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  1. @DMagic You are of course, right. Where the hell did I see two different DLL names? Haha. My apologies.
  2. At first glance, this seems to be with the fact that the plugin .dll name has been renamed from DMagic.dll to DMagicOrbitalScience.dll between versions.
  3. Behold, my magnum opus. 50 tons of rovers landed on a planet!
  4. Apologies for being slow to reply;I think we must be in different time zones. The mods I use for the bugs are: KSP Interstellar: RetroFuture (These are for the cabs and chassis): Extraplanetary Launchpads: TweakScale:!-(v1-44-2014-10-10-19-20-UTC) Internal Robotics: Kerbal Attatchment System: Kerbal Foundries (For the awesome tank tracks): Craft files for the bugs can be found here: As for more examples of what they can do / where they can operate, I've made some other videos as well, I'll link them: Video 1 (The first bug demonstration): Video 2 (Encapsulation inside a fairing and stuff like that): Video 3 (Landings + Example of useage of the Junk Bug on the Mun): I also threw together some of the footage I've been working on for a Bug-themed munbase into a sped up 'music video' Plans have changed and I'm now going to be doing the munbase videos in collaboration with a friend of mine. If there's any particular part of the video you want to see at normal speed, give me a shout and I'll upload it at normal speed!
  5. Hey guys, I've been hammering away with a ridiculously enormous mod list for some time now. I have been working on a Munar Base and have built a selection of vehicles to deal with most of the common issues of setting up on the Mun I present for your approval: The Bug Vehicles!
  6. That is the plan Captain! The idea is to spawn them on demand. Perhaps like Pokerdope suggested on landing. Don't worry, the whole idea of this is to be able to see, lift, manipulate and return your science points with a bit more involvment than 'press button, receive science' As to why I can't spawn non-physical rocks: I would have no idea where to even start with that. I understand just enough to make headway on this. My background isn't as a programmer or artist (I drive Fork Lift trucks to pay the bill. )) so it will take some time.
  7. I've had a good night's sleep and had a think about it: 'Alternatively, add an EVA command for "Dig for rocks" (Which will create a handful of rocks in a ~2 meter radius), or have "Take surface sample" generate rocks. This is a little less immersive, but simpler to implement and will not strain the computer.' I think this method struck on the right idea. Spamming thousands upon thousands of parts files all over the mun is a recipie for disaster. The weakness in directly replacing take surface sample is that you could spam all your rock types 3 feet from the lander. However, adding a 'look for rocks in the vicinity' button to the sample return canister which would generate, say 50 rocks in the 2.5km physics radius would limit cheap play and limit the performance impact. (And enable biome specific types too) I'm not sure exactly at what point you start having problems with performance. I'll test it today. If its something as simple as number of triangles visible we could spawn (at present) 10 rocks for the same performance hit as a 2m engine. Physics calls on the other hand might prove a bigger problem: at the moment scattering these things on a slope would probably A) Be really funny Present interesting challenges in 'active geological process avoidance' as your lander gets pelted by an avalanche of newly spawned rocks. Would could just call it live scree formation and make the best of a bad job. C) Cause fires for laptop users.
  8. There's no reason things can't get more complicated later on as I learn more about how everything works together. There's a few snags to overcome but I'm quite hopeful that this will work. RedDragon is on the right track. Load up the container onto the LRV and go hunt some rocks! 10 or 15 different types, max science after say 2 of each type brought back is possibly 30 objects to go and find. Limit the carrying capacity sufficiently and you can stretch that out to a whole Apollo Programs worth of missions. As you work through it too. You'd have to travel further away from your Lander to find them. I think it has potential to scale quite nicely.
  9. This might be a bit of a silly question as I think it exceeds what KAS is meant to do, however.. I've been plodding along with a sample collecting mod which is KAS dependent. What I'm trying to do is essentially return completed experiments to collect science while they are stored in a KAS container. Testing so far hasn't been promising. Is there a way for this to be done elegantly within the current constraints of the code? I'd rather not reinvent something that exists already. Awesome mod by the way, got me all excited with possibilities!
  10. Yes. At this point in time only by expedient of pressing 'r' for screenshot purposes. If there's a way to call up the animation another way I am very interested.
  11. Ugh, it was so simple, it was staring me in the face! Good news, I just tested a method I think will work. As the rocks are part files, I can create a new experiment type using ModuleScienceExperiment module that comes with KSP. Here's how it would work: 1) You scoot up to your rock and pick it up. 2) right click on it, the context menu will have a new item 'Examine rock' linked to an experiment 3) The experiment will proceed as normal, though I will set it to transmitvalue 0 4) You stuff it into the sample return part and when you land, you'll get your science just like any other returned science part.
  12. The more science the better! What I don't want to do at the outset is doom myself by promising more than I can deliver. I am learning everything from scratch. I mean, this is the level I'm at so far. Just making sure everything behaves the way it should in triple scale before anything else. I think after I've finished off the parts I can foresee needing at this stage (Ideas as to what sort of rocks there would even BE on the Mun are very, very welcome!) I will tackle the rocks-for-science problem first. It's far more limited a challenge than scattering the samples about -- there's already precedents in game for awarding science for conditions (craft returned from orbit, craft returned from surface of the mun for example)
  13. Yeah, RedDragon is right. That's the easy bit. The KAS plugin already has code for containers. The picking up, carrying around and loading onto the spacecraft has already been done thanks to KAS. Getting the rocks up there, and having them converted into science after returning is the difficult part
  14. Hey chaps. Looooong time lurker, first time poster here. I've for a long time been interested in modding Kerbal Space Program (And am a big fan of cramming as many as is possible into my install as is possible) However, I've not really been particularly interested in being creative and making one myself. Mostly this is due to the fact that I've never really thought of a change that would bring much to the game. I think I've had that idea now -- and I'm progressing on with it. Before I dive into any specifics, I need to point out that I have never developed any kind of mod before, ever. I've not done any 3d modelling, very little programming etc. It'll be a learning experience for sure. The weakness of the game I've identified is this: Surface sampling per biome is a bit of a chore and is boring. It seems pointless to drag a Kerbal all the way to bounce down onto the surface, do his EVA Report, do his/her surface sample and then head on back to the ship. My suggestion to rectify this: In order to Make EVA's more rewarding, useful and necessary, I propose to populate celestial bodies with 'rocks'(Part files). Building on on the fantastic work already done by KospY, Winn75 and zzz in their Kerbal Attatchment System mod, I'd enable the Kerbals to collect these rocks, store them in some sort of Rickshaw or Wheelbarrow, and transfer them to a part on the lander that could store them. On recovery of the spacecraft, the rocks, dependent on size, type and other factors would be converted into science points. What I have done so far: I have created parts for the dozen most common types of Igneous and Metamorphic rocks and have made them work with the Kerbal Attatchment system. Every type can be picked up, rolled, etc. I've completed the model for my rickshaw and wheelbarrow (I'm not sure which type would work best yet. It's a good way to learn blender anyway!) and I've completed a Container item to store the rocks. Everything transfers in and out pretty seamlessly. Tomorrow I will work on enabling the Kerbals to carry the items 'out front' rather than on the back as is standard with KAS. What I want to do next and what I would require advice about from the esteemed gentlemen here: I am going to keep this simple at the moment and only focus on the Mun. -The first problem I can see coming up is disseminating these rocks around the Mun. Does anyone know of a method for deploying dynamic objects around a location? The least elegant method I came up with was writing a script to generate a new save file which would spread them around as parts. I'm sure this would be absolutely horrendous on performance though. -Secondly, is there any plugin released or in development which can convert recovered parts into science points? -Thirdly, would there be any interest from the community in me releasing this if I can get it to work? -Finally, Does anyone have any suggestions that would perhaps make this simpler than I am making it? Any part suggestions for general geology also welcome! Thank you in advance, please be gentle. Syndic