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  1. ...and they delivered! right when I have a night to spend in space! thanks a lot guys, I can't wait for this day to be over...BTW outstanding work with BDB and Universal storage, this could be of interest for my career real soon
  2. that, my good sir, just made my day! I didn't mean to rush you in any way, but I will be happy to resume my career now that RoverDude and yourself updated the major parts in save. thanks a lot
  3. actually it was working just fine with my 1.3 install. I took my old save where I had left it some pre-1.3 ago and everything was in good form. maybe I was lucky then. Any idea when we could expect an update? in other words, should I just be a bit patient and wait for it or should I continue forget about these unloaded ships and get them in back in space later on?
  4. same for me. The problem is I have a Lander in transit with the complete package to create a nice little base and I would like to use it... somebody can help us and upload the mod?
  5. there it is! I took the plunge, cleaned up my steam install after having secure a backup of GameData, and then started from scratch. Amazingly, less than an hour and a couple of beer later, there I am picking up my Munstation building just where I left it in march. thanks gods there is CKAN
  6. hi, thanks to the heads up but it does not really help my. BUT what really helps is your link to a proper way to reinstall CKAN (solves most CKAN errors...) which I will give a whirl. thanks buddy
  7. Hi guys, I was planning a huge comeback to my favourite rocket launcher plateforme recently but as I tried to load the game, it crashed. It was probably due to the lack of update from my side, so I tried to launch CKAN to patiently update each of my numerous mods. But CKAN crashed as well with an error message. could anyone help me figure it out before I uninstall/reinstall everyting? here come the error message :
  8. Hi guys, I come to you as I faced some issues with my virtual rocket launcher. it's been a while since the last time I play the game (pre-1.3 I guess) as life has come in the way. But I wanted to give a whirl those days and planned to get everything up to date. So I clicked the magical icon and crossed my fingers. the game started to load, and Addon Version Checker kind of remind me what happens when you let your KSP modded install aside for a few month. and then it crashed... SO, I tried to get CKAN to the rescue to update everything... but it crashed... I'd really like to continue my career so there is no "trash everything and start over" so could you help me decipher where my problems lay. I heard about the "mono.dll" issue and maybe it comes from there but could you point to me the mod in relation or the group of mods. here come the datas : Error.log output.log Gamedata folder : any help is heartly welcome as I don't want to mess it up. I have a back up so I can mess around a bit, so feel free to propose any solution, but at this point I just want it to run. thank in advance guyz
  9. @Papa_Joe hi dude, I am "still" on 1.22 version. I have enough trouble keeping mods updated so why bother with pre-release builds BTW if it helps, here comes the list of my mods :
  10. I've been there mate, so I can imagine the joy while discovering this link. feel free to pass it on to whom may asks
  11. I don't actually know but it is down since at least a few month. so much in fact that somebody (...once told me...) put together this : so you can get access to one of the most usefull site about KSP
  12. It must be leaving Kerbin SOI... As I love career mode and hate unefficient large time warps, and as I tend to start a fresh career at every large update, I never put enough hours to reach optimal launch window (around 235 days IIRC), nevermind reaching any planet. Anyway, this time must be the chosen one! Ground base might be next on my ksp bucket list, but by the time I am done with my settlement I might have develop a decent interplanetry ship. One still can hope
  13. hi everyone, I don't know if there is a mod compatibility issue bug ships manifest does not recognize deployable antennas on my install. I can't be sure about HG-5 but communotrons 16 for sure do not appear in the control window. not sure about the other deployable ones because of the career mode. anybody has a clue where I should look?
  14. Hi guys, recently I wondered if there was a log somewhere in the game or via some mod for all the messages related to in-game actions. Too often am I busy keeping the craft in line or checking fly parameters to fully read what's going on, or suites of messages turn it unreadable. F3 menu helps a lot when you try to figure out what the heck when wrong and transform a simple "dich the first stage" into a "let's dismantle the whole ship" action, but is there a way to do the same for the message?
  15. ok the title might be a bit cheesy but here is a screenshot I took yesterady during an okay-ish mission that turned out super cool so to put context around this pics, here is what happened. I was on my way to a rescue mission contract. the stranded kerbonaut was on the mun, near the north pole. Rescue missions are definitely not the most fun, but whatever. I need people to put on futur base/station, and him being stranded on the pole makes it a more interresting. so Here goes Gatherer2, on its way to the mun. this is a probe lander with a rescue pod from USI survavibility, and loads of battery to accomodate the amount of light and stuffs I put on in case of a dark landing. once my course set, I warped until SOI change and unwrapped my lander to recharge battery....but half the solar panel broke due to poor design... anyway let's get this kerbal back no matter what! looking at the course passing directly by the pole, I decided to land directly on site. and altered slightly my course to take care of the mun rotation, and I was all was kerbin!! there is a point where I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN SCREENSHOTS ! I started to see the mun disappear under a black blancket. My heartbeat was rising as I thought it was either a graphic glitch or my graphic card acting silly. then I noticed my electric charge was not moving in the right way despite the not-broken-solar-panels and then it hit me : kerbin was blocking the sun!! I tried to land anyway, and manage to do it on the second attemps (thanks to quicksaves) just to see the wreck tumbling down a 1000m hill but I managed to get my kerbal back and had a superb sight as I was going down to the surface. The ship landed on the edge of the dark, which was quite dramatic I know this must happen more than needed due to orbits of both kerbin and mun being on the same plane, but boy was it cool to see this happen it this very moment. moments like this are the reason why I can't get enough of KSP, no matter how much I play!