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  1. One of the module types (logistics?) and/or the presence of an engineer (or mechanic) allows distribution of machinery to an area for maintenance purposes. I always found it a bit buggy so ended up tying my base together with bailing wire anyways.
  2. Late game, I actually do use the Flea as a separatron for some of the more monstrous launch vehicles. You can cut the cost and weight a bit by fueling it only partially (you only need about 2-3 seconds of thrust at most), and you can mount it directly to the separating stage without any extra separators.
  3. Considering that I don't use very many mods to begin with and the fact that I basically have to start over every time there's a version update for KSP1, might as well just jump over to KSP2 and stay there.
  4. Is KSP2 still even on the Unity engine or did they modernize?
  5. FYI, if you do it this way, the game will stop at every spaceship launch and ask you for a particular word from a particular page of the manual.
  6. My load screen is getting hard-locked. Relevant part of the log below: After it hits that point, the game just locks up loading. I'll take KIS out entirely and see what happens, though I think it will bork some saves. Update: Tried to disable certain parts of KIS with the config file and no dice. Took out the entire KIS folder and game loaded just fine.
  7. The cargo/command plane from the Avengers TV series is on tap (forward flipping jet engines on the wings and a pair on the rear), as well as the swivel engine cargo ship from a sci-fi series whose name escapes me (lower rotating on front, higher set rotating in the rear). Then I'll have the nice challenge of a fully functional Dire Wolf from Battletech lore, because DIRE WOLF! 100 tons of stompy box-like death and destruction.
  8. From what I can tell, the center of mass for the wedges are at the snap point node, so there's not much need to balance them as the COM is mostly center mass anyways when you link it to one of the wedge holder thingamajiggers.
  9. Just the ModuleScienceContainer would be good enough, yes, that's what I edited onto the wedge. I guess if you had TarsierSpaceTech you could also add the TSTScienceHardDrive part. Its shows up in my game because of MJ, but that's a bit redundant because the new MJ release has a patch to add it to all command modules. Giving that cool computery part a new (and useful..and sciency) purpose was the idea.
  10. If you're taking requests, any chance to get a piece (or function added to an existing piece) for science collection and storage? I currently edited the control pod to do this and I think it works great. The regular stock science box also wedges nicely into the thing without too much fuss, but the clipping issues can prevent you from changing out other modules. Also, can we disable detection of the "blockages" on the covers? Sometimes it makes sense, but other times it doesn't - such as when I have primary doors locked (and something else stuck to them or nearby) but the secondary doors still refuse to function.
  11. If you use MechJeb for launches and you have KSP set not to clean up your ejected stages, you will get murdered by debris eventually. I've done it twice now where a random piece of debris smashed into a craft during the circularization burn.
  12. The problem started with the latest B9 plugin version. Here's the relevant part of the log:
  13. From what I can figure out, in order to dirty patch it you'd need to dig into the unity build of the part to see the exact transform names. Its throwing those errors for me also, but I started a fresh career with 1.7 so its not effected anything in game (crosses fingers). I was getting almost double the crazy warnings on load (5 fatal patch errors from MM) but with the solar panel update today it went from 5 to just 1 - assuming that's NF Construction.
  14. Is there a master list somewhere so we can at least get an idea which mods 1.7 broke? I've been wanting to get back in after being gone for nearly a year, but I have no idea what actually works on my standard mod list. I've experimented some, but what works and what doesn't seems completely random. There's this culture of "Don't ask, you're pestering the mod makers!" when you're only asking "if" and not "when".
  15. This happened back in 0.9 or so. I had a pretty busy career save I was working on but never bothered to manually click and cancel/destroy all the various ejected stages and other space debris that was piling up. I don't think I knew or used the setting to auto-clean it either. One of my contracts was to build a space station and I decided to send it all up in one go. I managed to build a stock launcher that could push nearly 1200 tons and a station that was just aerodynamic enough to make it to orbit. I hit the apoapsis and was rotating for the circulization burn and then BOOM. Debris everywhere. I thought it was the kraken killing my monstrosity, but I caught an oddly named "destroyed" note in the log. Basically a lottery-winning 1-in-a-billion shot of space junk came out of nowhere and obliterated the station.
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