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  1. I've already deleted all my stuff in 0.90. No regreets
  2. Well image that all the Kerbol system is inside a box. now since a white box is pretty ugly it is painted, the painted background of the box is the "skybox"
  3. The bright twinkling star is Minmus (If you don't have DOE)
  4. Understood, i was thinking that you were thinking that stock reentry would be worse than DRE
  5. Well i forgot an "s" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physics
  6. I learnt to land on the Mun with this video:
  7. I really really really hope that the difficult of career doesn't influence "physic"
  8. ...and i really hope that default setting is with reentry activated
  9. I'm talking about user submitted craft, i know that "Stock" refers to craft made by only stock parts, but if a particularly craft doesn't work because i.e. i have the reentry activated and that craft has no shield, it's still ""Stock""? (Formally, but I can not use it, just like if I have mod)
  10. I was thinking about the toggleable reentry heat and consequently to the fact that spacecraft will differ from player to player. If i sue reentry heat my lander/CM will have an heatshield, if another guy don't use it his craft will be "un-shielded". Now the main question is: with 1.0 "Stock" crafts should be able to reentry because it's how the game is delivered or not? Imo, all the crafts that have [stock] should be able to survive reentry.
  11. They refer to updating KSP in future, after 1.0 we will see every some months other update, they already stated it. 1.0 for them is just = "Ok now in the game there's all i wanted when i got the idea for KSP"
  12. ABSOLUTELY this, it would be a dream.
  13. Welcome back, seems now when you were community manager
  14. Actually the real reason is that i lost the "count" :/ , if you tell me the new news i will update the OP
  15. What? In fact he said that he like the idea of LS but he doesn't exactly know how to implement it
  16. Congratulations to all of you guys! (...and thanks obviously!)
  17. Twitch Squadcast, Devnotes, Reddit post of Kasper, Tweet of Max
  18. I quote the OP but i think it would be better to have along the 2.5mt tank a new ION engine (maybe a sort of Vasimir of 1.25mt?)
  19. Delete KSP and stop playing for about 2 weeks
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