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  1. So, who more then BrutalRIP and me is an alpha tester (i am henrik on magnet,s website)?
  2. 379. Our rockets explode 99,9% of the time
  3. i would want join but, its hard to play Ksp without a computer
  4. that is what happends when i play KSP.....
  5. Subscribed! P.S Sverige är ju bra
  6. Banned becasue you are a captain
  7. i want to request a flag, write JASA on the flag please, and maybe add kerbin, and a swedish flag on it please it will also look pretty at my mun base
  8. I am working on a mission package, i have made a Apollo 11 mission, nobody44 do you wanna test it? PM me if you want
  9. Very Nice Weather Here, i cant see i cloud, not so hot anymore its 9:21 PM (Or 21:21) In Sweden
  10. grattis sverige på nationaldagen!!!!! PARTY!!! YEAH
  11. i just need to say that i lost my persistent in a computer crash
  12. Created a staion called JSS (Jebediah Space Station) "[JASA] JSS" is the vessel name I will post the persistent later
  13. 0/10 i have never seen you before
  14. So thats a yes? (i am not that good at english)
  15. The User Below Me Is A Romanguy
  16. Build a Laythe Space Station with 2 modules, core and a lab, call The station LSS (Laythe Space Station)
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