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  1. operation DROP BOMB : Success after 15 quick-saves and 3 rocket landing attempts XD Jeb can now continue to the north pole to a refueling station to top up and make some headway for lost time
  2. i might just do this little challenge unfortunately jeb wont be able to attend this fine and dandy thing as hes currently on a mission to go around the world and a land speeder and cannot be interrupted by this mission XD
  3. you planning on rebooting the itty bitty areo plane challenge :D i fell like i can build small again 

    1. sal_vager


      I may do that actually :)

  4. when i think of collisions doing somthing weird i usualy think they do this as an example
  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *UPDATE* OPERATION SQUIRT WAS A FAILURE :/ due to the compact design of the land speeder and the not long enough stick to transfer fuel the damage was done now on one hand i had a revert on me witch i used because if i hadn't the land speeder would have been out of commission as the refuler destroyed the engine along with it own right side of its own engine was damaged in the process Now i am doing it differently as i rebuild the refuler from scratch its going to be a drop rover design or in other words going to be transported by rocket aka OPERATION DROP BOMB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPERATION DROP BOMB IS NOW ONLINE AD READY TO GO >:p wish me luck
  7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION DAY 2: OPERATION SPEED SQUIRT IS A GO! the tanker is planning on a rondevu with the land speeder hopefully we wont have any issues with the refueling mission as long as the speeder gets any fuel it will be a success as there is a refueling outpost up at the north pole that it will top up at.
  8. say all the parts for the vab are NOT showing up :/ and none of the spoilers work either :? there blank to me
  9. i basically take a picture when im in the world view in genral and draw a physical chart on where i need to go basically with Photoshop, and i usually play the game in windowed mode so yes there is a practical use for me at least
  10. This is why i make a picture of kerbin and plan around serious obstacles before i launch
  11. XD whoops i was tired when i composed this ill fix it
  12. no not really if i have to i can use imjur however im using gyzo atm
  13. hello my name is lego8_bit and today i recently decided to take part in the Elcano Challenge recently and i came up with this little lovely thing AKA (THE DART MK1) THIS IS A MODDED ENTRY Using A stock chassis but with b9 areospace for the cockpit areo brakes, intakes, and engine cowling along with b9 adjustable wings for steering (forgot the actual name to it but its close XD) top speed so far.... On land max speed: 135 m/s on water max speed: 42.2 m/s max fuel cap: 800 L of fuel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Current status: Out of fuel and waiting on a resupply drop. also jeb here just managed to stop a catastrophic flipping catastrophe when hitting a sharp bump going down hill full bore all he managed was to lose was a fin in the rear for steering left and right about a 50% decrease in response time and is currently waiting for fuel DAMAGE ASSESMENT: that's all the damage the dart took after its tumble down the hill the rest of the way XD tough little speeder regardless of the damage it took. im gonna drive it until it cant drive no more in style >:) i will post my map latter tomorrow as its 2:00 am in the morning compiling all of this data together i can tell you that this little craft can go far on one fuel tank.