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  1. as the title states above what mod does this cockpit come from?
  2. got it to work just had to re-download the right versions
  3. Its flipping............. WHAT WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS FLIPPING!!!!! You can't just flip 200 Tons of steel!!! the landing gear just did............................... ................ .......... ........ *@^&!!!!!!!! .............. Someone get the kraken exterminator to get this fixed ASAP!!!!! were loosing valuable time and money.......
  4. Something Big is coming............................
  5. HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM since this is navel battles i think its fair enough to do this >:D
  6. I have seen some entries with 1.5 it counts as mk1 and mk2 parts passenger count wise
  7. Holy heck i have not been here a while but does this still work with the recent update to KSP or no?
  8. Ok, then a post later on tonight with my planes but for now here's a preview of few test i was conducting last night
  9. I have a question can we enter 1 plane for 2 categories XD supersonic and small regional.
  10. I will change the link for the dump file to un encrypted
  11. Try a fuel tanker that exceeds 208 mph on the water XD and has and OBSENE amount of fuel that can power 1000 v8s for 5 years
  12. My sub and refuler for the sub and i bought PLENTY OF FUEL
  13. DISREGARD MY PREVIOUS SUBMISSIONS AS MY HHD WAS WIPED im going to be building another Sub for this
  14. apologies, I forgot to tweak my question to where you can see the logs. I have the dump as well as the text it a spoiler but, I had the screenshot take up most of the space to where it would confuse some people. i moved the screenshot into it own spoiler and the logs should be visible (the dump download is at the very bottom of the log spoiler.)
  15. KSP: 1.6.1 Windows 7 64bit Problem: modded game will not launch completly and crash Mods installed: KAX Airplane Plus firespitter Module Manager 4.0.1 Reproduction steps: Start the game and it crashes mid way though the loading screen Screenshot: Log:
  16. Rebooting this old Thread of mine! wiped the version scores to the Newest version of kerbal! i wish people luck and let me know if there are any expoits and or rule breaking issues that require my attention good luck and happy flying!
  17. operation DROP BOMB : Success after 15 quick-saves and 3 rocket landing attempts XD Jeb can now continue to the north pole to a refueling station to top up and make some headway for lost time
  18. i might just do this little challenge unfortunately jeb wont be able to attend this fine and dandy thing as hes currently on a mission to go around the world and a land speeder and cannot be interrupted by this mission XD
  19. you planning on rebooting the itty bitty areo plane challenge :D i fell like i can build small again 

    1. sal_vager


      I may do that actually :)

  20. when i think of collisions doing somthing weird i usualy think they do this as an example
  22. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *UPDATE* OPERATION SQUIRT WAS A FAILURE :/ due to the compact design of the land speeder and the not long enough stick to transfer fuel the damage was done now on one hand i had a revert on me witch i used because if i hadn't the land speeder would have been out of commission as the refuler destroyed the engine along with it own right side of its own engine was damaged in the process Now i am doing it differently as i rebuild the refuler from scratch its going to be a drop rover design or in other words going to be transported by rocket aka OPERATION DROP BOMB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPERATION DROP BOMB IS NOW ONLINE AD READY TO GO >:p wish me luck
  23. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION DAY 2: OPERATION SPEED SQUIRT IS A GO! the tanker is planning on a rondevu with the land speeder hopefully we wont have any issues with the refueling mission as long as the speeder gets any fuel it will be a success as there is a refueling outpost up at the north pole that it will top up at.