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  1. I look forward to seeing where this goes, I can definitely find a place for this in my savegame.
  2. I've been building a space station off of the back of a spaceplane. Unfortunately, I barely scraped by on getting the fuel storage depot up, and had to do a lot of RCS work to get it docked.. Looks like I need to build a <13T nuclear fuel miner to start fuel operations next..
  3. Once upon a time it was possible, as I transferred mine over when KSP launched on steam. I am unsure if it still is. if you remember your KSP site login information, there may be an option available on your account summary / downloads page.
  4. I like odd payload arrangement SSTOs, but I usually don't follow through with cool mission plans that use them. I've been flying some variant of my Fulmar Piggyback Cargo SSTO, good god, since probably 0.23.5. A brief example of the current design can be found here.
  5. Finally got the bugs worked out by playing with tanks and fuel fill, and lifted a small dorsal payload (just over 10t of station core) to an 80km orbit, running it a little tight on fuel though. Shortly after launch: Station Core Deployed:
  6. I've been updating some ancient SSTO designs I used to fly, and figuring out how to make moving payloads dorsally work again.
  7. Fourth..ed? Personally, I'm really interested in the long solar panel sets.
  8. I could dig that pretty thoroughly launched off the back of a jet. Even better as a place anywhere sub-assembly
  9. I'd like to see the empty building footprints out on the island strip serve a purpose, maybe auxiliary assembly or resupply structures
  10. I'm very exited for the new cargo bay, that looks handy. Is there any chance of an alternate texture without the black heat tiles for those crazy few of us who like to build rockets with these instead of spaceplanes?
  11. I build and fly the occasional spaceplane, if you're still looking for testers to cra-er- fly your WIP parts.
  12. These are still Awesome parts, and they've had a place in my installs since their first release. I'm ecstatic to see they're still alive.
  13. I'm more of a lurker here these days, but my name on steam is the same as it is here.
  14. After a little playing around a little, I can only come up with one complaint. The flat floor panel on the cargo bays are a lie, as far as surface attachment goes. I'd like to be able to stick a small docking port or similar object down there. my workaround has been to put a docking port on a cubic octagonal strut on the outside, and then flip it inside to allow cargo modules to dock inside.
  15. Return transfer windows come up WAY more often than once every 20 years, more like a little over two (the first one is about 1.5 years after arrival, and then one every 26 months after, if memory serves). That said, 3-ish years (absolute minimum, accounting for travel time both ways) in a hostile environment with 10 people I've never met before the mission training starts... I could do that to leave a mark on another planet.