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  1. Rules: Post what you said when you heard it Its has to be on youtube Its has to be music! You need to say what the song is called when you have heard it Thats the rules! Now i start:
  2. Trololol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1orMXD_Ijbs Giga Puddi :D Its My Life (Its crazy!!!) Only Teardrops Party For Everybody Theres my playlist
  3. False The user below me hates candy
  4. True The person below me is not swedish
  5. False the person below me plays KSP
  6. Nice, wish i could help, but i still need to learn how too model and everything ; (
  7. True, Android is Linux, right? The user below me like trains
  8. 2/10 (I need to add some more, you know the forums)
  9. i havent tested all ships, but with Juno 1 i get it
  10. i cant load some of the ships, its says that i dont have a part called nodeSelect, can you maybe fix it? //Henrik
  11. Granted, but you became constantly sad i wish i was Neil Armstrong
  12. banned because you are not a cat
  13. banned Because i just killed jebediah
  14. (There is a problem becasue i need to write 10 or more charcthers i think)
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