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  1. I was just thinking, I mean, the young teens that play this game still have a lot of time to shape their future. I was wondering if anyone might become an astronaut because of this game. Post opinions.
  2. Just a general curiosity thread...mine takes 45 minutes. I have ALOT of addons and mods.
  3. Update - Made some modifications and managed to increase the top speed. This picture is at 720m/s, and it was still climbing. I even managed to get re-entry effects with it...crazy
  4. Pretty well, Just takes a few flies to get to grips with the controls
  5. After playing KSP for about 5 months, I finally got around to building my own took a few hours but I finally got it to fly. Open to name suggestions, because it's just called 'Untitled Space Craft' right now.