. Either way, I end my posts the same, thx a ton for your hard work. Not just lip service, I think about what you guys do every time I grab a mod, and shrug thinking about how much you guys must dread the word, "Patch" or "Update".
  6. KOSMOS 3/14/2015 RD-170 Family Released!

    Hey Raider, I read just a few posts above that Cardboard had all of the original models. Do you think you could drop in a link to the old tanks please. I see we have the engines, or at least most of them. Would be really great to have the tanks to match. Like I said before, I never had the time to get to these, back around .16 and would love to have that chance again. Either way, thx for picking up as much slack as you have, I'm still only using your probes for 90% of my networks. Little tweaking here and their and they have been servicing my play through's since the start of Remote Tech. Speaking of, do you guys remember the little exp. plane/drone that Remote Tech had for a few releases. That was an awesome probe. I used that to survey atmo landing sites. Miss that little bugger. Thx man, appreciate the effort.
  7. [1.3] RCS Sound Effects (2017-06-12)

    Pizza, don't think this mod needs to be forgotten. A lot of us like the sounds of your RCS better than the stock game.
  8. [1.3] DeepFreeze (v0.23.6) 18th June 2017

    Just to clarify this Repo, with TAC onboard, it somehow maintains the loaded type resources with the vehicle in an unloaded state. That will allow EC to generate and this in turn keeps the freezers up and runnin? Thx again for this mod, with out it I cant RPG the idea of long duration deep space flights.
  9. KOSMOS 3/14/2015 RD-170 Family Released!

    This would be great to have back. I always wanted to work with these engines and tanks but was so busy with so many mods that I never got around to "really" playing with them. Looking forward to this possible patch/update.
  10. Soooo glad you are still around Raider. Always have loved your attention to detail man. Thx for the work.
  11. [WIP]Escape Pod Mod - REKT development thread

    I think one of the choices a player has to make during an "Abandon" ship situation is, "Out in deep space, jump in Cryo, then pray they locate you" because its a last ditch deal. So you shouldn't be able to Unfreeze your own cryo pod.
  12. Yeah but its this kind of thing that immerses a player. That's what I play for, to escape what I'm doing in RL to literally another universe.
  13. Advanced Kopernicus: textures from PQSMods

    Nice tutorial man. can never have enough of this type of thread.
  14. Its NOT feedback for MKS. And I don't have any idea why you considered this post to be about MKS. I made a comment that was and is relevant to what and why I wanted changes to PBI. Nils asked me my opinion about what I would add, so I did. Then I explained the reason for it. Because its Relevant to the very few base building Mods we have. Now that I read your post again, I'm wondering why you decided it was necessary to jump in and tell me that? Seriously
  15. I changed the green house to produce Plants at a rate that supports 4 kerbals. Just Seeds/Water/Fertilizer/Dirt = Plants and Oxygen. Also the green house Harvests the plants, turning them into food and a reduced seed return with the capacity to harvest the main Greenhouse as well as 4 Greenhouse containers/modules. So each Greenhouse container/module can support one Kerbal. You could turn one of the MK habitats into a processor that takes Substrate and converts it into Dirt as well as minerals for fertilizer. During harvest, Plants could be converted into organic/biomass turning it into Mulch, (Would be a dirt substitute) or joined into the Waste category for bodies that don't have a close mining spot for Substrate. Its just harvesting your fruit/veggie's and composting whats left. Offering people a system that they already understand before even playing with it is "Intuitive". I have a few ideas for a more simple/focused life support system that doesn't include maintenance, for those of us wanting a lighter version of life support. I could work on the cfg's, but its the balancing I'm unsure about. Would be more interested in a rounded out, easier to understand/intuitive inputs/outputs, as opposed to hard line realistic values. Kinda stay in theme of the simpler direction. My opinion on MKS is that Its convoluted and does not lend itself very well to new players. Not to say it isn't a good Mod, it just has a steep learning curve, and it feels cluttered to me. Like I have said in the MKS thread, if you give someone a greenhouse, then ask them, "Ok, whats next?" Most can answer, seeds/water/dirt and fertilizer. But give a new player the MKS's Greenhouse and they don't have a clue where to start and maintain it. We just don't have a simple base building Mod, with really good models like PBI. I hate using the word "Simple" but for lack of a better word, that's what I'm aiming for. You have enough Models to create an engaging "Life Support System" based off TAC, and with a little bit of CFG work, maybe some plugin stuff (I'm clueless) it should offer an alternative to MKS, or maybe it could work into MKS as you gain momentum.