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  1. I'm curious, is there any way to derive the current ship value as displayed in the MCE GUI using the API? I see you can get TOTAL spent on vehicles, I don't need that however. I want to get the value of the vessel shown while it's loaded in the editor. If this is not possible, can I be so bold as to request this for a future version?
  2. I have, and that is likely what I'll use. But I am having trouble figuring out what to attach it to. I have tried attaching it to the KerbalEVA.transform object and the ActiveVessel.transform object and it 'works' in that it lets you turn the kerbal with the mouse, but it screws up the other controls. Especially walking. WASD all make the kerbal go in the same direction regardless of facing I need to figure out what actually controls the EVA kerbals. I THINK it is a rigidbody, but I don't know if it is attached to KerbalEVA or the Vessel or what. If I can figure it out, it shouldn't be too h
  3. Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. Been busy at work, blah blah blah, RL stuff and excuses. I have actually completely overlooked the command seats. I almost have never used them. But no it does not. And further, if you have 'isKerbalVisible' disabled in the config, the Kerbal stays invisible when switching to the seat! I'll try to throw and get an update together for this tomorrow night. Yes I have been trying to do this. I really am at a loss for this it wasn't as simple as I would've thought. I'm going to continue working on it as it I really, really want to get rid of the 'Exorcist'
  4. Do you have forceIVA in the config set to true? If you do, it remaps the C key to a go-EVA button. And if you have forceEVA set it true it will automatically set first person mode. EDIT: Just checked the download and it appears I placed the wrong config in there. The config options defaulted to true for both of those. Default is supposed to be false. Change them manually or redownload. EDIT2: Ok, looks like I was distributing 2 dll's of the same plugin One was inside the Source/ForceIVA/obj/debug folder. I recommend redownloading even if you aren't having issues.
  5. Hmmm I'm having trouble reproducing this. Any mods you think might interact? Though I've tested it on my install with waaaay too many mods and there was no problem. Want to send me your output_log.txt file right after this issue happens?
  6. Thank you for helping me with my question a while ago, NathanKell. I didn't properly thank you. Now for another For the mod I'm working on, I am implementing first person EVA. I want to change the controls of kerbals on EVA. Specifically, I want to make the kerbal follow the rotation of the mouse X axes while standing still, and make the kerbal follow both the X and Y axes while in space. Basically, implement FPS controls. Being really new to C# and Unity and scripting in general, it would be extremely helpful if someone could point me in the right direction. I don't want anything written for
  7. Ask and ye shall receive. They new update has toggleable first person on by default. Yes mapview is usable by default. Can be disabled in config if you are that hardcore What I really want to do is make the kerbal follow the X mouse rotation when you right-click while on foot. So even when not moving, the kerbal would turn with the camera. And while in space, make the kerbal follow the mouse rotation of both the X and Y axes on right click. Allowing you to have full freedom of orientation in any direction. This is proving more involved than I had thought, so it is taking longer while I lea
  8. Yes, I forgot to update the OP. Change forceIVA to true in the config. Default is false. I've decided the main focus of this mod should be the 1st person EVA, since a lot of people would want that but not the the forced IVA. IVA is still, and will continue to be, a part of this mod but it is an option, not the focus. Hmm you shouldn't have to paste the decleration. If you have an old IVAoptions.cfg it should automatically update when you enter flight mode to include the new forceIVA option. Is this not happening for some people?
  9. Thank you for pointing out the links. That was dumb haha. Fixed them. I had a few ideas. Restricting to map mode was one, but then you have no staging. I personally liked the idea of having to use 3rd party cameras on your ship to have any vision at all, and may still go through with that. As an optional feature of course. But then ProbeControlRoom was made and I can take the easy route and just add compatibility to that Working on this. Working on this. Suggestions as to how to accomplish? Small gui? Or adding keyboard buttons? Added a config option to disable forced IVA The mouse contr
  10. A part reference is a variable of type Part that contains an instance of the part object in game. Read up on some object-oriented programming to really understand what an object and instance is. But you'll need to find the instance of your part attached to your vessel object to do anything useful. The Part object is created using values from the cfg, like the part name, the modules it has, what model it uses. So, yes, 'yourPartName' is set by the name you set in the cfg.
  11. I don't know if it returns null when there is no crew or not but I assume this might work: Part yourPartReference = yourPart; if ([I]yourPartReference[/I].ProtoModuleCrew.count > 0) And this would cover you if in case it returns null with no crew if ([I]yourPartReference[/I].ProtoModuleCrew != null && [I]yourPartReference[/I].ProtoModuleCrew.count > 0 ) You don't need the List<> stuff in there unless your creating new list. You're just getting a reference to one. Obviously, 'yourPartReference' will need to be a reference to your part attached to the ActiveVessel. Som
  12. I am working on something where I have to identify which Kerbals IVA is active and I'm having a hard time figuring that out. I can't find a reference to which Kerbal the camera is attached to. PartReference.ProtoModuleCrew gives you a list of ProtoCrewMembers in that particular part reference. That might help you.
  13. I am embarrassed to admit this. But I have no idea what that means I am working on this to learn C# and modding in general. This is my first actual project so I'm learning as I go. Basically, I'm becoming a master at restarting KSP. Here is the full method: public KeyCode checkKeys() { checkConfig();//Makes sure the config exists. Creates it if it doesn't. KeyCode key; if (!Enum.TryParse(cfg.GetValue("reviewDataKey"), out key)) { cfg.SetValue("reviewDataKey", "Backslash"); cfg.Save("GameData/For
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