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  1. I made this particular craft able to achieve 100km orbit without using rapiers (it has 4 ramjet engines, 2 aerospike and 2 nukes), It is capable of carrying 2 crew and is equipped with 1 small cargo bay. It is capable of reaching munar orbit after refuel.
  2. Been a while since I posted in this thread, my latest cargo carrying creation. The goal was to keep the plane compact as possible, while being capable of carrying a decent cargo load.
  3. The big one I've made a long time ago to use with the kethane mod, I've since updated it to use stock components, and it handles fairly well, just some balance issues. The small one flies fine, just trying to work out how to get down to the mun and back as efficiently as possible since it doesn't carry a lot of fuel. Here a couple of vids of the larger one in action.
  4. Designing a small portable version of my mining drone. The large version. Comparison.
  5. Working on a VTOL interplanetary SSTO, This is the initial prototype.
  6. Thanks! They do, only outside of the atmosphere though. The engines aren't too far off of the COM, so I use the RCS to compensate for the imbalance.
  7. It's been a while since I've made a space plane, here is my latest design, capable of carrying 4 crew and a small payload. A few pre-production sketches Production Model
  8. I originally designed this Kethane drone explicitly to operate in low gravity environments, but have always envisioned as an SSTO capable craft. I have completed first step in converting it into an SSTO giving it VTOL capability. A short flight demonstration is included. For obvious reasons, I couldn't extend the solar wings during flight to give the full "insect" effect.
  9. A few of mine Utilizing new VTOL technology. activate bottom engines and tilt back for VTOL mode Activating top engines propel the craft forward [ This VTOL inspired by the Mi-24 Hind Early prototype of the previous VTOL the Hind influence more apparent. Ugly but can get into orbit.
  10. I decided to try something different, a VTOl SSTO This was the original design using robotics mod. It was too unstable due to all the wing surfaces making the craft want to pitch down. This is the current version with robotics and wings removed.