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  1. Beautiful! Time to start building gigantic flying fortresses controlled completely from IVA!
  2. Bookmarked! I will be looking at this, it sounds very useful! One question though: if I have two spaceplanes almost touching (with their bottom), and I roll them, will they smash their wings together, or will they rotate around a center point, and not crash. P. S. I hope you understand, I kinda forgot English.
  3. I like this! You have very good naming ability. (I'm incapable of that, you know )
  4. (had to do that sorry) How on Kerbin did you do something that good? You are ! The only thing I see missing from that is the numbers on the side! Much love.
  5. I wanted to do that in like... Forever. You totally stole my idea!! (JK) I like it. One question though: Does it work? (Can it shoot things from orbit?)
  6. Greetings to you! I don't believe there will be a Daily deal for KSP, (I might be wrong) but it's on sale 'till the 2nd of January so... Well anyway, welcome to the place you'll sink most your time into from now on! (No, like seriously )
  7. Well... I guess it's not my duty, but Welcome to the forums!
  8. Very cool! PS: The IMG tag doesn't work, try uploading elsewhere (IMGUR)
  9. Have you heard the word gorgeous? Because that's the only way I can explain my feels right now.
  10. I like the idea, but how is it not OP? Does it use a lot of EC or what?
  11. Awesome! I like it a lot! Also, welcome to the forums!
  12. These are very nice, I like them*. May I request more? (I mean: MOAR!!) P.S. The guy on the 2nd picture on the right looks hilarious. Dat face man, dat face. *A lot. I'm tempted to put it on my desktop.
  13. You could always make Libra II. Just a few improvements, I presume. P.S.: Awesome chapter BTW, I almost forgot. Keep it up.
  14. Cool! Love it! PS: Please change the prefix though, it's bugging me (and presumably others) crazy.
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