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  1. That looks awesome @Rune, how much can it lift ot LKO ? 2 rapiers only so I guess something like 3-5 tons. The stock MK3 cockpit doesn't really fit the part but hey, stock is stock... And yeah, most of the lift comes from the body as one could imagine but the screen is at 35-40 Km so lift improves drastically. Really love the way you can make a skip very high in the atmo, you could glide the thing all the way across the opposite side of the Kerbin.
  2. Yeah I meant the rescaling, I'll try the other recommendation, again, the looks can't really be very close the real life, it's the approach, wings holding the cargo so CoM doesn't change when you release the payload, the reast of the balancing is done before re-entry by pumping fuel front/back and it does work. You may need to stick some airbrakes if you need them though.
  3. This is the largest spaceplane I've ever built, strictly following the concept of the real Skylon concept, cargo bay in the middle, short wings and dual cycle engines on the tips. In stock KSP, I was able to lift 45 tons to 75km orbit. Here's a pic during re-entry: And he's the real Skylon concept: Link to KerbalX: http://kerbalx.com/iVG/Skylon-45T-to-orbit-SSTO
  4. It won't boil faster, just readings would be synced with Kerbin's 6 hour day rather than 24h.
  5. I recommend using the near future packs (including the dev versions) Ksp interstellar, life support, remote tech, mks/oks, atomic age. Still that survivability node stays empty for me.
  6. Hi, can anyone explain the estimated flight times for the different levels - cramped, comfy, neutral, exercising, for example would a crew of 3 survive a trip to Duna and back in a 'Comfy' state of the 3 man capsule? Is it better to stick a hitch hiker module for interplanetary travel to raise the level to neutral? How fast do they lose fitness level and what kind of accommodation is necessary for the closest two planets? A simple clarification would help a whole lot, thanks!
  7. Hey @Porkjet , Any plans on an open cycle design to accompany the lightbulb ? Would be interesting to see some kind of a trade off in terms of temperature/thrust but higher ISP. Tell us what you think!
  8. I think Squad did the right thing for stock Ksp however the hydrogen tanks would have to be even bigger so they left the ISP unchanged to balance out again. In the latest dev build of near future propulsion, there are hydrogen fuel tanks which hold a bit more h2 for the volume but are slightly larger. There are also config files which increase the ISP of the stock nuke to 900 which is much closer to reality. Net result is similar but adds a nice dynamic to the Ksp - managing your tank sizes is the real issue even without the boil off And those tanks are specifically made for h2 only. I suggest you give it a try and once you're done you'll see stock 1.0.2 is not that far off. I used to use lf fuel switch but hey, there's a better and much more realistic alternative!
  9. Ahh sweet @roverdude. Also is there a filled community tech tree diagram where I can see all the mods that slot in? For example some of the command pod nodes are empty, colossal rocketry, some of the nuke nodes etc. The list in the OP has only 3-4 mods but there are quite a few of them already that slot themselves pretty nicely that are not listed there. Thank you for your work sir o7
  10. Anybody know what mod goes into the colonization tab, right after all the MKS/OKS stuff which is in Long term habitation? Also ideas for colossal rocketry?
  11. Lol Also I can only make one of the fission reactors to work, the small 400 ec/s one, the rest produce 0 EC?
  12. Just a quickie - Are the NTR hydrogen configs intentionally mission from the 5.3 download and where can I download configs for nukes to use hydrogen instead?