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  1. Yeah, its not fun to get it into Unity, i think i need to re-model to tardis for 5th time lol
  2. i find it! it was just small! thanks, i hope the rest of it works now
  3. yeah, i know, but, the model isnt there, i have dragged it in there, but it wont show up EDIT: also thanks for trying to help me
  4. Will not be released until i got Unity to work
  5. Take half of the money and run $2499750000000 remaining
  6. I have 2GB RAM, uses alot of mods, and it works fine for me, so it possible to play with 2GB RAM, without chrashes and alot of lag
  7. The model didnt showed up in unity, and it didnt show up in KSP.... i gonna try to re-install Unity, if you know how to fix it, please tell me //Henrik
  8. Updates, Updates and Updates! You can expect a release very soon
  9. sorry it isnt released, i didnt got it finished before my move today, will maybe get the computer up on monday
  10. i am planning for a release today
  11. Some progress released, gonna start to moddeling again, after my Blender Rage Yesterday
  12. i need to sleep i cant work 24/7 =)
  13. progress will be posted kn maybe 14 hours.... its 7:12PM now for me
  14. Updates! i have started to work on a Tardis, it will maybe not be the best, but in some updates it will maybe look good
  15. i am working on a model in sketch up.... i really need to learn some blender basics, but i was not that hard to make the box, but it looks terrible
  16. i wonder if someone gonna make the planet Gallifrey from doctor who
  17. yeah, still thinking, gonna model it tomorrow.... i think i will model the newest one first... maybe add older ones later
  18. yeah, you can do it, and a week is not that long
  19. that would maybe be possible with a plugin i think but i cant make plugins
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