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  1. Any plans for a Breaking Ground or Making History pack? You've made some very nice suits.
  2. I see the options you are referring to, but they only apply to Kerbals that are on EVA rather than those inside the ship.
  3. I've recently come to the realisation that the Kerbals don't wear their helmets when inside spacecraft, which is odd because I remember they had them on in older versions of the game. Is there a mod to restore this behaviour?
  4. With the stock pack for Parallax, i'm sent into an infinite loading loop after loading all the parts and stuff. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vbkm_vVoMJOvx2vvjL6hQlije1BJcnCf/view?usp=sharing https://imgur.com/Sobx8fv Is an SSD recommended with this mod? I've only got my old spinning platter hard drive .
  5. So long as the devs aren't forced into uncomfortable work hours. Try not to delay too much, though, I'd like to play the game before we land on the moon again for real.
  6. As in, how will time warp will work in multiplayer. For instance, if someone is in the middle of docking a vehicle but someone else wants to timewarp to apoapsis at the same time, you can't really solve this without some sort of system in place.
  7. Has anyone found any documentation on how to add suit textures for use with the new suit picker?
  8. I've been getting this as well. It happens with docked vessels too.
  9. I'd imagine with multiplayer it would be possible to get a friend to land a booster back to the launch site for you, while the payload goes on its merry way.
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