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  1. Thanks for the quick sum up. As long as I get the 64bit version, I'm not complaining. I even tried to use the 64bit on Linux. It works somewhat and KSP runs up to 8GB w/o crashing, but the performance is really ....ty to the point I just give up and went back to windows and running KSP with openGL. As long as they're working on the 64bit, I can wait.
  2. Has Squad released anything in regards Unity 5 upgrade? I'm happy just for the 64bit, so we're not stuck with the stupid memory limit. KSP is fine as it is. It's only the memory limit that drives me nuts.
  3. I can confirm the same problem. I have the contract configurator mod installed and it was updated a few days ago. I don't know if that mod would have anything to do to with it.
  4. Try this. It works even better than ATM. I have 73 mods loaded and the RAM usage is only around 2.4GB. Haven't ran into any problems yet and the game runs great. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/84203-Less-memory-usage-by-using-OpenGL
  5. God, this one is so good. I nearly cried. Finally I can load all the mods I want and not crashing every few min. I don't know why this is not an official option in the game option menu. This post should be pinned to the top of the add-on release forum.
  6. I can confirm the same. On top of the Karbonite mode, the Infernal Robotics parts have similar problem, instead of just grey model, the textures appear all black. I'm using the Reworked parts. Tried both basic and aggressive, same result.
  7. I got B9 working with 0.23 mostly and the only problem I have now is if I install interstellar, the Saber engine just overheats. I can keep the overheating under control by using pre-coolers. However, as soon as I switch from air breathing to rocket mode, the temperature of the engine just shoots up and explodes. Anyone got a fix for this?
  8. Switch the snapping mode. (When you see a circle instead of a hexagon, the parts will not clip anymore and will follow the parts surface shape.)
  9. Looks awesome. Going to try it today.
  10. This is one sweet tool. It should really be stock someday. Great work!
  11. Wow, sweet mod. Just what I've been looking for. This should definitely be stock in the future.
  12. They cry because we don't get to play with .21 today, not because I downgraded my KSP.
  13. Yah, I know, I know... I'll go hide in the bushes.
  14. nvm guys. I was messing around with KSP in steam earlier and accidentally selected "previous stable release" under beta setting for KSP. The steam client downgraded my KSP to 0.19. That was what the patch for. bummer I didn't know steam let you downgrade. Sorry about the false info. I guess we just have to keep waiting. I was so excited. sighs...
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