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  1. When watching some youtube channels, you get the guy saying things like, "Hey you gotta smash that like button" in the tone of a 5 year old with enough volume to jump your headphones off your ears. I was wishing I could smash the like button for this pack and its advertisement value. Nice job and thank you, hope it plays well. Been missing one since Bobcat days.
  2. I was just coming to scan a bit of the thread and got a glimpse of the patience you must need @Kartoffelkuchen . Reminds me of having 8-10 kids that are five to six years old, at a birthday party, surrounding you. Sorry buddy, Thanks a ton for your hard work.
  3. My Dad was Chief of Flight Operations for a major airline. He used to be responsible for 1300 pilots. He told me once, that he would bring in certain pilots with a similar personality trait that I believe you have. He would fire them, then give no explanation or reason. Of course it was all in a brief for the pilot in question. So then I asked him why, he said, "Because they would attempt to argue with you". I think people that are inherently disagreeable make great lawyers, but not to much for an industry that needs people that can "make a decision, build the thing, test it all up, then
  4. I can't believe someone would quote me on a misstep of sts launch numbers. I am not a politician or public figure that needs scrutinizing. The STS-51-L was the correct number and everyone can see or look it up. I know I am a horrible representative. The point I don't think I'm relaying here, is the impact a company like SpaceX has had on the "Entire" Industry. Ask anyone off the street back in 2010 "Hey, ever heard of SpaceX", most would be clueless. Try it now. Wasn't one of the main reasons for the Space Program to provide support for itself? I suppose someone could twist words
  5. I know this is a thread primarily about the SLS program, but I couldn't help after reading many of ZooNamedGames comments. After reading this entire thread, I am amazed at some of the "flame" sent Musks way as well as some super natural way of ignoring what SpaceX has achieved. I come no way near the understanding or knowledge base of the material at hand, but maybe someone with a bit more vision (Yep Vision) could define the achievements made by SpaceX over the last decade. What I have seen from Elon Musk, is a bit of an over zealous time schedule, but almost "EVERYTHING" that man has
  6. PLEASE, if your getting a response from Bobcat....  Please ask for the American pack.  Man I cant tell you how bad I want the Ares he built.  It was beautiful and came with an incredible pack.  His rovers were cool as hell and I miss him and his work.  Please, maybe a donation to encourage some one to dedicate their time and energy into it.  If you cant tell I am on my knees begging for the American Pack

    Dren, from the Cascades Range Oregon

  7. Tried and ran into the same issues most of you are facing. In the alt f12 log I am seeing a constant spam with a typical line of something invalid and not loading. Until this is fixed, our dreams of a clean outer planets mod is done for. PLEASE FIX, as this is a most important feature for some of us. Being able to be immersed into the higher fidelity of these beautiful planets and bodies are all that we can ignore. Dren, from Beautiful Cascade Mountain Range in Oregon.
  8. Sorry man, got to reply to this as a Thx. Its helpful to get good education in regards to realism as well as plain enjoyment due to correct gameplay information. My nose is not shading brown, I really do enjoy your info and great involvement in our community Nert.
  9. Oh man I do so much rover exploration and base set ups that I just love ground clutter. It breaks up the long trips doing the "Megellan" routine. I guess I can scavenge some from other packs and try to figure out how to make it happen. I think I am going to try and record some missions in the bad A$$ vehicles I make, in an attempt to inspire you to make em. I really have tried to learn how to do this stuff over the last 6-7 years but I have only made it so far. I build LSA airplanes for the bored and wealthy with my Brother, its a "Hands on" kinda deal with intricate prints/fabricat
  10. Real quick question Linx, I cant seem to find any ground clutter. Settings are all correct, every mod and function is working..... just no ground clutter?
  11. Oh yeah, already using the beta. Got one problem though. I use the non powered robotics hinges to create "Trailer" hitches instead of KAS due to the fact they don't dock, so I cant power the trailer wheels/tracks. I need all the power I can get climbing mountains. Can you make the Tow Bar docking optional? Also the Cable stays(Mini Winches)don't offer much strength in comparison to a good strut. Is their a way to make them a bit less elastic? Sorry if its been asked. Thx man, loving the direction.
  12. Small request IgorZ, would love to see the winch cable texture from KAS beta 1.0 on all winches. I know its a minor detail but I love the winch cable textures you made. Really... they look very cool when I am building a recovery winch ground mount to turn one of my rovers back to upright.
  13. Yeah I tried to play with the current version and it basically spammed a standard ratio of most resources over the entire planet. All those resources were exactly the same as far as complete planet coverage. To bad it has conflicts with Kerbnet. Thx man for answering, will download and older version for the resource files. edit: Tried looking for an older version, github only took me to the previous versions of 3.0, don't suppose you have a link to the older versions?
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