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  1. Works for me on KSP 1.3 on MacOS. Thanks siimav!
  2. Any chance we could get a copy of the DLL you were testing with v1.3?
  3. Just tried to run 1.1.1 after removing the saved application state and starting fresh. Issue persists.
  4. I also sent this question in to KSP support and their response was: Have you tried not using -force-gfx-st? Or also the -force-glcore option? I did not think executable options were supported on the Mac version thought. Thoughts?
  5. On 1.0.5 I had no issues, it is only with a fresh install of 1.1 did the graphic glitches show up. I tried turning up/down anti aliasing, both fantastic and beautiful render quality, fixing directory permissions, removing the saved application state in Library, etc... Here are some screenshots of the glitching floors, walls, and flag of the SPH (happens in the VAB as well). http://imgur.com/a/aQV29 To test to see if was just on my machine, I copied the KSP_osx directory from my MacBook onto an SD card and had my coworker run it on his MacBook and the glitch is not present. The differences are: My MacBook: Mid-2014 Retina MacBook Pro with Iris Pro GPU and 16GB of memory His MacBook: 2012 MacBook with Intel integrated GPU and 8GB of memory I am thinking the Retina display may have something to do with it. I also tested with the low resolution option (right click the KSP executable and select "Open in Low Resolution") but got the same results.
  6. Has anyone had any luck getting the wings included in OPT v1.8 release 4 to work with B9 (v6.0) with FAR ( "Johnson")? I love OPT, but when I use the wings the elevons have to be controlled with "A" for climb and "D" for descend instead of "W" and "S" like the stock wings.
  7. Love your work, any chance we could see some wings/controlled surfaces added to the next release? Something like the Retro Future mod?
  8. Ah, I was around 100KM. I will try going higher.
  9. Any reason why after filling up on electric charge and exotic matter the drive won't fully engage? The warp bubble just collapses and the drive status shows as "inactive".
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