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  1. Are you still looking for improved textures? I can do UV unwrap, AO bake, normal maps, ect.. I have to say though probably not as well as PorkJet can.
  2. Hi ZodiusInfuser, I noticed KerbCam got an update from LinuxGuruGamer so cinematics are back on, I'm sure you'll get a newer trailer at some point. I've learned a bit of modelling and texturing since we last spoke as well, I'll speak to you in the development thread. Thanks for the time and effort you and Rudolf Meier are still putting into this
  3. I bet 2 weeks ago you weren't thinking that there'd be people coming here to tell you that IR is better than stock robotics in every way the can think of. I only tried it because they're giving me the addons for free (old timer) and I'll be sticking with IR for all my actuation needs
  4. Are reaction wheels for stability/steering OK or turning by joint movement only (which is a bit tricky)?
  5. Is it possible to have more than 1 sequence and switch between them? At the moment that 6 leg thing can only walk forwards/backwards, needs two more different sequences for turn left and right.
  6. The thing is, if your mod breaks any rules in the TOS you can be legally forced to stop, it's just the owners choice to turn a blind eye and allow you to continue if they feel like it, or change their mind and stop you at any point in the future.
  7. AFAIK the voxeling/voxelation/voxelisation is based on the parts mesh, which physics-less still has. You can turn on the voxel map in the hanger and look if a part has voxels inside it, or stick physics-less parts to your ship and see if it effects supersonic drag - it should be easy to tell if a part is having an effect.
  8. I do really enjoy missions to Laythe but an autonomous, amphibious, walking robot. Walkers are slow, especially if they need to carry experiments/ect. and I can't see a walker that can float moving too fast in the water either - seems like a really long time to complete a full survey of every biome by land and sea. Can it fly as well? A propeller and couple of wings wouldn't add too much weight and be powered by the same electric that powers the legs since mods are allowed. I wouldn't really want to crawl around Laythe at 5-10m/s. Oh and that "other" question - is MechJeb a cheat mod?
  9. It broke apart at over 150m/s with empty chairs when I was completing the emergency evacuation training, those Kerbals limit the speed by 1/3. And poor Jeb was already stood there before I started, I didn't have time to leave a spot and load him on, or choose a name and type it in the SPH, it's just another untitled craft I must admit I haven't played much recently but that was fun - Thanks.
  10. I had a go and escaped to 26km with 17 Kerbals, should be enough to rebuild the space program. Stock and TakeCommand which allows to populate command seats in the VAB/SPH. I do have 6GB just of ram in my PC but I started a timer and ran without any bonus. As usual there's a difference in distance in the game and on the F3 screen, I was 13km from a marker at the runway and 26km in the F3 screen - I chose the higher
  11. I think the strut forms a rigid connection @kcs123, you'll need an additional free rotatron at each end of it.
  12. The download is still there, however, since the time of this thread KSP forum decided to remove all Mediafire links due to suspect advertising. If you're interested, and I should remind you it hasn't been updated for a couple of years and probably won't even load, you'll need to copy the DL link in the op and add "mediafire.com" after the "www." to get to the download link. Unfortunately I don't have plans to update my old .crafts
  13. It doesn't look to be quite the total omnishambles we were promised Not that I understand much of what's being discussed at the moment, keep it up though it looks great (I think).
  14. It looks great, just like the main IR plugin - Great work on both Zodius's little probe core control box thing also seems to of lost it's sequencer functionality, I haven't looked at why yet. Oh, and that was my extremely cute and simple little mech a page back, stop being rude about it I had a look at reproducing it in the sequencer and unless I've missed something it turned out a bit trickier than I expected. If you send a rotatron to (+)180 the next steps fail, I'd have to make a 4 step loop. Start at 1, then to (+)179, then to -179, then to -1, then back to +1 because a "move to
  15. Some great additions, the new UI and build aid looks fantastic @pwu The parts have been separated from the plugin, you'll need to get both. Go to the link below, you'll need to get the plugin (-RC2-Core.zip) from the "Release Candidate 2", and the parts (IR-LegacyParts.zip) from the "Release Candidate 1" below it. https://github.com/MagicSmokeIndustries/InfernalRobotics/releases You can also try the Rework parts but only the joints work, not the wheels, legs or other things. Follow the link at the top.
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