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  1. Krash Inc Solution for the AreoBrake Landing on Pykes-3. (What KSP2 could look)
  2. 1- Most of my parts are unlocked at Endgames and their purpose vary for each of them. Heavy Lifting, Multiple Uses, Refueling Missions, Hazardous Landing, Long Burn, etc. Most of them are simply a reskin of the Jumbo 64 tanks with extra functionality. 2- Heavy Lifting, Refueling, Solar Panel, Nuclear Cooling are great for Interplanetary missions. 3- Not implemented yet and i'm not good enough at coding to implement it but i'm open to any help or external mod to add theses function to my parts or new sci-fi parts if any modders wanna cooperate with us. 4- Never tried to be honest
  3. I didn't know how DDS work nor MIPMaP too. I will look into that.
  4. This is a PBR Parts Pack with who bring new design and a sci-fi look to your rockets. Look at the Shoowroom section for a quick look.
  5. You add -force-opengl to the steam shortcut
  6. V005 is out ! Download Here !
  7. Thank you sp1989 ! I contacted him on Imgur i case he wanna join us to mod KsP.
  8. The Mod is PBR Ready By the Way But you have to install Textures Unlimited 1st !
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