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  1. NEVERMIND I AM A COMPLETE IDIOT MODS PLEASE DELETE/LOCK THIS On another note, Ven's Stock Revamp really needs to figure out a way to not have MM configs in the Squad folder.
  2. Yeah, I did that first thing. I completely erased every mod from my KSP install, and then installed ModuleManager. Parts vanished into thin air. Let's hope there's a solution (hopefully that doesn't involve further abusing my internet connection) that can fix this fast. Getting a bit tired of trying to find mods that don't require MM for most everything..
  3. I checked a bunch of crap. I didn't even have StockRevamp installed at the time, and it was a fresh version of MM. So far I've removed all my mods and started looking around for some more to try and test the issue with. Be warned, for some reason it's not reminding me when people post here. May be late in responding. - - - Updated - - - Alright. I can confirm. ModuleManager is the root cause of this problem. Started up a new Sandbox save, no other mods, verified cache, and bam, half the catalogue or more was missing. Getting the log after shutting the game down. - - - Updated - - - For reference, this ModuleManager was taken straight from CKAN, latest published version. I had no other mods installed at the time. This is only a sampler of what I found in the ModuleManager loading area. http://pastebin.com/4L3f1f2q
  4. Roger that. Will go start KSP and get that. - - - Updated - - - Okay, so there's a slight problem. The output log is too big to actually be able to upload it on a site. Most of it is NullReferenceExceptions. A quote while I try and figure this mess out. "(Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 56) PartCompiler: Cannot clone model 'VenStockRevamp/Squad/Parts/Command/CommandPods/MK2LanderCan' as model does not exist"
  5. See last post ven's stock revamp put mm configs in teh squad folder i screwed up completely
  6. Hello there. CKAN seems to think that both KSP installs are 0.24.2, when it's actually 1.0.4. Please help. D:
  7. The Community Mods/Plugins Library is lacking in the copious amounts of visual enhancement/improvement mods that I want to install on my KSP. So far, I've gotten in pretty much all the VFX mods compatible with the current version of KSP from the library. Anybody have any other extremely good visual mods that won't melt my computer immediately? Thanks.
  8. EDIT: Turns out it was the KASTelescopicArm module, or something like that. Move along, nothing to see here..
  9. So the new version of the Launch to Water module isn't shoving your seacraft to the bottom of the ocean now, but at default settings pretty much everything splashes down hard and is destroyed when I launch. The only way I can fix this right now without adding floats is to mess with their impact tolerance, and that's a bit cheaty. So is this unavoidable, or is there any fix?
  10. You know, I actually quite liked the bug with the launch-to-water module spawning you at the bottom of the ocean, it made it considerably less frustrating to work on this submarine I was trying to make. The only problem is that even though I can use Firespitter engines underwater to propel myself around, it refuses to point anywhere but up, no matter how much RCS I fit on it. Speaking of that, anybody know of a way to let the camera rotate underwater? It continually points downwards and only lets me move a bit left or right.
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