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  1. Continuing with the "Pride" frenzy, here's Pride 5, a modified version of pride 4, suited for minmus.



    Landing on minmus' biggest plain



    Alfrid (my star guy, with multiple months of piloting and like 100 EVA hours) doing his business on a extreme EVA


    Our rendezvous target coming in from the horizon





    Rendezvous maneuver complete


    Flying up to our target


    Getting closer


    Kissing time


    After some burning and waiting, we get into the atmosphere, then we deploy our chutes.


    AAAAAAAnd, we are back.


  2. I would really stay away from comparing those 2.

    Minecraft would be the awesome game that lost its potential thanks to the fans and broken promises, and lately, by taking mods and converting them into "official content" without even giving credit and, from that point, it devolved into another "adventure game", with the exception that you can build your own house, or go full creative and do whatever you want with blocks, which gets boring after a while. On top of that, it even got dumbed down for the retarded "I'M SUCH A GAMURR" fan.

    KSP is still in the awesome game with loads of potential phase. To make it comparable with minecraft, then there should be a point in which devs get tired of making their own game and started accepting suggestion from everyone or converting mods into official content without even thinking about the rest of the game. And of course, the retarded fanbase.

  3. And using timewarp to kill rotation isn't "cheating".

    It isn't? well, guess I can feel better with myself now.

    Problem with ASAS is that it is always overcorrecting itself, wasting loads of resources, add wobbliness on top of the equation and there you go, self-mutilating rockets/stations

  4. Continuing the Pride-4 odyssey.

    After some fun time (about a half moon day) in the mun, it's time to go back.


    Right after we press the separation and liftoff button, we need to work on that rendezvous.


    Some maneuvers later, the kissing time comes.


    Burning so that we set a periapsis inside kerbin's atmosphere (I used 36k height for this one)


    Hours later, we separate the lander from the command module and the capsule from the rest of the craft. Thanks to the mixed use of separators and decouplers, everything ends on different places.


    Three circumnavigations later, we start descending back home.


    When the heat goes down, it's time to open our chutes.


    Then, the final descent begins.


    Time for a big "We're back". (Yes, I missed the coast for 800 meters).


    Oh, you want to know what happens to the lander? then keep watching.


    Yep, those are kerbals' taxes exploding down there.


  5. The Pride-4 Lander (previously 3 were successful too) and its operations on my yet to be finished munar base. Landing was a pain in the back door because for some reason the framerate drops a lot.

    Getting close to landing point


    Preparing the ladder


    Going down


    Just look at their faces, those are 2 happy kerbals


    Checking the station


    Taking a look at the Gemini-1 Scientific Platform


    Everything looks alright


  6. Do you want a more detailed story than my post above?

    You won't believe me if I tell you there was a time paradox.

    Just so that I don't post without an image, here's the completion of a most painful refueling tank haul-n-dock operation on my still unmanned mun base. Everything was awesome till I had to use both of my USV (unmanned service rovers) to move that thing. Getting it to dock with the rest of the station was plain horrible.


  7. I've seen this type of threads on other game related forums and, given KSP's nature, I'm sure there's a lot of material here. Thing is: you planned a mission and you knew how to handle it BUT something went wrong in the middle. Whether it ended in success or failure, come here and show us!

    I'll use image links just so that there's more space and better loadtimes.

    I made a rover I called AMSR (automated munar service rover) and launched it. Here you have it reaching space and separating the fairings.


    Then, when getting close to the mun landing point, the final stage is used for braking, and then it separates, crashes, and the rover gets down on its own 4 little engines with loads of remaining fuel and RCS. Here you see the braking stage, as you can see the rover is attached by a docking port.


    I accidentaly undocked the port AFTER throttling down the braking stage, thrust-locking it against the rover and starting an uncontrolled ascent, thanks to the rover having RCS tanks and engines, I barely managed to pull it off. The braking stage crashed really close to the landing area (where the Genesis-1 Power station and a storage module were waiting for the rover) and throwing debris and parts all over it. The rover, on the other hand, survived and I managed to land it at 400 meters from the landing area. Here you see the final maneuvering with the rover. You can even see some smoke from the exploding debris.


    So, it was a close call, but a successful mission overall.

    Now it's your turn to show those close calls, planning/execution failures and anything else you didn't had in mind.

  8. Have you ever felt the need of having a giant, useless, ugly big rover that just doesn't care about where you drive it and just keeps going on forever? Well, then this thing is just what you were looking for.


    That's the T-C4N based Evermoving Fortress, a solar/generator powered huge but lightweight rover. Keep scrolling for the interesting features.


    The cockpit has a really nice view, it's aligned so that you can dock in IVA mode with ease.



    Docking port's height is measured using a dropped storage module with no gear (which I use for my mun permanent base). Most RoboMax 2 based rovers share the same height settings making it suitable for both VtV (Vessel to Vessel) or VtS (Vessel to Structure) docking.




    Now, the interesting stuff: Did you just crashed at high speed against something? no problem, just repair the remaining wheels (will work even with 2) and keep moving. Forget about docking though, as it's the first thing that crashes on a frontal impact.


    Even with 3 wheels, it still moves at 20m/s


    You busted the under-chassis batteries... and a light... and some solar panels? You can still keep moving thanks to the 2 backup top-mounted batteries, and it still generates the same power, so you can keep moving on and on, even at night.


    You JUST drove into the water, well... now the warranty is void and you have to bring another evermoving fortress BUT, it still generates power so you can keep your guys warm and pressurized till the rescue arrives.

    Evermoving boat not included in package.

    Evermoving fortress files:

    .Craft: http://www./?59e4gmpfzzlv61b

    Plain text: http://pastebin.com/Cea4XWSv

  9. Yesterday I took on the task to make a LKO Space Station, I called it the "BinariaSS" (Binaria would be the feminine of "Binary" -as adj.- in Spanish). It was a most entertaining job, as it was my first KSP rendezvous. I had previous experience from orbiter sim so it was rather easy but still entertaining and challenging.

    It started as something simple, the first thing that went into space was the "Solar Array 1", which was made in a way that it would reach orbit and then stay there deployed awaiting for the rest of the station, so that there wouldn't be any lack of power in case of failed launches that could leave the station and it's occupants powerlessly drifting in space.

    Once I built the main module (a T-C4N on top of a Stor Module which is also on top of a T-C4N) I was right about to launch it and then I said "WAIT, How do I dock it if there's no way to maneuver this thing in space" (This came to me because I realized that using the last stage of the launcher to make the docking would leave an enormous debris near the space station and that the smallest disturbance could make them crash against each other.

    That was the spark I needed to create the first spaceship you'll see now:

    The Orbitug


    Here you can see the Orbitug docked to the right of the already functioning and crowded BinariaSS

    The Orbitug is a non-heavy easy to maneuver spacecraft with a clamp-o-tron docking port and an adapter on it that links to a Clamp-O-Tron junior. The ship contains loads of RCS which are more than enough to complete multiple orbital operations before refueling.

    With the Orbitug ready, I launched it and docked it to the solar array, a most successful operation.

    Orbitug Files:

    Launcher-less: http://www./?m4v8kivfkjvq4w4 (Plain text format: http://pastebin.com/8AcCMzrk - Copy contents to a txt file on your ships folder and save as .craft)

    Great!, now I had a station for 8 people with only 2 guys, how sad. Then again, necessity is the key to inventions, and thus came the time to design a spaceship capable of transferring crew to and from the station. Again, I remembered my times in orbiter in which I played with a ESA inspired addon called the ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) used to send food and other stuff to the ISS, and so I decided to create a big brother for it that, instead of sending food to the station, were able to send people.

    CTV - Crew Transfer Vehicle


    The CTV on it's launcher's last stage.


    Fully deployed CTV getting close to the Binaria.


    CTV capsule separating from the rest of the ship in preparation for the reentry, the top separator stays there until the dynamic pressure rises.

    CTV Files:

    With LKO-Capable Launcher: http://www./?59hsj7r31u74r68 (Plain text format: http://pastebin.com/ZQm03jUK )

    Launcher-less: http://www./download.php?p2cuu2otimj5f4j (Plain text format: http://pastebin.com/RAxwsWLg )

    Now, the station had 2 more members (Yes, one of them stays in the CTV to pilot it back to Kerbin) but the Orbitug was almost out of RCS, making any other orbital operation and further expansion of the Binaria impossible. That alone forced me to make an RCSTanker, a small, lightweight, cheap way to refuel the tug and cover any other monopropellant need.



    Although a bit impractical, the RCSTanker does the job pretty well, and for dirt cheap in terms of weight. Here we have it on a direct VtV dock with the orbitug


    The "tip" is fully recoverable

    RCSTanker Files:

    With LKO-Capable Launcher: http://www./?c6e7thbb84ps5t1 (Plain text format: http://pastebin.com/6T0VFghP )

    Launcher-Less: http://www./?llmkvybob3tjwyo (Plain text format: http://pastebin.com/kWeVaeUS )

    As I said, this solution was a bit impractical for bigger ships because of the numerous rounded tanks. It was time for a big brother (and a little brother for the CTV), so then came the UTV (Unmanned Transfer Vehicle - I didn't want to name it ATV as it already exists IRL and doesn't look like it at all.)


    The UTV undocking from the BinariaSS, ready to go back. The "tip" is detachable and has parachutes, so it's fully reusable.

    UTV Files:

    With LKO-Capable Launcher: http://www./?t2m82zagf2lljbr (Plain text format: http://pastebin.com/2c3hQATs )

    Launcher-Less: http://www./?nn5so2xvssc1yrs (Plain text format: http://pastebin.com/QgWiPHAP )

    Now the Binaria is nearly completed, but the road to completion is fully paved and turned into a highway thanks to these ships.

    And that completes the Space Station Service Vehicles that I created out of necessity, I hope they are as useful to you as they were to me.


    The BinariaSS as of now, with the Orbitug ready to receive and operate future expansion modules.

    If somebody wants, I can upload the BinariaSS modules (it consist of T-C4Ns, Storage modules and 2 asymmetrical solar arrays).

  10. Well, it's PDCWolf here, just popped in to say hi to everyone again.

    Can't really remember what I posted on the original thread but well, I've been playing KSP since 0.15 and some weeks ago I decided to register and participate on the forums, and then they crashed. I hope it doesn't happen again.

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