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  1. This is an fan base engine. So fans decide which kind of engine it is. Simply submit an EngineX.cfg. I will pick one.
  2. New Engine Prototype in Progress ! MaErDa's Fan based Prototype : Submit your .cfg and design idea in a ''spoiler''. The most liked design in one week will be selected.
  3. Thank you for the feedback, I tried to convince around 15 youtubers to made 4k videos of my mod but with no success. I have an old computer with an gtx 600sc. I can't stream or play at 4k without heavy fps drop. The problem is my mod is sci-fi and most Ksp Youtuber are Pure realistic oriented. They need to start a new game for my mod and it look they don't considerate it at this point. I am in some point an Pure Ksp player too, so i understand their point of view. Maybe we will see more Sci-Fi Ksp Youtuber soon. Feel free to suggest what you want the most for version V0.98. Feel free to post 4k video or screenshot of your crazy rocket here too ! Enjoy ! Ps: I stashed around 4500$ CAD for an new workstation, once pci-e 4 is out i will invest in it and restart working at my 100%. My gtx 660sc have hard time with substance painter 2. If you want to greatly help me and next-gen modders; start an petition to ask Squad to implement PBR shader into KSP. It will ease all substance painter artist to mod quickly KSP. i asked them and they answered me; if it had enough demand we will considerate to implement this. So ask ! Thank you !
  4. I wait for more feedback and downloads. I'm working on 2 indies games. A new VR game made in Québec made by an indie team. I'm focusing my time on them for now. But if my mod had enough success i will spent more time on it. I'm at 3800 downloads and almosts no feedback. Feel free to compile balances feedback and bug issues and post them on my thread. I will try to fix them soon i'm aware of them. Good to know you love it. MaErda Corp still open collaborations. Feel free to ask. Contact me via my facebook's page.
  5. MaErDa Beta Tester Pack soon will sacrifice kerbal to convert Warnitium into Warnium. In the next Warnium Pack.
  6. Where i can find the rigged kerbal model (Male/Female) if i want to mod them ? With Animations if possible.
  7. So in shorth we can't have access to a rigged Kerbal model for modding ? Squad won't us to modelize some new Kerbal ?
  8. Where you found the rigged Kerbal models ?
  9. My last message was this : 28 MAI 22:55 : Horace : hi?
  10. Messenger ? I doesn't use MSN-Messenger ? You mean Facebook ? 28 MAI 22:55 : Horace : hi?
  11. Added : BL2 Tank Variants Eengine Series Extentank Series MX80625SB &MX80625SC Changed : Duplicates Textures (Faster Loading) Minors Tweaks and renames Fixed : Missing Techtree icons Paths Etc
  12. Added : BL2 Tank Variants Eengine Series Extentank Series MX80625SB &MX80625SC Changed : Duplicates Textures (Faster Loading) Minors Tweaks and renames Fixed : Missing Techtree icons Paths Etc
  13. dim. 2013-03-17, 07:34 Thank you for your order at Kerbal Space Program Store.Order Details:Order ID: XXXXXXXProduct: Kerbal Space Program (23 USD, 1 copy)Amount: 23 USDDownload Link: Login to KSP Store and visit your Profile Page.Please keep this email as a reference to your purchase.If you have any questions, you can visit our FAQ page, use our contact page.Happy Launchings!!KSP Store. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thats mean i have Free DLC ? If i buyed the game 3 times ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sincerly; Squad need money if they want to develop KSP 2 or good DLCs. They can't give freebies for life to everyone or the majority. Sincerly; i'm sad to had no clue that KSP was on Kickstarter. I miss it ! I had no clue of that game until an European give me the hint. That game was totally under the radar here in Canada.