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  1. Hm, alright, thank you for your reply. Will try that. It's just that MJ did all that in earlier times by itself, with no need to make it create node after node, including the braking part. So I was confused when nothing worked like I was used to it. The last time I played is indeed a fair amount of time ago, like 2 years or something.
  2. Funny. MJ just created a node for simple intercept w/o planning a brake maneuver. After I reached the node and the maneuver was executed, I pressed again the button "create and execute" Now it made a new node, aligning the planes, resulting in an intercept range of 0.0km... Is that a bug or a function? Because in earlier times MJ created all nodes neccessary at once. Now it seems I have to create a new one after every step of the transfer process.
  3. Hey all! Didn't play the game for a while, luckily my last savegame still worked. Unfortunately the maneuver planner from my MechJeb doesn't work like I want it to. When I try to hohmann transfer to an object in LKO, MJ only plans one node. It doesn't align the planes correctly and doesn't calculate interception nodes anymore. Tried to update MJ, but that didn't help. Any advice? Greets, Malakai030
  4. Darn, that button only shows up when you built the buildings yourself. It won't show up in old saves with all buildings already maxed... Maybe in savegame? I've already been looking, but didn't find anything. Thanks so far
  5. Hi Folks! Anybody know how to downgrade certain KSC buildings to certain grades? I have a 0.9 save that I'd love to continue in 1.0, but all buildings are already maxed out. Greets
  6. Thank you thank you thank you!!! It's working now!! Finally! Thank You!
  7. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately it doesnt seem to work. I have KSP via Steam, so my KSP is up to date and it's installed in an own folder out of any windows folders. Did all what you said including redownload, even downloaded this modulemanager which I didnt have before. Do I really need this? MJ worked fine without it till .23. I moved away all folders from GameData except MechJeb2 and Squad, also no success. Can I do something else?
  8. Hello guys! Since last update for 24.2 I have the same problem, MJ is not working. I tried Sandbox, Career, 32 and 64bit. No menu appears when I put MechJeb on a ship, same for the pod. How do you all got it working?
  9. Everyone in this thread (even in the forum) deserved a prize for what he/she invented. Here are so many clever ideas and cool designs, it's always a pleasure to scroll through the posts here... enough of that, my two cents: This is my 0.19 Mar.. er... Duna Tank Car, called "Big Wheels". First on earth, then in space, then back on earth, even tugged and docked in space. Haven't got it to Duna yet, but I am working on that The vehicle is concepted as a multi-role-capable tank cart, able to refuel small vessels, drag things around and explore the surface. It's got endless power supply for daytime-independent missions, and using the big wheels kerbanauts don't have to be too carefull on rougher terrain. With the additional grey tank right behind the cockpit the cart can lower/raise the nose, simply tansferring its content to the large tank and back, as long as the large one is not full. I like especially the last picture
  10. Well, I dock manually only for the last few hundred meters, for the approach I use MechJeb because I never find the right point for matching the speeds of the ships I always miss them by some kilometers But I dock the ship by hand, its more fun and costs much less monoprop (try to set the camera mode to "chase" if you haven't already, that might help) The project advances. Here more of it: One problem was: I made the tank car before I made the fuel station, so the docking nodes didnt fit together. I solved that by adding two struts to the station, which lift it up a few meters. Now "Big Wheels" can dock Next thing up: Bring both the car and the "Power Bean" to Mars!
  11. For this problem I have made a carrier ship that can pull smaller vessels like landers to Duna (and maybe Eve too). I just have to find a way to get a ship to Duna surface, refuel it and back into orbit, where the carrier waits. So you need only the fuel for landing and orbiting, the transfer is done by the big ship.
  12. Mission (partially) accomplished!!! On the first attempt the Heart of Gold accomplished the first interplanetary mission and the lander with Kirby, the rover... well, "landed" on Duna! On the first both pics you can see a successfull lander test on Kerbin and the final version of the Duna Space Probe Carrier in low Kerbin orbit. The first version had the docking node on the side, but that didn't work because I didnt find the center of mass exactly enough. So me and my scientist guys decided to put the node on the nose (compare last post), what led to the 3 heavy parachutes. The lander doesnt really need them, another layout didnt fit. After we found the best design for the lander, we got this thing in space, where it refueled and awaited the approach of the Heart of the Duna Project, the Heart of Gold. She arrived as planned, the lander docked and the course to Duna was set. Extremely exciting so far we thought! The Heart of Gold accomplished her first interplanetary mission and so the first interplanetary mission ever in my space program! These 5 pics show the transfer to Duna. We left Kerbins influence and got onto sun orbit, then Mr Hohmann brought us near enough to that red rock. Now the interesting phase begins. The carrier's mission: Bring one sattelite to Ike, and two to Duna, after that land Kirby on the surface of the red planet. Said and done: On the pics you see the carrier transferring to Dunas moon and releasing the first satellite into the orbit. The last few steps: Get back to Duna, release the two left satellites and get ready to land. Everything worked surprisingly fine. And now the touchdown: Release trash. Turn into right direction. Brake. Open Parachutes. Hope the best. Now it's only a few... Do you think that's fair? Is it? How have we deserved such an end for that mission? Me and my science guys were so happy about this really easy mission, and then this. Did you already recognize the broken rover wheels in Duna orbit? We saw that as the lander had already opened his chutes. So now we have a rover with broken wheels and a lander that didnt land on his feet. BUT WE MADE IT TO DUNA!!! Now the Duna Project can begin. A complete infrastructure is planned, with a station in orbit and a surface base, which is able to refuel ships and stuff. So I hope you like the pictures me and my science guys worked so hard for, there will be more in future, as there are still many plans for the Heart of the Project, the Heart of Gold.
  13. Great looking station, really good! The design would also work for orbital stations, if you undock the legs I really wonder how you got this into space! Do you have pictures of the docking maneuver?
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