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  1. sooooo cool! Just flew into the airport, love it! If i could do blender i would do this.

    EDIT: wait if someone would build for us, Zokesia Skunkworks wants to sponsor a community park (space themed of course).

    It would have lush trees, bushes, benches, and a space-age playground as well as a basketball court. It would have to have a "Zokesia Skunkworks Community Park" sign at the entrance. Would anyone be willing to build this for us?

    EDIT EDIT: or a simple office building for us (we are the largest company here, we should have a building).

    in phase b, i can maybe get you a small office building

  2. I am imagining this to be a constant development project (just like KSP is), so I will publish often, even if the plots are empty. ATM there is an airport, the Eastern island base with the expressway, some my testing objects, a bridge and BobCat's plot, that's all. I want you to test it and boost motivation and give inspiration for future! =) When I play it I have a feeling like I am having all the fun and I am only sending you screens that make you envious =(

    EDIT: Ninja'd by Ozi

    If you want you can send me the test model, but it's your choice if you'd rather want to see it complete.

    Is the bridge that you have maybe the highbridge i made? :D

  3. Hay, thanks, I was thinking about the airport first and how I should care about the flight path.. But then, the flight path is going right through the nicest part of the bay, therefore, I decided to rotate the airport instead xD. I will also add another runway on the southern part of the airport towards the ocean, because it's a really small airport for a city this big.

    It's a really nice "views" map you made, I am thinking about them as well, there's nothing that nice to view at about the landscape, but I hope that the cityscape will be better to view at. I am having in mind the possible parks and observation areas to sit at and enjoy the view =)

    About that tidal area. That is what I always imagined it's a river, it looks to me more that the devs didn't really focus on that bay (of course they had to make the whole planet), so they didn't really care about putting functional rivers and waterways, I don't know if they "drew" the map or did they get it through a terraforming software cause thats how it looks.

    If it would be possible to write a petition to the devs or smth so that they dig that area and give us a functional river =) like this: http://i.imgur.com/mFiGZhd.jpg (the cyan thing)

    Waaaait, we haven't even finished the first phase, this is just a first sketch. This time I really need to make all the road models first before giving out plots.

    Ok :D

    (Stupid 10 charachter limit :D)

  4. Sure, I put myself, but I can put you. Only you'll have to wait me finish the access road. I mean.. you can make the construction..

    OTHERS: Also, if you have a company or something important on your plot it would be nice to make a texture sign, an information image that I will put on billboards throughout the city later.

    ALL PLOTS TAKEN! (still have to see who actually has D4


    Can i reserve a plot in the future island please?

  5. Highway to KSC is a pretty huge thing to do.. I don't think I will try to do that. I am focusing on airlifting, or if someone is interested in ships they can try to do it.. Although it would take a lot of time to reach KSC. You can take rovers over the terrain if you'd like, I will make access roads to islands from the land.

    As for the satellite crash, that's a cool idea =) Someone could do it.

    very good. But remember the bridge should be 30 meters wide and about 1000m long, now it looks like it's pretty narrow, or those walls are just huge.

    i know, but i did model first, now the scaling will begin

  6. ok here is the reworked SRB and the Advanced SRB. Ill probably get these two and the 3rd stage J-2X in game by the end of the weekend, I just have to low-polyfy them. The textures shouldnt be too hard, but I may just put some place holder textures or something so I can get something out so we can play around with them, and work on balancing while I work on the textures for them.



    Good Job :D, this is awesome

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