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  1. Eh, the Exchange is more for sharing .craft files. This should be fine here.

    Well done OP on the IXV! It's a cool looking craft. Personally, I love lifting bodies; they're so fun to fly.

    This one is pretty hard for some reason, touching q/e without RCS on is almost a dead sentence because they act more like yaw even when closer to the center of the craft, which for a surface mounted like that, it shouldn't have that big of an effect.

  2. First of all, I'm not sure if this goes here, but if it doesn't I'm sure mods will put it where it belongs.

    IXV - Mastering Atmospheric Reentry

    ESA's most recent endeavor consists of sending an unmanned reentry testbed composed of a lifting body design and two control surfaces attached to it's aft. It's filled with temperature and pressure sensors and it is going to be carried to near orbital speeds by the Vega launcher. After separating from Vega, the IXV will begin testing multiple reentry systems such as ablative and ceramic shielding, and the control surfaces themselves. Finally, it will spash down helped by a parachute on the pacific ocean.

    So, I grabbed some procedural parts, FAR, the mk2 spaceplane parts and began building stuff. This is the result.

    Javascript is disabled. View full album
  3. KnSy6YW.jpg

    6sCompartmentTubes - Non updated mod, Updated it myself and changed some modules to stock funcionality (originally it uses firespitter), but back then we didn't had cargo bays or the updates to the modules that they use.

    Adjustable Landing Gear Way better than the stock one, thread says 0.25 but works correctly if you get the latest firespitter.dll

    blackheart's textures for procedural fairings - There are textures for both procedural fairings and procedural parts. They still work because they are textures only.

    Community Resource Pack - For me it came with Karbonite+, if you don't use resource mods it is useless, and if the resource mod you use doesn't come with it then you'll download it in vain, that's why I don't link it.

    Custom Asteroids - Still works, adds some really good and needed diversity to the asteroid system.

    DDSLoader - Let's KSP load dds textures when the game starts, paired with converted textures, makes KSP load crazy fast (my game loads in about 30 seconds, no SSD or anything of the sort)

    Deadly Reentry - Adds reentry heat, it's mostly not-deadly unless you do aerobrakes at 12km/s, it's actually more probable for your crew to get killed by g-forces than because of their capsule exploding due to heating.

    Distant Object Enhancement - Adds albedo effect to the general skybox and creates flares for planets and objects you have in low orbits (you can see satellites passing by from KSC, or Moho right before the sun rises or sets for example)

    Ferram Aerospace Research - Because the stock aero model is dumb. Check this thread if you have any doubts regarding difficulty or how permissive FAR is.

    Firespitter DLL - Cause some things which I can't remember now require it (ALG is one, can't remember the rest)

    Hullcam VDS - Adds cameras you can attach to stuff, if you like rocket .....

    Kerbal Attachment Stuff - Crazy bananas mod that adds stuff like hooks, winches, etc letting you create things like cranes or doing a Philae-simil landing on an asteroid by shooting harpoons (actually hooks in the mod but whatever, it's freaking cool) at it.

    Kerbal Engineer Redux - Loadsa data, if you have mechjeb then keep it and don't download this, they cover the same stuff, although differently.

    Kerbal ISP Difficulty Scaler - In its simplest form, it balances FAR to keep the same requirements to orbit that stock has (~4500m/s dV), otherwise it lets you balance the values however you want and also fix stuff like thrust scaling with ISP instead of fuel consumption.

    KerbalJointReinforcement - Because rockets, planes, joints and structural elements are not made of jello.

    Kronal Vessel Viewer - Lets you create pretty blueprint-like images of your

    rockets and planes (obviously has no impact on anything, just a visual thing for showing your stuff to others)

    NavHud - You no longer need the navball, this thing shows you the vectors and lines IN FLIGHT, really configurable so don't worry if the default setting doesn't appeal to you.

    Procedural Fairings - HURR DURR AERODYNAMICS, If you install far, you either get this or KW or Aies or get really creative because you'll definitely need some fairings.

    Procedural Parts - Installed this recently and I don't use it to completely replace stock, but rather to fill its gaps (like very small or very big rockets or sizes in between the existing ones. With some extra texture packs they look really good.

    RealChute - Because parachutes don't magically deploy in a fraction of a second exposing themselves (and your ship and crew) to forces that would rip them apart if they weren't such magical devices in game.

    Regolith - Comes bundled with Karbonite+, if you download it by itself, you'll see nothing because it's a framework to create mods on top of, not a mod by itself.

    RemoteTech - Adds need for relays, connectivity, line of sight and a toggle able signal delay for probes, if you want a less intrusive and easier version, look at antennarange.

    Science Funding - Gives you funds for the science you do.

    StretchySNTextures folder is a texture pack for procedural parts

    TAC Life Support - Life support mod. Adds the need for food, electricity, oxygen and water and a lot of cylindrical parts to do different things with those four resources like recycling them for example.

    ToadicusTools - Comes bundled with other mods

    UmbraSpaceIndustries - Contains Karbonite+

    Wolf - Contains my TWISB - Stock Rebalance Patch and other stuff that shall see the light sooner or later.

  4. Speaking from a realism perspective, when landing on other bodies (with atmosphere HURR DURR) you don't want the chute to land all over your probe, probably covering the solar panels, so you cut the chutes high enough, perform a divert maneuver if necessary and then land propulsively. Parachute-landing-probes do not have solar panels on them and/or the parachute falling on top of them present no risk whatsoever. In KSP, parachutes disappear magically so they aren't a threat, we also have no wind so they can't get accidentally deployed by it converting our probes into a kite buggy.

    You could also consider cheating the fact that IRL there's a limit of how much parachutes you can actually use on a certain area, that doesn't exist in ksp (you can clip a lot of parachutes on the same place).


    it actually surprises me how "the best possible community on the internet" can't discuss this kind of topic without looking like a religious group. There's actual place for serious discussion on the topic, even if we have to manipulate the words in the OP a bit to see it.

  5. Just as a friendly reminder--how many of you have tested the new aero model? The new Engines?

    You all discuss things which are still in work and as i suppose ever changing... so why cant some of you wait for a release or at least for some more released data before trying to badmouth everything? So far all the information that is publicly available is not even worth speculating about since it lacks too many facts.

    And discussing/arguing about stuff that noone has a clue about is just not leading to any point..

    Because we are in a situation (based on previous experience) where either they get it right on the first try or we wait years for a fix.

  6. If you mean those halos that form around the moon, like these:


    IIRC, those are caused by the light coming from the moon passing through some really thin, ice-crystal-rich clouds. Where I live it's a telltale of bad weather coming, mostly ground frost.

  7. About heatshields, I r̶e̶m̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ actually have a quote on this:

    Q: With the re-entry heat system, will there be any modules to mitigate heat?

    A: We don’t want to add modules which will formalise the shape of a ship, like a heat shields system might. We don’t know if we want to add new parts or have all the modules have heat dissipation built in.


    But you know, this was from a time when the world was pink and the cows flew and we would be getting reentry heat on 0.19 and resources on 0.20 so yeah, don't pay that much attention to it.

  8. Well to be more pedantic it's more akin to getting a new car fresh off of the production line which is the same design as it was in 1968.

    The way things are happening is more akin to someone making the car back in 68, putting it on ads, showing it to everyone, hiding it for years and then selling it again as new even when the car is like 60 years old. In our case, it's digital stuff which doesn't suffer quality loss because of time, but it still isn't new.

    Lousy analogy. I doubt that these digital parts have been worn through use, or seen technology of newer models make them obsolete.

    We went from "new because nobody touched them yet" to "new because they can't get degraded by time". Your first post actually sounded like someone commenting "it's not a repost because I haven't seen it yet" on a well known meme.

  9. TWISB-Stock Rebalance Patch is a collection composed of MM edits and other tricks to rebalance many aspects of Kerbal Space Program. From creating engine diversity to changing the power curve of solar panels. There are also included a couple of hacks to, for example, add RCS to the mk1-2 pod and lifetime to RTGs. New parts are created by modifying the stock ones too, to provide more options and to fill gaps that the stock parts leave open (Probe-sized rcs parts). The problem with physicsless parts is also dealt with for parts where it doesn't make sense (like the size 3 decoupler).

    It is good to note uncountable times that this is a work in progress and there are a lot of things missing, but I've been working on this for a while and I really like the results, so I might as well share it with you guys.

    Changes in this CFG

    •Massive engine rebalance, based on giving each engine a role (upper, middle and lower stage engines), every engine has been touched in a way or another.

    •Probe-sized RCS.

    •RCS for MK1-2Pod thanks to some dirty hacks

    •Huge reduction in reaction wheel torque

    •New 1.25m nose cone based on the 2.5m one

    •Part mass/impact tolerance rebalance, now most things break when they should, this still needs a lot of work (lots of parts left untouched)

    •Removed physics-less attribute on some parts

    •RTG lifetime, based on a new resource (that -probably- doesn't conflict with anything, check comments in file)

    The file is also filled with comments for your convenience. It has been tested both with stock and with the FAR+KIDS combo and it works wonders.

    Warning, read this before using the CFG

    •This CFG doesn't include :FOR or other compatibility tags yet, so it may conflict with stuff (although it doesn't change many non-stock stuff)

    •It will DEFINITELY conflict with other stock rebalance patches.

    •It will change some mod parts (for the solar panel curve for example, it really doesn't care what it changes as long as it has a power curve)

    •Doesn't include modulemanager in the bundle, get that one separately.

    Engine modification chart

    This shows all changes I made to the engines, they have been revised multiple times, but I'm still open to suggestions and criticism (on all of the pack too, not just this bit). Yes, it's an excel. It also shows that if SQUAD wasn't homogenizing ISP values, we would really need more engines than what we have, as there isn't enough variety.



    v0.01 - Initial public release, still WIP


    KerbalStuff - https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/553/TWISB%20-%20Stock%20Rebalance%20Patch


    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  10. Sorry Regex, but I wish for you to "unmoddable" away these mods

    custom asteroids

    better than starting manned

    Karbonite (the thing they are kinda-copying-ish into stock with its creator)

    can't say about the new aero system, because it hasn't been released yet. And as far as buildings go, what is the real point of modding them ?

    edit: my main concern is going to be how many new parts, cause currently in stock, I'm using 3.2 of my 3.8 gb of ram, may try some of those graphical error in return for more ram things soon.

    Custom asteroids uses an entirely new spawner system, doesn't use the stock one because it is not moddable.

    Better than starting manned does the same thing, custom systems while hiding/blocking the stock ones

    Karbonite is pretty much a from-scratch thing, really, you can just see there's a load of code and uses nothing from stock.

    Being able to integrate something from stock (like using the asteroids as resource containers) != mod-ability

    To those who refer to pretty much any resource system proposed or used (Including both Kethane and Karbonite) as terrible, unrealistic, unfun, and a sign of the apocalypse akin to dogs and cats living together, is there a proposed system you DO like? Why? Is it ridiculously complicated? Just terribly complicated? Merely complicated? I am truthfully curious here.

    I don't really like how Karbonite allows you to just spit out all you need to fly rockets, but I don't want to need degrees in geology and chemistry to set up a Minmus base.

    I personally realize the old resource chart may look daunting at first, but I kinda like it. I would prefer, though, anything non "1 magic resource for everything" system, and that was what the old stock system originally was, it just needed a small simplification here and there and to be shown in a different way.

    Also, it seems my album is linked in the OP, guess I'll have to rename it from "ded" to "not so ded"

  11. You're missing this processor:


    I'm missing a lot of parts. As I said, someone made a better and bigger album with all the parts from the resource implementation back in .19 it's just that I don't know where to find it.

    There's also this (linked to save space):



    Is it something you've been able to play with? I'd say it's pretty new, regardless of when the models were made.

    Does that mean my '68 ford falcon is new just because it wasn't mine until now? I bought it not that long ago, maybe I can sell it for way more money now that I know this.

  12. Did a lot of people actually buy this game based mostly on potential? I bought it in .18.2 and I thought it was well worth the money based on the existing content at the time.

    Yep, I bought it for potential, the game was nothing back at .13, and even less before that, and there were a lot of nice please-give-us-your-money-look-at-our-planned-features promises, and then they changed the EULA to allow them to ask for money without anything in change, but I noticed this when it was already too late.

    You asked for it. I expressed what the pittance KSP cost can also buy, and clearly even in alpha represented value for money.

    to be clear, I might even agree with your points, but "I want my money back" is childish.

    As I said, we value our money differently.

  13. How many hours have you played? This game costs less than a bottle of wine. This post makes people assume you are probably a tween... Except my kids wouldn't sweat a little allowance money.

    I'll only respond to your question, since the rest is a personal attack. I've got 800 hours of it, and 790 of that is thanks to mods and roleplay, since the game has almost no content and even skyrim's radiant system is better than the contract system, not even talking about the science and money grind.

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