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  1. I've done this way, thanks! Anyway, I've noticed that the fairing and a structural tube are a great insulator for the rest of the plane, I think that this should also works with an inline cockpit instead of the Mk1 Crew Cabin, I will try it in the next days
  2. Plane capable of Mach 5.5 speed at 20000m, it can do an aerial circumnavigation of Kerbin in about 40 minutes. It works fine with the stock heat mechanic. 1 - Toggle landing gear steering Pictures: Cruise Altitude and Speed Circumnavigation complete! Still pretty hot after a full circumnavigation... Download: https://kerbalx.com/Daze/Mach-FiveFive
  3. Hoping for some "Near Future" stuff, I think it would be nice to have some kind of borderline sci-fi technologies at the very end of research tree
  4. Thanks a lot! It's indeed like this, I've tried again putting the rocket in orbit with the cheats and it worked flawless, hopefully it will be patched soon
  5. They are both at very low force At the moment I can't send you the craft file, when I will return home I will post it
  6. I've tried making a Saturn V interstage by using engine plate + a reversed decoupler, but for some reason even if i put the force of fairing at 0% it will destroys everything except the engines, why? Screenshoots: https://imgur.com/a/yPEpO
  7. From the official description "As a result of its small size, kerbals need to hold their breath and wiggle to slip through."
  8. My WIP for a stock Soyuz spacecraft, any suggestions?
  9. As the title said, one thing that I would really enjoy to have is the ability to make "full Soyuz style" spacecraft instead of just Vostok, so having also the "descent module" alongside the "orbital module". What do you think guys? Do you also feel that is a little bit incomplete right now?
  10. Deep space exploration and "near future" ( Nertea) stuffs
  11. The only thing that I agree with is in having also the old texture (and even more) for fairing
  12. The only thing that bother me is that if we want to make a Soyuz-style spacecraft we will have the "orbital module" and not the "descent module"
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try it asap!
  14. Hi guys, after some years I'm finally back to KSP and I want to start a new career mode game w/ some mods, actually the mods that I wish to use are: -USI Life Support (plus base parts) -The whole Near Future Pack -Interstellar Extended -Classic Mechjeb, Kerbal Alarm Clock, etc - Clouds and graphic improvements -KAS/KIA -Some parts pack like SpaceY -Realchute -Scansat -Others minor mods Now the problem is that I have so many parts in my sandbox test-world that it's almost impossible to truly understand and use everything Doe
  15. sDaZe

    So this is who has my name :(  

    1. Daze


      Ahahahah it's the first time that i have a pure "Daze" for nickname in about... 11 years maybe? Ahahah

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