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  1. Not a screenshot. Rocks are unevenly distributed, there's artistic ambient lighting (in-engine would be global, not specific to the Kerbals). It might be a game-asset based scene with brush-applied rocks (which would explain the weird rockless patches), but I can bet it's not in game. Edit: The cinematic trailer from 2019 does not include in-game footage. Maybe in-engine, but not in-game.
  2. Hard to hear about KSP2 when all your storefronts have "STARFIELD" in big letters plastered on art from the game, which has been the case for most recent big game launches. This on top of KSP2 probably going for a 60 USD tag would be really suboptimal, even if people did find out about the game in this alleged "space game craze" that starfield may create, most would probably still be out of budget for a second 60 USD drop, even more if Starfield comes with some sort of deluxe edition or season pass or whatever. They need to make it it's own thing, using T2 money to make the storefront theirs, and not go hoping for the falloff of whatever Bethesda does.
  3. They do not compete on genre, but they will be competing for attention, budget, drive space, advertising, and storefront space, and believe me starfield will win all of those.
  4. I think how much they share is directly related to how much they can actually share, which is directly dictated by how far along they're in the development. This, in turn, is directly related to the confidence level of the current release date. Having had 2 further years to develop the product, they're still sharing more or less the same stuff, this definitely changes our confidence about the release date, at least for the people that read it that way. It is related, I'd say.
  5. It is not. Steam does suggest prices, but the dev has the last word on regional price. In fact, you can not even accept steam's suggestion and leave a game not available on a region because you didn't set a price in a certain currency. Crusader Kings 3 = 50 USD or 540 ARS. M&B2 Bannerlord = 50 USD or 2499 ARS. F1 22 = 60 USD or 6399 ARS. Developers have absolute control of the price of their game in any individual currency.
  6. You can hella see the influence the modding community has when materializing ideas into tangible mods. When people talk about multiplayer they don't even question the monolithic persistent server + hotjoin clients model that both MP mods used. I envision multiplayer more or less like that as well, but I'd value small games much more: I dislike per-player timewarp, and would prefer timewarp to be host-fixed. That's a huge no for big, public servers, but definitely the way to go for small, all-together sessions. Plus now that we'll have FTL timewarp might not be as necessary once that tech is unlocked. I'd go as far as to guess all possible solutions have already been mentioned and thought out, which is why they were so confident to promise multiplayer two individual times, and sell it as a base feature for the sequel. Like pretty much every other big "feature" they've "made", the modding community solved the problems first, and all they had to do is watch and learn, and then copy (or just hire the modder lol).
  7. https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-committed-to-multiplayer-career-and-sandbox-modes/
  8. You're reading me just fine and then warp my questions by including your own assumptions of what I'm thinking into them. Just to clarify: All those questions are literal, and I'm sure that whilst related, they can be answered separately, enough that I don't need to assume and imply things like the ones you assume I did. On top of that, as I said, I'm free to do with the information provided, or lack thereof, as I see fit. Will I take the devs at face value? Will their answers end up creating more questions instead of solving issues? who knows, but I think any answer is better than no answer. [snip] Your first assumption is completely incorrect: KSP2 is a product I am interested in, and a franchise I've been a part of for more than a decade, with enough investment as to create and publish mods for the game, and buy every DLC that's come out. Thus I'm heavily invested in the future of the franchise and the next sequel. Elden Ring is a product I did not follow, and though I do own DS2 and DS3, really didn't care about (you can search my steam profile and check my playtime). However, I do have friends that are heavily interested and invested into the franchise, the kind that can't shut up about every single detail, and want me to purchase the game to play with them. I wasn't even interested in communication from the devs, I took the other route and just gave people months to play the game to make an informed decision. I can however attest that my friends have been acting like I do for KSP2, they've followed every single bit of news and leaks. Just chiming in over the gif here: The glass broke because they hit the doors with a sledgehammer first, which they didn't account for when they tested the ball bearing against the glass before the presentation. Integration test vs unit test. If they did half-bake anything, it's the order of the tests.
  9. It's like you're not reading me. They're free to not explain and not address concerns, and remain completely silent until the product is done and released. I'm also free to voice my concerns and do whatever I want with the answers and info they provide or with their silence if they don't. My concerns and reasoning are as valid as their response or lack thereof, and at the very least I'm gonna make sure my concerns are clearly laid out, just so that "you didn't ask" isn't an excuse down the line. We should also take the time to learn a bit: Developers don't say anything, they're hired on a payroll, come in and do their work. PR/Marketing teams are the ones doing the talking to us, and they're also on a payroll and a clock, and are specifically paid to obtain the best possible response to a product.
  10. Let's not confuse waiting patiently with silence. If concerns are not voiced, how can we expect them to be addressed?
  11. The thing is I've been through that thread, and if you know about developing software, or games, you'd know "pleasing most people" is just a thing that doesn't happen, specially with engineering type games. Whilst the devs, you, and other participants might like to play hide and seek behind the "huge challenge", the community has already gone and made 2 different multiplayer systems work, in the shape of mods. Further on I imagine that, at the very least, an idea of how to solve the challenges and implement the solution would have already existed both times it was promised, for the original and sequel games. Otherwise there's another concern for my list: Why promise multiplayer 2 separate times when you had 0 idea how to work it out? The rest of your post is speculative answers to my other concerns, which really bring nothing but faith to the table, and I don't include faith in my financial transactions.
  12. I know this wasn't me you were quoting, and I agree they can't show stuff they haven't done yet, that should be pretty obvious. First off, the 2022 date was taken off their earnings call (or another economic document, can't remember), and the release date on Steam, though that's been there for a long time. Point I'm trying to make here is 2022 is still not confirmed in a realistically compromising way. On this same note, as an information seeking customer, I'll add the fact that we've had a studio swap and a delay. All of that happened after they announced the game to be coming out only a single year later. I believe you'll have to give it to me there in wanting more information. Did they have anything done when they announced the game was only a year away? What have they done since then if the game was a single year away? Why do you need to give yourself an unconfirmed date till 31 December 2022 when you had a product that was a single year away from release? Why has it been 2 years and we're still seeing more or less the same thing with the only difference between footage from 2020 release date and 2022 release date being new parts? Why are we on the same year the game releases yet you're unable to show hands on gameplay and are still showing untextured asset renders? Why did you guys promise multiplayer for KSP1 and then never let out a single word about it again? Why has been KSP1 left abandoned in a super buggy state? Why is Breaking Ground even worse in the bug department, even when the community has already investigated (and solved) the issues? These are pressing concerns that we are more than justified to have, that they've still failed to address. Even when they do not have a single obligation to answer, it does effect their public opinion of them.
  13. This is business, not a charity. I'm not "grateful" nor do I have to be. I'm on a market looking to buy a product and they're trying to get me to purchase theirs. Developing a game for X amount of time does not make it AAA, as the definition comes from budget, which makes it funnier considering KSP1 + mods are all passion works with almost negligible budget. On top of that, we really don't know what budget they're working with for KSP2, specially considering how little new stuff they've actually shown for it. It's taken them this amount of time to produce something that has been identified time and time again as "ksp1 with mods". You are right that nobody is forcing me to spend money, but I'll remit myself to my sentence replying to the other poster I quoted. I'm doing business with them, not with you. I'm free to demand and then purchase (or not) as much as they're free to completely ignore concerns like mine and lose my preorder along with those of people who share this point of view.
  14. [snip] Oh yeah, I should totally be grateful I get to give them money, oh how magnificent and magnanimous of them to let me give them my money. Private division had a product and pulled the trigger, then T2 formed a new studio and poached their employees, sending KSP2 to this new studio and leaving PD in the dust. THEN Covid. Perception of scale is clearly subjective. Nothing on the footage looks like anything we can't get out of modded KSP1. [snip]
  15. Customer of the franchise and almost all its related services. Guess you don't own a business that sells a product, otherwise this'd be basic knowledge: Brand loyalty sells, and has to be maintained, and when it fails, the entire business fails. This isn't even going into even more basic stuff like forming a good image in the eye of potential customers, specially since a game is not a product of need, so sales are all but guaranteed. Well, they first of all lost my preorder, and any preorder from people who follow the same principles. You might be loyal and/or impulsive enough, and with enough money to just throw at stuff you like, I'm not, I'm neither in fact. I could afford Elden Ring right now and I want to play it, I'm not purchasing it till it drops at least to about 50% its current price in my region. You also seem to grossly overstate the interest in KSP2, if you go outside the forum and subreddit, the game is pretty much unknown and everyone already forgot whatever they saw on the last big gaming event they showed it on. Only if you don't read into it. The marketing of Cyberpunk clearly reflected an extreme oversell, easy to see that the game wasn't going to be even close to promotion material, so much they had to start cancelling features 6 months before release, after 4 delays. Most of those features they cut, they didn't even manage to show once, whilst other appeared a single time in the whole years of marketing. Of course, the marketing granted them the most preordered game in history, but also the worst ever launch, multiple lawsuits, and the highest stock value drop ever for a game company. Even blizzard's "issues" didn't lose their stock as much value (40% loss for actiblizzard vs 80% for CDPR). Wrong, they showed enough to drive their non loyalist community to outrage, as OVW2 was indistinguishable from OVW1, driving them into delays to actually make a product, the one they now are actually not showing stuff about. The world is not "expecting" KSP2. There's almost 0 talk in any place that is not here, the subreddit, or the comments of KSP1 youtubers.
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