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  1. Hey Guys, Please don't take this as a complaint, i'm just curious, i've just had a month of my life chewed up by EVE online so i'm in kind of a daze, once a week i popped over to see how my favourite little game of the past few years is progressing, but i don't see any new updates, are they being aired somewhere else like on Twitch TV maybe? Thanks for any answers
  2. It's Kerbin! And that is a beautiful blanket.
  3. When will the petroleum age end? That's terrible but i'l be dead before then, Woohoo! I mean...that's terrible.
  4. Wings of Honneamise! One of my favourite films of all time and i'm not really that much into Anime:
  5. lol nice, those spacesuits are pretty snazzy
  6. When Jeb Kerman does push-ups he doesn't push himself up, he pushes Kerbin down, also Jeb doesn't read blue-prints, he stares at them until they give up the information, lastly, when the boogie-man goes to sleep he checks his closet for Jeb kerman.
  7. I "reached" Moho by smashing into it at a squillion miles a second, i should have knocked it out of orbit, thankfully it was just an un-Ker-manned probe.
  8. Oh thank you very much I'm afraid i don't really have any more plans as i'm still just collecting science, but hopefully i'l do another story some day, i've already done two Mun rescues which doesn't really say much for my skills hehe, i think for my next mission i'l send someone else other than Elvin, he's earned himself a long rest back at the Space-center and other Kerbals are raring to become well known too.
  9. I managed to get him! I finally happened across a design that made it there and had enough fuel to come back again, here is Hope-2. full of fuel and leaving Kerbin's influence: Thankfully he was only asleep and woke up to a wonderful surprise, he was going home! The stage-managed shot for the newspapers, after copious amounts of coffee, hugs and back-slapping Elvin was back in the mood to smile, a catastrophic journey that thankfully ended happily. http://i1310.photobucket.com/albums/s656/Sancho545/2013-10-20_00014_zpsd3c98ccf.jpg' alt='2013-10-20_00014_zpsd3c98ccf.jpg'>
  10. M: Great news man! I just got back from orbiting the sun and i brought back a ton of science, it's going to pave the way for nuclear engines so we can design something to get you back, well eventually, we just need to do some more journey's and... E: MERFROD!!...IT's BEEN 106 DAYS!!!! *fizzle* M: I know, i know! Trust us we're getting there, anyway we've told K-Radio that Miley Kyrus and Justin Kieber are banned till we get you down don't worry, anyway....goodnight Elvin. E: And that Lady Kaga, *fart-sound* I don't want to hear it anymore Merfrod! *Spshhhh!* M: You got it Elvin... i'l let them know mate, see you. E: Yeah *beep* (reality, i can't make anything with enough fuel to rendezvous with Elvin until i get hold of some nuclear engines, so i need more science, yes i suck.)
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