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  1. I do love plane missions also, but this would be greatly enriched by adding somehow more landings strips at least, lets make other minibase.. etc, as it its presented on other many threads. Btw i do similar things as you, i like to do that.
  2. Great discusion guys, but keep it together, isn't that great, that finally somebody from development start looking this way too? Be happy about it :-) no point to argue about technics of runninig when we are just before first step. Remember how many changes went through before we had todays science gathering? But also, thanks all for opinions
  3. on http://kerbaldevteam.tumblr.com/ finally announced so awaited probe telemetry antenna relay networks I was so looking forwad to have these features in vanilla game! This makes sense to currently do all of "place satelite on orbit" missions, which will be left there for nonsense blocking your view or leading you to miss-click when operating with targets. Thanks Developers! Keep up good work.
  4. I would welcome rover test track either, its easier to make (just make part of the bumpy road next to center) and thats it!, about airplanes - it is about testing so i would count that for a part of the game itself, i do not need this right now, altrhrough in real world it does make sense.
  5. Anything else, like more places, few will do the job, one for the start :-), no seriously, lets have that in some-like following order: 0. On the begining there was a tech-tree node [Then after unlock..] 1. Discovery site by observation (crew report above) = Enlist site 2. Land there and land home from there after = Enable site for launch 3. Upgrade site same as regular KSC (to extend capability and quality of site) 4. Maybe optional after - Start from there with the extra price for that 5. 100% recovery when landing there 6. Maybe something exclusive there - little bumpy road to test rovers? Conclusion - You can use that, or totaly ignore that way, nobody gets hurt, and interested ones have something else to work around..
  6. Nice replies everyone, thanks a lot, first time doing this in more kerbals hanging around planets
  7. Simple question, i have one object (merged station, few pods, lab etc..) with more kerbals in complex. How can i recognize who is who? For Ex. I know that the Jeb and Val are pilots etc.. but what for the others? I want to select for example one scientist.. but who is who?
  8. Here is the idea - Could be changed texture of "Structural Fuselage" or "Mk1 Liquid fuel fuselage" ? they look way to same (almost). Yes, they are at different groups, but still.. It happened to me several times (my mistake, i know..) One fun storry to tell: First peek to duna, yup, contract to fly near, great, i have plenty tech to going there, so put a huge rocket, four big boosters, everything smooth, final stage for Duna orbit made it with two others which was supposed to burn earlier, but it went well, so contract made, and with that also carry some experiments from very hi orbit, why not try to return them, two and half stages are enough, decouple... and no thrust, engine off.. why..fuel? I have, liquid.. here are full tanks... full? [RightClick]...tanks??? ...tanks? no.. knock knock whos there - structural fuselage, structural fuselage where? structural fuselage on kerbol orbit far a way from home..
  9. This is still happening to me even in 1.0, anybody solution for that? It is just as Shrike99 wrote, if the line is before CoM then it is inverted :-\
  10. Yeah, nice usage that calm music, but sorry, while playing i am still loking for rocket parts on the left side :-)
  11. I am alone, that hear about 00:30s time of trailer of this game, a VAB game music from KSP? or it is any open license which allows to use anywhere and btw in Kerbal? http://store.steampowered.com/app/364660/
  12. Yup, the afterdock/undock situation was my major concern, also in some "part" flying somewhere to meet and use later (to prevent usage early or in delivery launch progress). Please do that in any form!
  13. Better than doing that with many bugs, for now, do not do that at all, and focus on game features, and later maybe. As far as game goes on my average gaming computer well, i do not need 64bit release just for feeling that i am using it in 64. I would like to see squad going to this suggestion forum and quickly replying about some usefull ideas over here, to see what will be possible from our opinions..
  14. I am also with this, its needed to edit/show ActionGroups (when already unlocked), when you have more complex ship, and do dock-(something else) undock, then fly, your groups are gone, or does make sence, so simple dialog as in VAB/SPH to edit AG! Also when you need to undock+something else in same moment.
  15. Same problem faced, when constructed a rover with core on it, then put it on a tank (two total, each one side), then after drop i had to switch to front-facing docking port for actual heading and true horizont reading data on navball. just Show some like arrows when moving core/pod, to see where it is facing, if you cannot override (90/45deg steps afterwards in flight)
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